Moto G Play 2021 Google Account Bypass new method 2022

Moto G Play 2021 is updated to Android 11. The previous Android 11 FRP Bypass method doesn’t work on some carriers such as AT&T. It doesn’t have the Google Drive option on the File Manager page.

If the default file manager app is not “Files” by Google, you won’t get the “Drive” option. Without the “Drive” option you cannot reach the “App Info” screen to bypass the FRP lock.

In such as case, you can use the alternate method to bypass the Google account on Moto G Play 2021 running on Android 11 as follows –

After doing a hard reset via Recovery Mode, I landed on the “Hi There” page.

Let’s begin the device setup.

Hit the “START” button and connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.




After a few minutes, I’ve reached the “Copy apps & data” screen.

Let’s choose “Don’t copy” to move ahead.



Now, my phone is stuck on the password verification screen. I don’t remember the lock screen password. The 2nd option is “Use my Google account instead”.

I do not remember the previously synced Google account as well.

Let’s use the latest 2022 hack to reach the Moto G Play 2021 home screen.

How to bypass Google FRP Lock on Moto G Play 2021 XT2093 Android 11 AT&T prepaid, Cricket, Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Tracfone, Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum, Straight Talk without PC 2022


We are stuck on the “Google – Verify your account” page.

Click the back button 2 times to reach the “Connect to Wifi” screen.


On the “Connect to Wi-Fi” page, click on “+ See all Wi-Fi networks” and then “+ Add new network”.


This will bring out the keyboard on the screen.

Now, hit the “microphone” on the top-right corner of the keyboard. Please refer to the arrow in the above screenshot.

On tapping the mic icon a pop-up request appears on the screen – “Allow Gboard to record audio?”.

Choose “Deny”.



Again hit the mic and choose “Deny & don’t ask again” as shown above.

If there are only 2 options – “Allow” & “Deny” then click “Deny”.


Hit the microphone one last time.

Now, there appears a new option “Allow” at the bottom-right corner. Click on it.


Now, we have reached the “App Info” screen of the Gboard app.

Click “Permissions” and hit the “Search icon” at the top-right corner.








In the search bar type settings and wait for the search results to show up.

Now, scroll down and click on “Settings – App Info” with a blue circular icon. It’s marked in the above screenshot.



On the next screen, hit “Open” to reach the “Settings” page.

Now, Go to “Apps & notifications”.


Click “App Info” to view all apps.

Now, open the “Android Setup” app.



Hit the “Force Stop” button to disable “Android setup”.

Now, go one step back to the “App Info” page.

Scroll down and open the “Google Play Services” app.

Hit the “Disable” button to turn off this app.


Now, click the “Force Stop” option.




After disabling Google Play Services, go 2 steps back to reach the Settings page.

Now, Go to “Accessibility” > “Accessibility Menu”.



Enable the Accessibility Menu Shortcut.

Click “Allow” to confirm your action.


The accessibility menu shortcut allows you to launch the accessibility menu with a 2 finger swipe-up gesture.

Now, long-press the power button and choose “Restart” to reboot your Moto G Play device.





On the “Hi There” screen, use the 2 finger swipe-up gesture to launch the accessibility menu.

Now, click on “Assistant”.


Tap “Settings” and hit the “Enable” button to turn on the “Google Play Services” app.



Now, go back to the first page with the back key.


Click the “START” button to move ahead.



On the “Copy apps & data” page or the “Getting your phone ready screen”, tap the back button once. 



This will bring you to the “Connect to Wi-Fi” screen.


You’ll see a new “Skip” option on the “Connect to Wi-Fi” page.

Click “Skip” and then “Continue”.



This brings us to the “Google Services” page thus bypassing the Google account verification.

Hit “Accept” to proceed further.



Tap the “Skip” option on the “Set Screen Lock” page.

You can add a screen lock later.


Follow the on-screen prompts and keep moving ahead.


Now, we need to go through the gesture navigation guide. Click “Get Started” to proceed.


Keep hitting “Next” to reach the last page.


Now, use the swipe-up gesture to reach the Moto G Play 2021 home screen.

We have successfully landed on the Moto G Play home screen thus bypassing the Google FRP lock.

If you’re stuck somewhere, feel free to leave a comment below.



3 thoughts on “Moto G Play 2021 Google Account Bypass new method 2022

  1. I am trying to do this bypass on a moto g play (2021). Immediately after you press the “Start” button on the Hello screen it goes to a screen that says
    – ———————————
    “Locked Device”
    Your device is locked by your carrier. Please insert a valid SIM card.
    Insert the SIM card into the tray. Then insert the tray with the metal contacts facing away from the screen.
    You can not move past this screen.
    No matter what I do I can’t get rid of that screen. I’ve found my way all the way through this method, but, I can’t find the setting or app to disable it. It is driving me nuts!
    Can anybody tell me what app or setting I need to get rid of this FRIGGIN screen?

    Thank you.

  2. I’m seriously losing my mind over this, So I got to the microphone tapping stage and it brought up the initializing and speak now thing. There was no option to allow or deny. This phone is pattern locked and my friend doesn’t remember it nor her Google information. And I screwed?

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