LG Aristo 4+ Plus Secret Codes / Dialer Codes – LMX320TA T-Mobile

LG Aristo 4+ T-Mobile has got 6 Secret Dialer Codes. These codes can be entered using the phone dialer and each code reveals a unique Secret Menu.  We get access to IMEI, Testing Menu, Calendar Info, Hidden Menu & Google Play Services FCM Diagnostics Menu using these codes.

Let’s check out the Aristo 4+ Plus code using the video and screenshots below –

LG Aristo 4+ Plus Secret Dialer Codes – T-Mobile LM-X320TA

1. Calendar Info Code for LG Aristo 4+ Plus

LG Aristo 4 Plus Secret Dialer Code for Calendar Info

This dialer code provides specific calendar information as per your calendar settings.

The secret code to view Calendar Info is *#*#225#*#*

2. IMEI Code for LG Aristo 4+ Plus

LG Aristo 4 Plus IMEI Secret Dialer Code

The common code to find IMEI on almost every GSM phone is *#06#

Open your Aristo 4 Plus phone dialer and dial this code. A pop-up would appear your phone IMEI as shown above.



3. Testing Code for LG Aristo 4+ Plus

LG Aristo 4 Plus Testing Secret Dialer Code

The “Testing” Menu is found on GSM phones including LG Aristo 4 Plus.

Dial *#*#4636#*#* using your phone dialer to get access to this Menu.

There are 2 options as listed above. The first option is the “Phone Information” & it mostly provides network-related information.

Using this menu, we can change the Preferred Network Type which is set to LTE/UMTS auto (PRL) by default.

lm-x320ta testing secret codes

The 2nd option in the “Testing” Menu is “Usage Statistics”.

It keeps a tab on system apps as well as downloaded 3rd party apps. It notes the time when an app was used the last time and for how long.

We can sort apps on the basis of Usage Time, Launch Count & App Name.



4. Google Play Services FCM Diagnostics Menu Code for LG Aristo 4+ Plus

LG Aristo 4 Plus Google Play Services Secret Code FCM Diagnostics

The Google Service FCM Diagnostics Menu can be accessed using the dialer code *#*#*426#*#*

Its a data log for Google Play Services. It shows the current status as well as the earlier recorded events as shown above.

5. Operator Hidden Menu Code for LG Aristo 4+ Plus

LG Aristo 4 Plus Hidden Menu Code lm-x320ta

There are 2 Hidden Menus on LG Aristo 4 Plus.

The dialer code for the first one is 277634*#*

The options listed under Operator HiddenMenu can be viewed in the above screenshots.

This Hidden Menu has a limited set of options and this code works specifically on MetroPCS / T-Mobile Android Smartphones.

6. The Second Hidden Menu Code for LG Aristo 4+ Plus

LG Aristo 4 Hidden Menu Codes lmx320ta

The second Hidden Menu is the most useful one with lots of troubleshooting options in the form of device tests.

The dialer code to enter the Hidden Menu is *#546368#*320#

Most of the tests are covered in the “Service Menu – Manual Test”.

lg aristo 4 plus hidden menu device test

Check out the device tests which come under the “Service Menu – Manual Test” as per the above screenshot.

There is a detailed post on LG Aristo 4 Plus Hidden Menu which covers all these tests.


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