LG Aristo Connect to PC & File Transfer Tutorial

Connecting your LG Aristo to the computer is a simple task. For Windows 7 and higher, there’s no need to install USB drivers for file transfer. When your Aristo is connected to PC via USB Cable, pull down the notification bar to view the available USB connection modes.

The Four connection modes in LG Aristo are Charging, File Transfer, Photo Transfer & MIDI. Let’s see how to get the most out of these 4 modes of USB connection  –

How to Connect LG Aristo to PC and Transfer Files – 

Charging Mode –

lg aristo charging mode

It may seem that charging mode serves the only purpose of charging the phone when connected to PC, but it does more than that.

To Unlock the bootloader as well as to install a Custom recovery the phone should be in Charging Mode.

In charging mode, files cannot be transferred between phone and PC.


File Transfer Mode – 

lg aristo file transfer mode

The Second USB connection mode is File Transfer or MTP mode. It will let you share files between your LG Aristo and Windows PC via USB Cable. In this mode, both the Internal Storage and SD Card (if installed) are available for file transfer.

lg aristo pc file transfer

lg aristo file transfer pc

To access the LG Aristo’s Internal Storage, Go to Computer < LG Aristo < Internal Storage as shown above.

Use File Transfer mode to Copy/Move files from LG Aristo to the computer & Vice Versa.

Photo Transfer Mode  – 



lg aristo photo transfer mode

The 3rd USB Connection mode is the Photo transfer mode. In this mode, we can Import pictures and videos from LG Aristo to the computer. Basically, it creates a backup of your photos in one go.

aristo import pictures and videos pc

aristo import pictures and videos

aristo importing pictures to pc

aristo photo transfer to pc

You can see in the above screenshots how I’ve imported LG Aristo Pics using the “Photo Transfer” mode.

The same procedure can be applied in “File Transfer” mode as well but then, all unnecessary junk image files will also get copied as it gives access to all the folders in Internal Storage and SD Card.

aristo connect to pc aristo photo transfer mode aristo dcim pictures folder

In Photo Transfer Mode only “DCIM (Digital Camera Images)”  &  “Pictures” Folder is accessible as shown above.


lg aristo midi device mode

The last USB Connection mode is MIDI device. It a special mode only operational when a MIDI device such as a MIDI keyboard controller is attached to the phone. Caustic 3 is an awesome app to be used in this mode. You can download it from the play store.

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9 thoughts on “LG Aristo Connect to PC & File Transfer Tutorial

  1. I am trying to access my music files but I cant find them. I guess I would use file transfer mode, but there are so many folders. I looked in every one and cant find my songs yet they play just fine. Help!

  2. This has been driving me nuts the past week. After a bunch of trial and error, IT’S THE CABLE. You can’t just use any common USB/Micro USB cable, although they’ll charge your phone fine. But it’s pretty much got to be the original factory cable (so go through all your white ones) for that screen to finally pop up. None of my other cables would do the trick otherwise, and thankfully that’s all the issue was.

  3. I am having the same problem as the Steve at the top of the list. When I plug the USB into my computer, it doesn’t give me any options for sharing or not sharing–no pop-up screen at all. On my previous LG Aristos it had. What do we do?

  4. I’m having similar if not the self same problem. On my last Aristo when I plugged in the USB cord, a screen would pop-up offering me the options. Not on my new Aristo 3+. I’m guessing I need to allow file transfers somewhere in settings. I’m not finding it though.

  5. When ever i connect my lgaristo to the pc i dont get any notifications to connect it to the pc
    I ve also tried fixing it at developer options by switching to isb debugging and changing its configuration to MTP but it still doesn’t work.

  6. Only photo transfer works. PDF, music, etc DOES NOT. I know how to do this on every other phone I have ever had. It will only give a connection to DCIM or PHOTOS. MetroPC is no help- “not trained”.


    • If you change the USB connection mode from “Photo Transfer” to “File Transfer” then you’ll be able to transfer any file.
      When connecting your phone to PC, pull down the notification bar, tap on “Photo Transfer” and change it to “File Transfer”

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