LG Aristo 4+ Plus Hidden Menu Codes – LMX320TA T-Mobile

LG Aristo 4 Plus is the latest entrant in the Aristo Series. For the first time, an Aristo device is launched for T-Mobile alone. There is no Aristo 4 for MetroPCS as of now.  There are 2 separate Hidden Menus for Aristo 4 Plus with different dialer codes.

In this post, were going to check out both the Hidden Menu Codes for Aristo 4 Plus T-Mobile with the help of the Screenshots and Video as follows –

LG Aristo 4+ Plus Hidden Menu Codes for lm-x320ma MetroPCS lmx320ta T-Mobile

The First Hidden Menu – LG Aristo 4+ Plus

This first dialer code works only on T-Mobile & MetroPCS Android Smartphones. As Aristo 4 Plus belongs to T-Mobile we can access this hidden menu.


The dialer code reveals “Operator HiddenMenu” as shown in the screenshot above.

The secret code to enter this Hidden Menu is 277634#*#

The Second Hidden Menu – LG Aristo 4+ Plus LMX320TA

The Second hidden menu is the Main Hidden Menu with a huge list of Device Tests that can aid in Troubleshooting our Aristo 4 Plus Android Smartphone.



The dialer code to enter this Hidden Menu is *#546368#*320#

There are 4 options in this Hidden Menu. We are going to deal with them one by one –

1. Device Test – Service Menu – Manual Test

The First Test in the Hidden Menu is the Device Test.

To Perform Device Test on LG Aristo 4 Plus go to “Device Test” <“SAAT” < “Service Menu – Manual Test” as shown above.

a. Auto Detecting Item Test

The First Manual Test in the Device Test list is Auto Detecting Item Test.

This test verifies the SIM Card Slot, SD Card Slot, and the Battery Status.

If your SIM Card or Micro SD slot is empty you cannot clear this test. The only way to escape it is by pressing the 3 hard keys together i.e the Power & Volume Keys.

b. Key Press Test

The Key Press Test can be used to check the Hardware Keys and the Proximity Sensor.

Press the hard keys one by one. “UP”, “DOWN”, “END” & “ETC” represents the Volume Up, Volume Down, Power and Google Assistant Key respectively.

The Proximity Sensor can be tested by blocking and unblocking the sensor as per the instructions on the screen.

The Proximity Sensor is located above the screen.

c. Display Check Test

Check your Aristo 4 LCD using this test. Under this test, the screen turns all-black then all-white as shown above.

d. Ring Test

Ring Test can aid in troubleshooting the External Loud Speaker on your Aristo 4 Plus.

Under this test, the phone rings at the maximum volume even if its in the Silent Mode.

e. Vibrator Test

A faulty Vibrator Motor can be tested using the Vibrator test.

When this test is performed the phone vibrates at the maximum intensity.

f. Motion Sensor Test

This test can be useful in troubleshooting the Motion Sensors such as Magnetometer, Accelerometer and the Gyroscope.

To clear this test, Place your Aristo 4 on a Flat Surface. When passed move on to the next step.


Now stand the phone vertically and finally horizontally as shown in the above screenshots.

g. Loopback Test

While playing a sound on your phone, if you connect a headphone the sound through the external speaker stops.

This test does the same thing.


When the Audio (via earphone) is turned on the Speaker (external Loudspeaker) turns off and vice versa.

h. GPS / Bluetooth/  Wifi Test

The GPS / BT / Wifi test can be used in troubleshooting issues related to Bluetooth, Wifi & GPS.

Before performing this test, make sure you’ve turned on Bluetooth, Wifi, and Location Services on your LG Aristo 4 Plus.

i. Touch Draw Test – Manual

In this test, initially, the Touch Panel is tested automatically.

You can refer to the above screenshot. It says “Touch Panel Test in progress…. Do not Touch LCD”

Afterward, we have to manually test the touchscreen digitizer by drawing on the screen using finger.

j. Camera (Main) Test / Rear Camera Test

We can use this test to troubleshoot camera related issue on our Aristo 4 Plus.

Under this test, we have to take a picture and verify it as shown above.

k. Camcorder Test / Video Recording Test

The Camcorder test can be done in the same manner as we did the Rear Camera Test.

In this test, we’ve to record a video instead of a photo and play it for verification.

l. Camera (VT) Test / Front Selfie Camera Test

This is the last camera test that can be used to troubleshoot the Front Selfie Camera.

We don’t get to capture a photo but the viewfinder is active as shown above.

m. FM Radio Test

Connect an earphone to your Aristo 4 Plus to perform the FM Radio Test.

The earphone acts as the antenna under this test.

n. OTG Test

Aristo 4 Plus is compatible with USB OTG (On the Go).

Connect a hardware peripheral such as Mouse, Keyboard or Pen Drive to your phone using an OTG adapter.

After connecting a Pen Drive to my Aristo 4 Plus, I cleared the “Storage Mount” and “File Operation” test as shown above.

o. FingerPrint Test

Like Aristo 3 Plus, Aristo 4 Plus is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor.

Swipe your finger on the Fingerprint sensor to clear this test.

2. ORT Test – Manual Mode

The next test in the Hidden Menu after the Device Test is the ORT Test as shown above.

Similar to the Device Test, we are going to perform the Manual Mode ORT Test.

a. Display On/Off Test

The first one is the LCD Backlight test. Under this test, the Display keeps on turning on and off until we stop it.

b. Display Pattern Test

Display Pattern test can be seen in the above screenshot.

We have to set the test duration and a black and white pattern appears on the screen similar to a chessboard.

c. The Rest of the ORT Tests

The remaining tests are more or less similar to the tests performed earlier. I’m skipping these tests you can use them for troubleshooting your Aristo 4 Plus.

3. SVC Menu

The 3rd option in the Hidden Menu is SVC Menu.

The tests are quite similar to the device tests performed earlier.

There are few additional tests as well which can be tried especially the Moisture Detection test.

4. Field Test

The Last test in the Hidden Menu is the Filed Test. The test options here are mostly network-related. You can check the test list in the above screenshot.

For a query related to any LG Aristo Device, feel free to leave a comment below.




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