Qlink Scepter 8 Tablet FRP Bypass 2023 New Method Android 11

The old Qlink FRP bypass method has failed for a few users.

So, this time we are going to use an altogether different method to bypass the Google account verification/FRP lock on Qlink Scepter 8 Android 11 Go tablet without a computer as follows –


I did a factory reset on my Qlink Scepter 8 Tablet due to the forgotten lock screen password.

After the reset via recovery mode, I reached the “Hi There” screen.

To begin the setup, let’s tap the “START” button.

In the next step, we are going to connect our Tab to the internet.


It’ll take a few minutes to get ready.

The next screen is “Copy apps & data”. Click “Don’t copy” to move ahead.



Now, I’m stuck on the screen lock password verification screen.

To proceed further, we need to verify with the password/PIN/Pattern or the previously synced Google account.

I do not remember either of the two.


Let’s use the latest 2023 method to bypass the Google lock on Qlink Scepter 8 Tablet as follows –

How to bypass Google account verification/FRP lock on Qlink Scepter 8 Android 11 Go using the new Talkback method without a computer 2023


First of all, move back from the “Verify your account” screen to the first page.


Now, click on “Vision Settings”.

Then select the last option i.e. – “Talkback”.


Turn on Talkback and hit “ALLOW” when prompted.

Once the Talkback is ON, draw an opposite L on the screen as shown above. Swipe right then up.

A pop-up request appears – “Allow Android Accessibility Suite to record audio?”.

Double-tap on “WHILE USING THIS APP”.

Another pop-up appears – “Use voice commands on control Talkback”.

Double-tap “Use voice commands” as shown above.

Then say “Google Assistant” to launch this app.



The voice command launches the Google Assistant app.

NOTE: At this stage, we can disable Talkback by holding both volume keys for 2 seconds. However, I failed to do this on the Qlink Specter 8 Tablet even after multiple tries. So, we are going to disable talkback via the Settings app.

Now, double-click the mic and say “Open Settings”.

This voice command will take you to the “Settings” app.

Use 2 fingers to scroll down.

Double-click on “Accessibility”.

On the next page, double-tap the “Talkback” option.


Now, double-click the “Use Talkback” button. Hit “STOP” 2 times to turn off Talkback as shown above.


Talkback is now turned off.

Go one step back to the “Accessibility” page.

Open the “Accessibility Menu” and turn on the “Accessibility Menu Shortcut”.


The shortcut button appears at the bottom-right corner.

Now, go 2 steps back to the Settings page.

This time open “Apps & Notifications” > “SEE ALL 25 APPS”.


We are now on the “App Info” screen.

Open “Android Setup” and hit the “FORCE STOP” button.

After stopping this app, go one step back to the previous page.

Now, open “Google Play Services” and hit the “DISABLE” option.

After stopping the 2 apps, go all the way back to the first page.


We have reached the “Hi There” screen.

Click the “accessibility menu shortcut”. When the menu opens, click on “ASSISTANT”.


Being an Android 11 Go device, Qlink doesn’t open the “Google Play Services required” page after hitting assistant.

So, we need to use a different approach to enable Google Play Services.

Go back to the first page using the back key.


We are again on the “START” screen.

Click on “Vision Settings” located at the bottom.

On the Vision Settings page, choose “Talkback”.


Hit the “Use Talkback” button to enable Talkback.

When the Talkback turns on, draw an L on the screen as shown above.

This launches the “Talkback menu”.

Double-tap “Talkback settings” to open this page.

On the Talkback settings screen, double-click on “Braille keyboard”.

Now, double-tap the first option – “Set up braille keyboard”.

A mini-window appears on the screen. At this stage, we need to turn off the Talkback.

Double-tap the “accessibility menu shortcut” located at the bottom-right corner.

Now, double-click on “ACCESSIBILITY SETTINGS”.

Then open “Talkback” by clicking it twice.

Double-tap the “Use Talkback” button.

Now, hit “STOP” two times to turn off Talkback.

Go 2 steps back after turning off Talkback.

On the “Set up braille keyboard” mini-window there is a “Gboard link” as marked in the above screenshot. Click on it.

This will take you to the “Google Play Store” screen.

Hit the “3 dots menu icon” at the top-right corner. It doesn’t respond to touch very well. Qlink uses a very low-quality touchscreen.

After multiple tries, the menu opened by clicking the “3 dots” as shown above.

Choose the last option on the dropdown menu i.e. – “Settings”.

Then select “General” on the Settings page.

Next click on “Notifications” > “Account” as shown above.

On the “Notification Category” screen, hit the “play store icon” located above “Account” as shown above.

This will bring you to the “App Info” page.

Click “Permissions” to proceed further.

On the “App Permissions” screen, hit the search button and type settings.

When the results appear, click on “Settings – App Info”.

Now, hit “OPEN” to reach the Settings app.



In Settings, go to “Apps & notifications” > “See all 25 Apps”.

On the App Info screen, click the “Google Play Sevices” option.

Hit the “ENABLE” button to turn on this app.

After enabling Google Play Services, go all the way back to the first page.

We are again on the “Hi There” screen. Click “START” to proceed.

When you land on the “Copy apps & data” screen, hit the back key once. 

This will take you to the “Connect to Wifi” page. 

On the Wifi screen, click on “Set up offline” > “CONTINUE”.

We have bypassed the Google account lock on Qlink Tablet.

Hit the “Accept” button on the “Google Services” screen.

Skip the screen lock set up in the next step.

We have successfully landed on the Qlink Scepter 8 home screen thus bypassing the Google FRP lock.

If stuck somewhere feel free to leave a comment below.

Now, open Settings to disable the accessibility menu shortcut.

Go to “Accessibility” > “Accessibility Menu”.

Turn off the shortcut as shown above.


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  1. It seems to be a consensus that the “Backwards L” pattern WILL NOT WORK on many, if not al of these tablets. Please advise on what the problem is with that particular process. As with my tablet, and thank God I only paid 24.00 for it, it stops when I get to the process of the “backward L”. WHat is the problem?

  2. @brianna – Use the accessibility shortcut that you added to the bottom right (green square with 3 dots), from the menu select google assistant, and say “Open Settings”. You should be able to pick up with the rest of the instructions after getting into settings 🙂

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