Moto G Play 2021 Google Account Bypass new method 2022

Moto G Play 2021 is updated to Android 11. The previous Android 11 FRP Bypass method doesn’t work on some carriers such as AT&T. It doesn’t have the Google Drive option on the File Manager page.

If the default file manager app is not “Files” by Google, you won’t get the “Drive” option. Without the “Drive” option you cannot reach the “App Info” screen to bypass the FRP lock.

In such as case, you can use the alternate method to bypass the Google account on Moto G Play 2021 running on Android 11 as follows –

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Moto G Play move apps to SD Card – as internal storage xt2093

Moto G Play 2021 comes with 32 GB internal memory. Out of this around half the storage space is used by system storage. The actual usable space is just around 16 GB.

Moto G Play has an external memory card slot. You can increase the storage space with a micro SD card, but the apps & games still occupy the internal memory. Eventually, the limited storage space gets filled up and your phone becomes slow.

The solution to this problem is adoptable storage. This feature allows us to format the SD card as internal storage. After partitioning the SD card, you can move the apps to the SD card and make it the default storage space for apps & games.

Let’s see how to move apps to the SD card on Moto G Play 2021 as follows –

How to move apps to SD card on Moto G Play 2021 XT-2093

First of all, we are going to install the micro SD card on our Moto G Play device. Use a SIM ejector tool and place the memory card in its respective slot.

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