LG Aristo 3 FRP Bypass 2019 Google Account lm-x220ma & Aristo 3 Plus

This is the latest & easiest tutorial to bypass google verification screen on LG Aristo 3, Aristo 3 Plus, Aristo 2 & Aristo 2 Plus. This hack doesn’t require a computer or app installation. This is the latest 2020 FRP bypass method.

With this easy to follow tutorial with screenshots, you can get your phone working in a few minutes –

So without wasting any time Let’s start the procedure –


How to bypass Google Verification on LG Aristo 3 & Aristo 3 Plus – lmx220ma / lmx220mb

If you’re locked out on your LG Aristo 3 / Aristo 3 Plus due to a forgotten PIN, Pattern or Password, the only solution left is to perform a factory data reset using hard keys i.e volume down + power button.

However, with this type of hard reset, you need to sign in with your last synced google account.


LG Aristo 3 FRP Bypass

If you don’t remember either of these or someone sold you an LG Aristo 3 / Aristo 3 Plus in the locked state, then you need to follow the below tutorial to bypass the google verification screen or Google’s FRP (Factory Reset Protection).



LG lmx220ma frp bypass

From the “Verify your account” Google lock screen, come back to the first screen of the setup wizard i.e Welcome screen.

Tap “Accessibility” a pop-up would appear to confirm your action. Tap “Settings” to get access to the accessibility settings page.

Now, Scroll down and select “Switch Access” to open it.


how to bypass google verification on lg aristo 3

On the “Switch Access” page, tap “SETTINGS” at the bottom right corner.

Now we are on the “Switch Access settings” page.  Select the first options i.e “Help & Feedback”.

Again select the first option i.e “About Switch Access for Android” on the Support page as shown above.

LG Aristo 3 Plus FRP Bypass


On the next page look for the youtube video and tap on it, a “3 dot” icon would appear at the top right corner. Click on it.

There are 2 options on the screen, “Watch Later” & “Share”.  Select “Share”.



How to bypass Google account on lg aristo 3 plus

Now select the “3 dots” icon as shown above.

This action would take us to the Youtube app.

Below the video, look for the “Share” option and select it.

Select “Email” as the sharing medium.

frp bypass lg aristo 3

When prompted, give access to the Email app by tapping “ALLOW”

Repeat the previous steps.

Click “Share” and then “Email” once again.



lg lmx220mb frp bypass

Now we’ve to select the email provider.

Select the 3rd option i.e “Other”.

Now it asks for the EMAIL ADDRESS & PASSWORD. Just enter any email id to enable the “MANUAL SETUP” option.


lg aristo 3 frp bypass 2019

Click  “MANUAL SETUP” and choose the account type as “Microsoft Exchange”.

This takes us to the “Server Settings” Page as shown above.

lg aristo 3 frp unlock

Scroll down to the bottom of the “Server settings” page and look for “Client Certificate”.

Tap “Add” to add a client certificate.

It says we’ve to set a secure screen lock to use the credential storage. Select “CHANGE” to do the needful.

Among the listed Screen Lock options i.e Pattern, PIN & Password, choose anyone.

I’m settings up a PIN lock on my LG Aristo 3.


lg aristo 3 google unlock

Note down the screen lock for later reference, in case you forget.

bypass google lock lg aristo 3

After adding the Screen lock, it says “No certificates found”. That’s absolutely fine.

We are now going to restart our Aristo 3 / Aristo 3 Plus.

Long-Press the power button located at the back of your phone.

Select “Power off and restart” as shown above. Now hit “RESTART” and wait for the phone to boot again.


lg aristo 3 frp bypass tool

After the restart, the phone is again on the “Welcome” screen.

Tap the “Forward Arrow” to move ahead.

“Skip” the Insert SIM Card Page.

Now select “Set up as new”.

bypass google account lg aristo 3

At this stage, we have to enter the screen lock PIN, Pattern or Password we just set a few steps ago.

This takes us to the Google sign-in page.

On this page, we get a “Skip” option at the bottom-left corner. Tap on it.

Again hit “Skip” when a confirmation pop-up appears as shown above.



bypass google verification lg aristo 3

Now follow the on-screen prompts to proceed further.

Either enter your name or tap “NEXT”.

Accept the “Google Services” Terms and conditions as shown above.

lg aristo 3 frp bypass no pc

Finally, we are on the “Legal Documents” Page.

Tick the respective checkboxes which say “I agree” and tap “DONE” to land on the LG Aristo 3 home screen.

how to bypass google lock on lg aristo 3 plus

We have successfully bypassed the Google account on LG Aristo 3.

I’ve made a video on this as well. The below video shows how to bypass FRP / Google account on LG Aristo 2 / 2 Plus / 3 / 3 Plus.



For any query or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.






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  1. Bro your the man,I’ve been trying for days to unlock this freaking phone,tried lots of YouTubers advice and nothing,tried yours and wa la thks bro!!!

  2. This was the most helpful article I have read. It got straight to the point and I unlocked it in less than 30min. Thank you so much

  3. This actually a question.
    I just got the LG Aristo 3+ like 20min ago and I’m trying to uninstall or atleast disable these default apps (Google music, Metro play, etc).

    My internal storage is already at 9GB…more than half the total internal storage is being used and I haven’t even installed anything. Please help

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