LG Aristo App Drawer / Menu – How to get to Apps

There is no need of app drawer in Android. After all, iOS is always without an app drawer since the very beginning. The multiple home screens can accommodate as many apps you want.

Still, when I got the LG aristo for the first time I kept on looking for app drawer. After all, we’re so used to it that we feel at home even if it means an extra step to get to the app.

LG tried to follow the footsteps of apple and kept the default home screen without app drawer. But don’t worry in LG aristo there are 2 more home screen modes one with app drawer and the 3rd one is easy home. So try all the 3 homes and use the one you’re most comfortable with.


LG Aristo Home Screen without App Drawer –

LG Aristo no app drawer

LG Aristo default home screen is without app drawer. You get access to all the apps and widgets on the home screen itself. In this mode, you can add as many screens as you like.

LG Aristo default home screen

There are 3 Home Screens at present. We can add more just by dragging an app icon towards the right.

lg aristo add home screen

Let’s create an additional 4th home screen by dragging facebook icon towards the right.

lg aristo add new home screen

To add one more screen I would drag email app towards the extreme right as shown above.

lg aristo home screen settings

We can change the order of home screen as well.

Touch and hold an empty place on screen to access home screen customization options

Hold and Drag a Home Screen and arrange it as per your convenience as shown above.


How to get back the App Drawer  –

lg aristo get back app menu

Touch and hold an empty space on the screen. This takes you to home screen customization options

Click on “Home screen settings” as shown in 2ns screenshot above.

Now click on “Select Home”


LG aristo home screen with app drawer

You can see there are 3 types of Home to choose from. The current one is “Home” without app drawer.

2nd one is Easy Home which provides simple user interface with easy customization for beginners

The 3rd one will get you back the missing App Drawer.

Let’s select the 3rd home it will take us to the home screen with app drawer as shown above.

lg aristo add home screen

In this mode, the maximum supported home screens are 5.

To add a home screen pinch in on an empty space. This will show all home screens at one place and the plus icon lets you add a home screen.

To delete a screen touch and hold, then drag it to the top. A remove option will appear.

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3 thoughts on “LG Aristo App Drawer / Menu – How to get to Apps

  1. so when i went to battery saver mode to turn it on the whole screen changed and wouldnt let me open my home but i tried going to the settings to fix it ive trued doing everything to it the only way to doa fix was go and change the home screen to easy home because the others would crash it can someone help me fix this

  2. My gallery icon disappeared from my home screen & I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get it back on there.. I’ve tried everything I can think of so does anyone have any suggestions?

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