LG Aristo 2 FRP bypass Google account 2020 lmx210ma no pc

LG Aristo 2 is a two-year-old phone. It was launched in mid-2018. In these 2 years, it has seen several system updates.

As the firmware keeps changing we need to find out new ways to get past the Google verification screen. The FRP (Factory Reset Protection) bypass comes into effect after doing a hard reset using the volume down and power button on Aristo 2.

In this post, I’m going to share the latest and easiest October 2020 hack to bypass the google account on LG Aristo 2 lmx210ma MetroPCS & Aristo 2 Plus lmx210ta T-mobile without a computer or app.  In a few minutes, you’ll be able to use your phone once again.

lg aristo 2 frp bypass 2020

After doing a hard reset using the volume down & power button I’m at the Welcome screen of the setup wizard.

Let’s proceed further. We have to connect our phone to the internet.

My Aristo 2 is connected to the Home Wifi network.

lg aristo 2 bypass google account

Getting past the “Copy apps & data” page, I’m stuck at the password verification screen. I don’t know the lock screen password. Let’s select the alternate option i.e. “USE MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT INSTEAD”.

how to google bypass lg aristo 2

This brings us to the Google Verification screen. I don’t know the Google account email id and password. We need to use a hack to get past this FRP lock without signing in.

Follow the below screenshots to bypass the Google lock on your Aristo 2 in less than 10 minutes –

How to bypass Google Account on LG Aristo 2 MetroPCS lmx210ma / Aristo 2 Plus, lmx210ta T-Mobile

lg aristo 2 plus frp bypass 2020

Use the back button to come back from the Google Verification screen to the Welcome screen of the setup wizard.

Tap “Accessibility”. An accessibility window appears on the screen. Tap “SETTINGS” to get access to the “Accessibility” page.

Hit the 2nd last option i.e. “Switch Access” as shown above.


lg lmx210ma frp bypass

We are now on the “Switch Access” page.

Click “SETTINGS” located at the bottom-right corner.

This takes us to the “Switch Access settings” page.

Choose the first option “Help & feedback”.

On the Support page, select “About Switch Access for Android”.

lg aristo 2 google bypass 2020

On the next page, there is a Youtube video.

Tap on the youtube window and hit the “3 dots” icon at the top-right corner.

Now, there are 2 options on the youtube screen. Hit “Share” to proceed further.

lg aristo 2 frp bypass no pc

Click the youtube video link to launch the Youtube app.

On the Youtube page, tap “Share” as marked above.

Choose “Email” as the sharing medium.

how to bypass google account on lg aristo 2

Accept the email app permission by hitting “ALLOW”.

Once again hit “Share” and then “Email”.


lg lmx210ma frp bypass

This time we are on the “Select email provider” page.

Select the last option i.e. “Other”.

Type any email id in the “EMAIL ADDRESS” field.

lg lmx210ma google bypass

I’ve added an email id a@a.com

Tap “MANUAL SETUP” to move ahead.

Select the account type as “Microsoft Exchange” and hit “NEXT”.

This brings us to the “Server settings” page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap “Add” to add a Client certificate.

lg lmx210ma bypass google account

A pop-up appears on the screen. It says we need to add a screen lock to use credential storage. Hit “CHANGE” to accept the request.

We are now on the “Protect your phone” page. This is the screen lock setup page.

We can add a Pattern, PIN, or Password as the screen lock.

Add an easy to remember screen lock.


lg lmx212ta frp bypass

I’ve added a PIN lock 1234

After the PIN lock set up a confirmation message flashes on the screen “Screen lock has been changed”.

We have successfully replaced the old screen lock with a new one.

Now, we have to restart the phone and complete the setup wizard.

frp bypass lg aristo 2

Long-Press the power button on your Aristo 2.

lg aristo 2 plus bypass google account

Hit “Power off and restart” to reboot the phone.

We are once again at the “Welcome” screen.

Use the forward arrow to move ahead.

lg aristo 2 google bypass 2020

Hit “Set up as new” on the “Copy apps & data” page.

This brings us to the PIN verification page.

Use the same PIN we added in the previous step i.e. 1234 and hit “OK”.

As we added the correct pin, we get the “Skip” option on the Google sign-in page.

At this stage, we can also a Google account (no necessarily the last-synced account).

how to bypass google lock on lg aristo 2

I’m skipping the Google sign-in option.

Now keep following the on-screen prompts to move ahead.


how to bypass google verification on lg aristo 2

Accept Google services terms and conditions to reach the “Legal documents” page.

lg lmx210ma bypass google account

Tick the “I agree” checkbox and click “DONE” to finish the setup wizard.

We are now on the LG Aristo home screen. We have successfully bypassed the Google account on LG Aristo 2 / Aristo 2 Plus.

lg lmx212ta bypass google account

My Aristo 2 is running on the latest firmware X210MA20l. This is the latest & easiest FRP Bypass hack for LG Aristo 2 / Aristo 2 Plus as of 20th October 2020.

If stuck at any point, feel free to leave a comment below.


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