LG Aristo 5 home & back button / how to close apps

LG Aristo 5 is the successor of Aristo 4 plus. It comes with Android 10 out of the box. For the first time, we get a notched display on an Aristo device. The display size has increased from 5.45 inches to 5.7 inches. These are all welcome changes.

However, the annoying thing is that LG has done away with the home, back, and overview buttons. The default mode of navigation is by using gestures. The navigation bar is missing.

While using an app, the back button shows up on the top left corner. It feels quite inconvenient. The natural position of the back button is at the bottom within the reach of our thumb. It’s a blatant copy of iOS which is a bad move in my opinion.

The good thing is, we can easily get back our beloved navigation bar on the LG Aristo 5 in a few steps. Let’s see how to do that –

LG Aristo 5 No Back Button & Home Button / Navigation Bar – How to fix

lg aristo 5 home button

To get back the home touch buttons on LG Aristo 5, open the Settings app and select “Display”.

lg aristo 5 back button

Tap “Navigation bar” on the display page.

Now change the navigation bar style from “Gestures” to “Buttons only”.

lg aristo 5 navigation bar

We’ve successfully enabled the Home, Back & Overview buttons on LG Aristo 5.

We can have up to 5 home touch buttons. The order can also be changed. Let’s see how to do this –

LG Aristo 5 Home touch Buttons

lg aristo 5 home touch buttons

On the Navigation bar page, select “Button combination”.

The 2 additional home touch buttons are “Notification” & “Screenshot”.

lg aristo 5 screenshot button shortcut

Slide up the screenshot button and place it on the navigation bar panel as shown above.

lg aristo 5 screenshot shortcut

Using the screenshot shortcut, we can capture any screen with a single click.

Notice the mini screenshot preview window. I captured this screenshot using the navigation bar shortcut.

lg aristo 5 navigation shortcut button

We can also add a navigation panel shortcut pull-down or pull-up the navigation panel with a single-touch.

Drag & place the navigation shortcut as per the above screenshot.



lg aristo 5 navigation panel shortcut

I’ve pulled down the navigation panel using this newly created home touch button shortcut.


lg aristo 5 no back button

We can also rearrange the order of the Home touch buttons on the Navigation bar.

Let’s move the back button position from extreme left to the extreme right by dragging the icon as marked in the above screenshot.

The back button when on right is more closer to the right-hand thumb. If you operate your Aristo 5 with right hand this position will be more convenient.



LG Aristo 5 How to Close Apps

lg aristo 5 how to close apps

While using the Aristo 5 without the navigation bar in the “Gesture” mode, there is no overview/recent apps button.

We need to swipe up the screen from the bottom to the middle of the screen and keep touching the screen until the running app’s tile shows up on the screen.



lg aristo 5 close apps

To close a running app. We need to throw the app tile in the upwards direction as marked in the above screenshot.


how to close apps on lg aristo 5

When using the navigation bar, tap the square-shaped overview button.

The running apps are visible in the tile form.

lg aristo 5 overview  button

Throw an app tile towards the top to close a respective app. Swipe towards the left to view all the running apps.

We can also close all the running apps at once by using the “Clear all” option.


Which navigation style do you prefer on the LG Aristo 5? With or without the home touch buttons. Share your views in the comment section below.




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