Moto G Power 2021 Secret Dialer Codes & Hidden Menu 2022

The Motorola Power series started in 2019 with Motorola G7 Power. Since then every year a new G Power device gets released including Moto G power 2020, 2021, and the latest one Moto G power 2022.

In this post, we are going to find out the hidden secret dialer codes for all the Moto G power devices. Each dialer code reveals a secret menu that offers useful information and aids in troubleshooting the device.

The dialer codes can vary from carrier to carrier. Let’s explore all the Motorola G Power secret codes as follows –

Moto G power Secret Codes / Dialer Codes & Hidden Menu – G7 Power XT1955, Power 2020 XT2041, Moto G power 2021 XT2117, Moto G Power 2022 XT2165 Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, Tracfone, AT&T, Cricket, Straight Talk

To enter a secret code, click the call button located on the Moto G power home screen.



Now, the phone dialer is open. Let’s try all the secret dialer codes one by one –

1. Motorola G Power 2021 IMEI Code


The IMEI code is the universal dialer code that works on all GSM phones worldwide.

Open the phone dialer and enter the code *#06# to view the IMEI & MEID of your specific Moto G Power device.

2. Moto G Power 2021 Calendar Info Code



The next code reveals the calendar information. You can view your personal calendar entries with this code.

To view the Calendar info please type the code *#*#225#*#*

3. Moto G Power FCM Diagnostics Code

The 3rd Moto G Power code will launch the FCM Diagnostics page.

You can switch between the “EVENTS” & “STATUS” tab.



There is also an “Advanced View”. Hit the “3 dots” icon and tap the checkbox to enable it.


4. Motorola G Power 2021 Hidden Menu Code / CQA Test Menu



The next Moto G Power secret code is the most useful one. It reveals the Hidden Menu with an extensive list of device test options.

This menu can be used to troubleshoot your Moto G Power device.

To launch the CQA Test menu, type the code *#*#2486#*#* in the phone dialer as shown above.

There are 2 tabs – CQA Test & ALT Test.

Click on “CQA Menu Mode” to explore the available device tests.



You can see the extensive list of device tests on this page.

Using this page, you can troubleshoot issues related to audio, battery, Bluetooth, wifi, camera, LCD, touchscreen, etc.


To exit the CQA Test menu, click on “Exit App and Commserver” as shown above.

5. Moto G Power Testing Menu code



The next secret code on our list opens the “Testing” page.

To access the Testing page, open the Moto G Power phone dialer and enter the code *#*#*4636#*#*

There are 4 options on this page – Phone Information, Usage Statistics, Wifi Information, & CMAS Test Alerts.

Let’s click the first option – “Phone Information”.

As the name suggests, this menu shows basic phone info and network-related data.



The next option on the Testing page is “Usage Statistics”.

This menu keeps a log of the app usage data. It records the app launch time and the usage duration.


The 3rd option on the list is “Wifi Information”.

You can use this page to troubleshoot Wifi related problems.

The last option shows the CMAS Test alerts.

Apart from the above dialer codes, there are a few exclusive codes for the Boost Mobile/Sprint Moto G Power devices as follows –

Moto G Power Boost Mobile Secret Codes

The below Moto G Power secret codes only work on Boost Mobile & Sprint devices.

1. Moto G Power Boost Mobile Data Menu

The first code opens the Data Menu. You can view and edit the Mobile data settings using this page.

Open the Motorola phone dialer and enter the code ##3282# to view the Data Settings page.

2. Moto G Power Sprint OMADM Menu


The 2nd Motorola Sprint code reveals the Sprint OMADM menu.

The code for the same is ##66236#



3. Motorola G Power Debug Menu


The 3rd Boost Mobile code on our list is ##33284#

This code opens the Debug Menu as shown above.


4. Moto G Power reset brand customization to factory default


To reset the Moto G power brand customization to factory settings you can use the code ##27263#


5. Moto G Power code to reset the network



Now, comes the code to reset the network.

Open the dialer and enter the code ##786#


You can view the phone information and reset the network settings using the RTN Settings page.


6. Moto G Power Special Code to Reset the network


There is one more special code to reset the network.

This dialer code for the same is ##72786#

7. Moto G Power Error Log


The last Moto G Power Boost Mobile secret code on our list shows the error log.

To view the error log please enter the code ##564#

The Bug report gets captured in a few minutes. You can share it via email or some other sharing medium.

If I’ve missed any Moto G Power dialer code, please share it via the comment section below.


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