LG Aristo MS210 Download Mode, Recovery Mode & Safe Mode Guide

Download Mode, Recovery Mode, and Safe Mode are the 3 most significant modes of troubleshooting which every Android user should be aware of.

Let’s explore how to enter these modes in LG Aristo to get the most out of them when in trouble.

LG Aristo Download Mode –


LG Aristo Download Mode

We’ve to boot LG Aristo in the download mode to flash a KDZ firmware via LGUP Flashing software. This will bring back the phone to factory state. This is the most significant troubleshooting procedure.It is usually the last resort to recover a bricked Android smartphone. We can recover a soft bricked LG Aristo this way. A soft brick means the phone cannot boot to the Android home screen but can boot in download mode.

To enter Download Mode –

Turn OFF the Phone

Connect one end of the USB cable to phone

Press the “volume up” key. Keep it pressed and connect the other end of USB cable to the computer

“Download Mode” screen will flash for a second and then it will change to “Firmware Update” as shown above.

Now your phone is ready for Flashing. To flash LG Aristo Stock ROM follow this step by step tutorial.

LG Aristo Recovery Mode –


LG Aristo Recovery Mode

To enter recovery mode turn off the phone.

Press Volume Down + Power Button. When LG logo appears on the screen temporarily release the power button and hold it again. Keep it pressed until you see “Factory data reset” screen. Don’t release the Volume Down button in the entire process.

This white Factory reset screen is the Recovery mode.

You can factory reset LG Aristo via this mode if you’ve forgotten lock screen password/pin/knock code.

To reset the phone, move down with Volume Down Key and Select with Power Key.

Do it twice as shown above.

After unlocking the bootloader of LG Aristo we can replace the default stock recovery of LG Aristo with a custom recovery (TWRP).  A custom recovery is very useful especially for rooting and creating a complete backup of the phone.


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  1. my volume down button doesnt work at all is there another way i can enter recovery mode? also when i try to enter download mode it wont go into that also any suggestions.

  2. My MetroPCS phone is stuck on c Cm Lanucher and won’t let me get to my home many or Anything experienced my messages that’s all why is that

  3. Is it possible to clear the cache partition from recovery mode ? If so… How? The only option I see is to factory rest..

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