LG Aristo 4 Plus firmware download /software update stock rom lmx320ma

The good thing about LG MetroPCS phones is that every software update is made available on the official LG server in the kdz file format. This file can be easily flashed using the LGUP flashing tool in case of soft brick. It can be also used to upgrade or downgrade your LG Aristo 4 firmware.

In this post, we are going to download and flash LG Aristo 4 stock firmware using the LGUP tool. So, Let’s begin the tutorial –


Let’s divide the whole process into 4 parts –

STEP 1: Download LG Aristo 4 Plus kdz Firmware file and LGUP Dual Mode zip file


There are 2 LG Aristo 4 Plus variants. Download the correct firmware file as per your service provider/device model number.

1. LG Aristo 4 Plus MetroPCS lm-x320ma firmware X320MA10b –


2. LG Aristo 4 Plus T-Mobile lm-x320ta firmware X320TA10h –


3. LGUP Dual Mode zip file


LG Aristo 4 Plus Firmware Download



Download and save the files on your computer.

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LG Aristo 3 vs LG Aristo 4 Plus vs LG Aristo 2 Plus In-Depth Comparison

In this post, we are going to put all the Aristo devices against each other. Let’s find out whether the latest Aristo 4 Plus is a true successor to Aristo 3 or not.

The devices we are going to compare are LG Aristo 4 Plus lm-x320, Aristo 3 lm-x220ma, Aristo 3 Plus lm-x220mb, Aristo 2 lm-x210ma  & Aristo 2 Plus lm-x212ta.

First of all, let’s find out the differences between them and later on we are going to point out the similarities common features between these aristo devices. So, without further ado let’s proceed with the comparison –


Difference between LG Aristo 3 (Plus), Aristo 4 Plus & Aristo 2 (Plus)

LG Aristo 3 vs LG Aristo 4 vs Aristo 2
LG Aristo 3, Aristo 4 Plus & Aristo 2 (Left to Right) – Front
LG Aristo 3 vs aristo 4 vs aristo 2
LG Aristo 3, 4 & 2 (Left to Right) – Back

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