LG Aristo 3 Connect to Computer & File Transfer Tutorial / Aristo 3 Plus

There are 4 different modes of USB connection on LG Aristo 3 & Aristo 3 Plus. They are Charging, File Transfer, Photo Transfer & Midi Device. The most useful mode of connection is File Transfer or MTP Mode.

In the File Transfer Mode, along with the photos we can transfer any other file between the phone and the PC. This feature is a boon on an android device. If you’ll switch to iPhone after using an Android device, you’ll feel handicapped due to the lack of MTP file transfer mode.

In this post, we are going to transfer photos, videos and files from LG Aristo 3 / 3 Plus to the computer & vice versa. So, Let’s get going –

How to transfer Pictures & Files from LG Aristo 3 to computer

There are 4 modes of USB connection on LG Aristo 3. Out of these, 2 modes can be used to transfer files, photos & videos between the phone and the computer. Let’s check them out –

LG Aristo 3 File Transfer Mode

LG Aristo 3 Connect to PC

To establish a USB connection we have to connect our Aristo 3 to PC using a USB data cable as shown above.

LG Aristo 3 Charging Mode

The default mode of the USB connection is “Charging”.

Pull down the notification bar and tap “Charging” as shown above.


LG Aristo 3 File Tranfer

Now among the listed options, we have to choose “File Transfer”.

Select “JUST ONCE” or “ALWAYS” as per your convenience.

How to connect LG Aristo 3 to PC

Now, wait for the Aristo 3 driver installation to complete.

After the installation, “LG Aristo 3” is visible under “Portable Devices” in the Device Manager.

LG Aristo 3 How to transfer files

A pop-up appears on the screen. It says what to do with this device. Let’s select the 2nd option i.e “Open device to view files”.


lg lmx220ma file transfer

As I’ve not inserted a Micro SD card in my Aristo 3, only “Internal Storage” is available.  Double-click the “Internal Storage” folder to open it.


lg aristo 3 plus connect to pc

The above screenshot shows the files present in the LG Aristo Internal Storage Space.


lg aristo 3 plus file transfer

Let’s try to transfer a file to the “Documents” folder on the computer.

Select the file which you wish to transfer. Right-click and “Copy” the file (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl C) as shown above.

I’m trying to transfer the “AnTuTu Benchmark_8.1.8” apk file.

how to tranfer files from lg aristo 3 plus to computer

After copying the file, tap “Documents” on the left tab as shown above. Or else you can select any folder on the computer where you wish to transfer this file.

file transfer lg aristo 3

Now, right-click and select “Paste” (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl V) to copy the file to this folder.

connect to pc lg aristo 3

You can see the “AnTuTu Benchmark_8.1.1.apk” is transferred to the Documents folder.

LG Aristo 3 Photo Transfer Mode

lg aristo 3 photo transfer

After File Transfer, let’s check out the “Photo Transfer” mode on Aristo 3.

After connecting your phone to PC via USB data cable, select “Photo Transfer” as shown above.

In this mode only “DCIM” and “Pictures” folder is accessible. DCIM folder contains photos and videos captured by the phone camera. The “Pictures” folder stores other image files such as “Screenshots”.

lg aristo 3 how to transfer photos

Go to “My Computer” or “This PC” and look for “LG Aristo 3” under “Devices and drives” as shown above.

Right-click, “LG Aristo 3” and select “Import pictures and videos”.


lg aristo 3 plus how to transfer photos

It’s looking for the photos and videos stored in the “DCIM” and “Pictures” folder.


lg lmx220ma photo transfer

Tap “NEXT” to proceed further.

LG Aristo 3 Import pictures and videos

Tap “Import” to transfer photos and videos from Aristo 3 to PC.

lg aristo 3 importing photos and videos

The pictures and videos are getting imported.

lg aristo 3 imported photos and videos

The files are successfully imported as shown in the above screenshot.

We can import Photos and Videos in the file transfer mode as well, however, it will pick even system images. So, it’s better to use this feature in the Photo Transfer mode.

lg aristo 3 photo transfer mode

Double-click the “LG Aristo 3” device as shown above.

lg aristo 3 internal storage

Now click on the “Internal Storage” folder.

lg aristo 3 dcim and pictures folder

In Photo Transfer mode the above 2 folders, DCIM & Pictures are available.

If you don’t wish to import all photos and videos at once, you can open the respective folder and copy/ paste the files manually as done before.


A USB connection between LG Aristo 3 & PC can also be established for unlocking the LG Aristo 3 Bootloader, moving apps to SD Card or to Download & Flash Stock Aristo 3 Firmware using LGUP.


For any query related to an Aristo device, feel free to leave a comment below.

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