LG Aristo 5 Hidden Menu Codes – lmk300mm Metro T-Mobile

LG Aristo 5 is the successor of Aristo 4 Plus. It offers more screen estate with it’s notch-display. Aristo 5 comes with Android 10 out of the box.

In this post, we are going to explore the LG Aristo 5 hidden menu codes. There are 2 hidden menus on Aristo 5 MetroPCS lmk300mm/T-Mobile lmk300tm.  The main hidden menu offers a huge list of device tests for software & hardware testing. These tests can aid in troubleshooting your Aristo device.

Let’s check them out one by one –

LG Aristo 5 Hidden Menu Code 1

We need to use the LG Aristo 5 phone dialer to get access to the hidden menu.

lg aristo 5 hidden menu

Tap the dialer icon located on your Aristo 5 home screen.

Dial the hidden menu code in the phone dialer *#546368#*300#

lg lmk300mm hidden menu code


This will bring us to the Hidden Menu page as shown above.

The 4 options on this page are Device Test, ORT Test, SVC Menu & Field Test.

Let’s deal with them one by one –

Device Test

lg aristo 5 hidden menu codes

Select the first option on the Hidden Menu page i.e. “Device Test”.

lg aristo 5 dial codes

Now Go to “SAAT” > “Service Menu – Manual Test” as shown above.


1. Auto Detecting Item Test

lg aristo 5 dialer code

The first test on our device test list is “Auto Detecting Item Test”.

This test covers the SIM Card Slot, SD Card Slot & Battery.

2. Key Press Test


lg aristo 5 codes

The 2nd test on our list is the “Key Press” test.

It also includes the Proximity Sensor test.

Press all the hard keys one by one. We need to press the power button, volume rocker, and google assistant button.

lg aristo 5 proximity sensor not working

With each key press the color or the respective key changes from white to orange.

Now, block and unblock the proximity sensor to clear the proximity sensor test. The sensor is located beside the front camera.

3. Display Check Test

lg aristo 5 display test

The Display Check helps us to test the LG Aristo 5 LCD.

lg aristo 5 lcd

In the first test, the display turns all black. You can look for the dead pixels if any.  Tap “PASS” to clear the test.

Now, the screen turns all white as shown above.

4. Ring Test

lg aristo 5 speaker not working

The next device test on our list is the Ring Test.

It can help you in troubleshooting speaker-related issues on your Aristo 5.

The loudspeaker will ring at the highest volume during this test.

5. Vibrator Test

lg aristo 5 vibrate not working

The next test on our list is the Vibrator test.

This test can aid in troubleshooting issues related to the vibrator motor.

6. Motion Sensor Test

lg aristo 5 gyroscope

There are 3 kinds of motion sensors on LG Aristo 5. They are Magnetometer, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope. We are going to test these sensors during the Motion Sensor test.


lg aristo 5 vr gyroscope

We need to place the phone in different positions.

Place it on a Flat surface at first.

Now stand the phone vertically.

lg aristo 5 digital compass

Finally, you need to place it horizontally to clear the motion sensor test.

7. Loop Back Test

lg aristo 5 audio test

The next one is an Audio test.

The audio on Aristo 5 is played via the external speaker or earphone, one at a time.

Loopback test checks if the loopback function is working fine or not.


lg aristo 5 loop back test

When audio is turned on, the speaker turns off and vice versa.

8. GPS, Bluetooth & Wifi Test

lg aristo 5 gps bluetooth wifi test

The next one is a 3-in-1 test. It includes GPS, Wifi & Bluetooth test.

You need to turn on Wifi, Bluetooth & Location services beforehand.

9. Touch Draw Test

lg aristo 5 touchscreen test

The 9th test on our Device Test list is the Touch Draw – Manual test.

lg aristo 5 touch screen problems

We need to draw on the screen to clear the touchscreen test.

10. Camera(Main) Test

lg aristo 5 camera not working

The next few tests are camera-related.

The first camera test can aid in troubleshooting issues related to the Main/Rear Camera.

lg aristo 5 camera not working

Touch on the screen to take a picture.

Verify the picture & “PASS” or “FAIL” the test.

11. PDAF Test

lg aristo 5 pdaf test

LG Aristo 5 comes with Phase Detection Autofocus.

During the next test, we are going to check the PDAF feature.

Focus on an object and check if the Autofocus feature is working fine or not.

12. Camcorder Test

lg aristo 5 video recording

The next camera test is the Camcorder test.

lg aristo 5 camcorder test

During this test, we are going to record a video using the rear camera.

Verify the video to clear the Camcorder test.

13. VT Camera Test

lg aristo 5 front camera not working

The last camera test on our list is the Front Camera Test as known as the Camera(VT) Test.

Take a selfie to “PASS” this test.

14. FM Radio

lg aristo 5 fm radio test

LG Aristo 5 has a built-in FM radio receiver.

Insert an earphone in the headphone jack to test the FM Radio.

15. OTG Test

lg aristo 5 otg support

For the OTG test, we need an OTG adapter.

The adapter goes into the Aristo 5 Micro USB port. We can insert a mouse, keyboard, pen drive, etc in the OTG adapter for testing.

does lg aristo 5 support otg

I’ve connected a pen drive to my Aristo 5 using an OTG adapter. The Storage Mount & File Operation tests are cleared successfully.

16. Finger Print Test

lg aristo 5 fingerprint sensor not working

The Fingerprint sensor has become a standard on Aristo devices since Aristo 3 Plus.

The next device test on our list is the Fingerprint Test.

lg aristo 5 fingerprint test

Start the test and place your finger on the fingerprint sensor located on the back of the phone.

I’ve cleared all the tests successfully.

The next test on the Hidden Menu page after the Device Test is ORT Test. Let’s check it out –

ORT Test

lg aristo 5 ort test hidden menu

Tap ORT Test and select the “Manual Mode”.

lg aristo 5 display on off test

The ORT tests are more or less similar to the device tests performed earlier.

Select a test from the ORT test menu and click “Test Start”. Let’s check out the Display On/off Test.

lg aristo 5 troubleshooting

The display turns on/off during this test. Hit “Close” to stop this test.

The rest of the ORT test menu options can be seen in the above screenshot.

SVC Menu


lg aristo 5 svc menu

The 3rd option on the Hidden Menu page is SVC Menu.

lg aristo 5 liquid damage indicator

The SVC Menu test options are displayed in the above screenshot. You can explore them on your own.

Field Test

lg aristo 5 field test

The last option on the Hidden Menu page is the Field Test.

lg aristo 5 call data sms test

The tests on this page are mostly network-related. Please refer to the above screenshot.


LG Aristo 5 Hidden Menu Code 2


lg aristo 5 hidden menu code

The 2nd hidden menu code for LG Aristo 5 is 277634#*#

Open the phone dialer and dial this code as shown above.

lg lmk300tm hidden menu

The options on the Operator Hidden Menu are more or less similar to the Main Hidden Menu. The background is white instead of black.

Please refer to the above screenshots.

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