LG Aristo 3 Root, TWRP, Bootloader Unlock/ 3 Plus lmx220ma MetroPCS

Rooting an LG Aristo 2 is quite simple. We have to unlock the bootloader, install TWRP & flash a Magisk or SuperSU flashable zip file via TWRP to get root access.

Let’s try and root the Aristo 3 / Aristo 3 Plus using the same procedure. Aristo 2 & 3 are almost identical phones. The only difference is that Aristo 2 was launched with Android Nougat which was later upgraded to Oreo & Aristo 3 comes with Oreo out of the box and now it’s upgraded to Android Pie 9.0

So, Let’s try to root LG Aristo 3  as follows –


How to root LG Aristo 3 / Aristo 3 Plus – lmx220ma, lmx220mb – MetroPCS

STEP 1: Enable OEM Unlock & USB Debugging in the Developer Options

Root LG Aristo 3

To unlock the LG Aristo 3 Bootloader, we need to turn on USB Debugging and OEM unlock.

Both these options are present in Developer Options which is kept hidden by default.

To unhide the Developer Options, please visit the below post –

LG Aristo 3 Developer Options

After enabling the Developer options, Go to Settings < General Tab < Developer Options as shown above.



LG Aristo 3 Root

Look for “Enable OEM unlock” and tap on it to turn it on.

Tap “ENABLE” to allow OEM unlocking.

Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP) remains disabled until this option remains on.

How to root LG Aristo 3

Now scroll down and look for “USB Debugging” & enable it.

lg lm-x220ma root

Give permission to allow USB debugging by tapping “OK”.

Now, we are ready to connect our Aristo 3 to PC.

STEP 2: Install ADB Interface Driver


lg aristo 3 plus root


Connect your phone to PC using a Micro USB data cable.


LG Aristo 3 Unlock Bootloader

Keep a look on your phone screen. When prompted to “Allow USB Debugging”, accept the request by tapping “OK”.

If you don’t get this “Allow USB Debugging” request now, move ahead. It may appear later while writing the ADB command.


lg aristo 3 twrp

Before moving ahead, make sure you’ve successfully installed the ADB Interface Driver.

It’s visible in the Device Manager as “LGE Mobile ADB Interface”.

To install the LG Aristo 3 Driver please visit the below post –

LG Aristo 3 ADB Driver 

STEP 3: Boot your phone into Fastboot Mode using Minimal ADB & Fastboot Tool

In the next step, we have to download and install Minimal ADB & Fastboot Tool on our PC.

lg aristo 3 custom recovery

Download Minimal ADB & Fastboot from the below link.


Install it on your computer and launch it as shown above.


lg lmx220mb root

Minimal ADB & Fastboot launches a cmd window as visible in the above screenshot.

We have to write the ADB commands as follows –

First of all type adb devices and tap enter on your PC keyboard.

This would show the list of devices attached.

If it says “Offline” that means the ADB Interface driver is not installed successfully.

If it says “Unauthorized” that means you’ve not accepted the “Allow USB Debugging” prompt on your phone screen.

how to root lg aristo 3 plus

In the next step, we have to boot our phone into Fastboot Mode.

Type adb reboot bootloader and hit enter.

unlock bootloader lg aristo 3 plus

Check your Aristo 3 screen. Your phone must be now in the Fastboot / Bootloader Mode.


STEP4: Unlock LG Aristo 3 Bootloader & Flash TWRP recovery file

lg aristo 3 magisk

To unlock the LG Aristo 3 Bootloader type fastboot oem unlock and tap enter.

The bootloader is now unlocked. Let’s try to flash the TWRP file right away.

lg aristo 3 supersu

I’ve copied the recovery.img file in the “Minimal ADB & Fastboot” folder for flashing.


Root LG Aristo 3 lmx220mb

The command line to flash the TWRP custom recovery file is

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

LG Aristo 3 MetroPCS Root

It simply failed to write the command. I tried it several times but no luck.

It throws this error – “FAILED (remote: unknown command)

So with Android Oreo on LG Aristo 3, we can go as far as unlocking the Bootloader. It doesn’t let you flash any file afterward.

Without TWRP we cannot install Magisk or SuperSU root file.

With the Pie update, I’m doubtful we can even get access to the fastboot mode.

In LG Aristo 4 Plus and K40 phone simply reboots to normal mode after writing the adb reboot bootloader command. Both the phones have Android Pie 9.0 android firmware.

Aristo 2 is rootable because it can be downgraded to Android 7 Nougat. Aristo 3 & 3 Plus came with Oreo out of the box so no way to downgrade it further.

Let’s hope for a way out in the near future. As of now, LG Aristo 3 & Aristo 3 Plus cannot be rooted.

Root lg lmx220ma

There is no point in keeping the bootloader unlocked if the phone cannot be rooted.

I’m relocking my Aristo 3 bootloader with this command fastboot oem lock

A discussion on Aristo 3 root is going on in the xda forums. You can join it.


For any query related to an Aristo device, please leave a comment below.




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