LG Aristo MetroPCS How to Downgrade the Latest Firmware ms21010v

These days most of the LG phones have Anti-Roll back security in effect which makes it impossible to downgrade the firmware to a lower version. Most of the time downgrading is done for the purpose of rooting. A security update patches the root exploit and if there is no way to downgrade you fail to root your phone.

However, as the bootloader of LG Aristo is unlockable rooting will never be an issue. The only purpose of downgrading in our case is to bypass google’s factory reset protection (FRP). If we downgrade the phone back to ms21010g we can easily bypass the google account.

Follow below flashing tutorial to downgrade your firmware to ms21010g and then follow the LG Aristo FRP bypass tutorial to get your phone up and running.

First of all, download and install the necessary files on your computer.  Download the zip file from below link and extract it.


The zip file contains –

1. LG USB Driver

2. LGUP Flashing software

3. UpperCut – It works as DLL file for LGUP. LGUP won’t detect your phone without Uppercut

4. LG Aristo kdz firmware file

Now that you’ve downloaded and extracted the zip file, Let’s proceed with the process –

The first step is to install the LG USB Driver. Click on the file to initiate installation.

Once you’ve installed the LG United Mobile Driver successfully, boot the phone in “DOWNLOAD MODE”

To boot the phone in download mode –

Attach one end of the USB data cable to your PC.

Press the “Volume UP” key on your LG Aristo.

Keep it pressed and attach the other end of the USB cable to phone.

The phone should be now in download mode.

Let the driver install on its own.

Now install LGUP Store version 1.14 as shown above.

Finish the installation but don’t run LGUP yet.

If the LG USB serial port driver is installed successfully, open “Uppercut” folder and run “UPPERCUT 1.0” file as shown above.

Uppercut will load LGUP software.

You can see my LG Aristo firmware version is visible. My aristo is running on latest firmware ms21010v.

We’re going to downgrade it to ms21010g. To flash this firmware click on the “3dot” icon and browse for the downloaded kdz firmware file.

Double click “ms21010g_03_0114.kdz” file to load it in LGUP for flashing.


You can see the kdz file is showing up in LGUP.


Next step is to change the flashing process from “REFURBISH” to “UPGRADE”.

Even though we’re downgrading we’ve to select UPGRADE.

Now hit “Start” to initiate the downgrade process.

When on 4% it says “Anti Rollback Check PASS” that means its possible to Rollback the firmware to a lower version.


Wait for the process to complete successfully.

At around 80% the flashing process gets completed and phone Reboots from download mode to regular mode.

Wait for the process to complete to 100%. Now we can exit LGUP. We’ve successfully downgraded LG Aristo firmware from ms21010v to ms21010g.

Now follow this LG Aristo  google account bypass (FRP)  tutorial to get back your phone up and running.

If facing any issue feel free to leave a comment below.











18 thoughts on “LG Aristo MetroPCS How to Downgrade the Latest Firmware ms21010v

  1. Segítségkérés!
    Csatári László vagyok, Magyarországon élek, magyar lakos.
    Itt vásároltam egy nem használt, új állapotu LG Aristo M210N telefont.
    IMEI: 353661087106425
    Az útmutató alapján a bootloader feloldva, a TWRP telepítve, a Supersu telepítve van.
    Megtörtént a hálózat feloldás is.
    A telefon működik telefonálni lehet vele.
    Az internet csak 2G hálózatot mutat, de nálunk másik telefonon működik a 4G internet.
    Mit kell beállítani, hogy az Ariston is működjön a 4G? M200N
    A firmware-t szeretném lecserélni az LG K8 M200N / M200n20b_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0604.kdz/ Európai firmware, / Az LG K8 M200N, az Aristo európai változata/ mert azon van magyar nyelv is.
    Letöltöttem a kdz filet, de sehogy nem tudom flashelni, mindig hibát jelez.
    Az LGUP azt jelzi ki, hogy incorrect M210-M200 miatt.
    Az LG Flashtool azt írja ki, hogy vegyem fel a kapcsolatot az adminisztrátorral.
    A “M200n20b_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0604.kdz” .kdz file akár a telefon memóriában van, akár az SD kártyán van, a TWRP nem ismeri fel sehogy sem.
    Kérem segítsenek, hogy mit kell tennem, hogy megoldódjanak ezek a problémák?
    Üdvözlettel, válaszra várva Csatári László
    Email: csataril21@gmail.com

    Sajnos nem tudok angolul.

  2. What a headache. Software shows nothing like how your instructions displays. I have no options to place it as refurbished or upgrade. The phone is on download mode but nothing is progressing. It stays at 0%. In device manager, It still has a driver missing but LG up is displaying as Model – LGM… and the COM Ports Displays COM3. I must be missing something here.

  3. I have Windows 8.1 but the download files you provided for downgrading my lg aristo m21010t will not open. Any suggestions?

  4. trying to put my phone in Download Mode but when I plug in my USB cable it shows LG then continues to my battery percentage. Please HELP!

  5. I am only getting the uppercut readme file I have tried three times downloading this and every time it only gives me the readme file I can’t get the file for UPPERCUT_1.0.0.0exe. Can anyone tell me why and how to fix this cause I can’t do anything with the rest of it without that file?

  6. Hi i am getting error kdz file is invalid and it faults at 4%. I have downloaded and installed softare. When connect my aristo i do get at the firmware update screen and it never changes percentage wise always at 0%. I dont know if the com port is handshaking with my phone. its an aristo lg m210 version m21010i.

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