LG Aristo 3 Move Apps to SD Card – Storage Space Running Out – Fix

In the MetroPCS lineup, the Aristo series falls at the bottom of the ladder. While using an entry-level phone, what hurts the most is the limited storage space.  I don’t know if we will ever see an Aristo phone with 32GB internal storage space. Out of the 16GB, hardly 8 GB is the usable space.

A micro SD card can only give you a boost in Media Storage space. You cannot use it for app & game installation. To cater to this issue, the only solution is to partition the SD card and use it as an internal storage space. This way we can set the SD card as the default storage space for apps and games.

In this, post we are going to learn how to move app to SD card on LG Aristo 3 /Aristo 3 Plus. So, Let’s begin the tutorial –

How to move apps to SD card on LG Aristo 3 & Aristo 3 Plus MetroPCS – lmx220ma lmx220mb

NOTE: Before moving ahead, make sure to take a complete backup of your Internal Storage as well as the Memory Card.

Adoptable Storage is disabled by default on LG Aristo 3. There is no direct way to enable it in settings. We need to partition the Micro SD card by writing ADB commands using the Minimal ADB & Fastboot Tool.


LG Aristo 3 Adoptable Storage

First of all, you have to install the Micro SD card which you wish to use as Internal Storage.

Follow the above screenshots to Install Memory Card in your Aristo 3 / Aristo 3 Plus.

A high-speed Micro SD card with good read/write speed (at least Class 10) is recommended.


LG Aristo 3 move apps to sd card

After installing the memory card, we have to turn on USB Debugging in the “Developer Options”.

If you’ve not enabled Developer Options on your Aristo 3, head over to the below post –

LG Aristo 3 Developer Options

Now that you’ve enabled the Developer Options, pull down the notification bar and hit the “Settings Icon” as shown above.


lg aristo 3 plus move apps to sd card

Hit the “General Tab”, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Developer Options”.

Look for “USB Debugging” and tap it to enable.

how to move apps to sd card on lg aristo 3

USB Debugging is now enabled. We are ready to connect our Aristo 3 to the computer.


lg aristo 3 storage space running out

Connect your phone to the PC using a Micro USB Data Cable.

You can keep the USB connection mode as “Charging” or “File Transfer”.

lg aristo 3 set sd card as the deafult storage space

Wait for the ADB Interface driver to install.

If you’ve not installed the LG Aristo 3 USB Driver, on your PC, please download it from the below post –

LG Aristo 3 Drivers

In the Device Manager, the installed driver is visible as “LGE Mobile ADB Interface”.

lg aristo 3 install apps and games on sd card

In the next step, we have to download and install the Minimal ADB & Fastboot Tool on our computer. Below is the download link –


After the installation is done. Launch the Minimal ADB & Fastboot tool.

lg aristo 3 adb devices

It opens a cmd command prompt window.

Type the command line adb devices and hit enter on your computer keyboard.

It shows the device model number but says “unauthorized”.

Now, look at your phone screen.


lg aristo 3 allow usb debugging

A pop-up request would appear on your Aristo 3 screen.

Accept the request to “Allow USB debugging” by tapping “OK”.

how to move apps to sd card on lg aristo 3 plus

Again type adb devices and tap Enter.

The device is now visible under “List of devices attached”.

lg lmx220ma move apps to sd card

The next command line is adb shell sm list-disks

Copy the above command, paste in your cmd window and press enter.

Make note of the disk format. In my case, it is 179,64 

It can be something else such as 179,0 or 179,128 etc. Make a note of this. The command line will change accordingly in the next steps.


lg aristo 3 plus adoptable storage

The next command line is adb shell sm list-volumes all

adoptable storage lg aristo 3

Now type adb shell sm set-force-adoptable true and hit enter.

how to enable adoptable storage on lg aristo 3

This one is a crucial step.

In this step, we can either use the whole memory card as internal storage or allocate some space as an external storage space.

The command line to use the micro SD as internal storage space is adb shell sm partition disk:179,64 private

Now let’s say we need to use 70% as internal and 30% as external storage. In this case, the command line would change to

adb shell sm partition disk:179,64 mixed 70

move apps to sd card on lg aristo 3

Now type adb shell sm list-volumes and click enter.


lg aristo 3 move apps to sd card

From this step, we have to copy the UUID as marked in the above screenshot.

This will be different in your case. Copy this UUID. We need to use it in the next step.

lg aristo 3 plus storage space running out

The final command line is adb shell pm move-primary-storage db4ca927-bdde-4abd-815f-06bd5866e089


Note: You’ve to copy the UUID you copied in the previous step it will be different from mine. 

lg aristo 3 migrate data

Look at your Aristo 3 screen, it says “Move complete”.

Your internal storage data is moved to the Micro SD card.

The Memory card is the new default storage for app installation.

Pull down the notification bar and hit the “Settings Icon”.

lg aristo 3 partitioning sd card

Select “General Tab” and tap “Storage”.

You can see the SD card is divided into 2 parts.  The first part belongs to the internal storage. You can rename it for identification.

To revert it back to the original state, tap on the first “SD Card” as shown above.

lg aristo 3 format as portable

Hit the “3 dots” icon and select “Format as portable”.


lg aristo 3 use a portable storage

Now tap “Format”.

After the formatting is done. The whole SD card is available as External / Portable Storage.

lg aristo 3 plus use as portable storage

The Internal Storage partition we created on the SD Card is now gone.


For any query or feedback, please leave a comment below.


7 thoughts on “LG Aristo 3 Move Apps to SD Card – Storage Space Running Out – Fix

  1. Wow – This method worked perfectly on my new LG Aristo 5, running Android version 10 !!!
    After my apps transferred from a moto E5 play to the LG Aristo 5 phone I was flabbergasted that there was no way to move the apps to the SD card, and no way to format the SD card as internal storage. I could not find any information about making the SD card internal storage or moving the apps on the Aristo 5. I hoped these instructions would work, and they did!!!
    Thank YOU!

  2. C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>adb shell pm move-primary-storage 5995fed8-04b9-41e9-ab58-969badada93d
    Failure [-6]


  3. “adb shell sm partition disk:179,64 private” This command simply doesn’t work for me, the program refuses to move forward and I have to restart computer and phone, then format sd card and start over. Then it still doesn’t work.

    If I try to separate the partition its says that it couldn’t move the content. So neither way works on my aristo 3. I’ve followed the steps to the letter about 10 times now.

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