LG Phoenix 5 Hidden Menu & other Secret dialer Codes lmk300am

LG Phoenix 5 comes for At&t & Cricket with the model number lmk300am. It has got a few very useful dialer codes. Each code reveals a specific secret menu. There are 6 secret codes in total for LG Phoenix 5.

A dialer code reveals the phone IMEI, Testing menu, Hidden Menu, Engineering Mode, Calendar Info & the FCM Diagnostics data.

Let’s explore all the codes in great detail with the help of the below videos and screenshots –


LG Phoenix 5 Secret Codes / Dialer Codes lmk300am

LG Phoenix 5 secret codes

We need to use the phone dialer to enter the secret codes. Tap the dialer on your Phoenix 5 home screen.

1. IMEI Code

lg phoenix 5 imei number code

The first and the most common dialer code is the IMEI code. It reveals the phone IMEI. This is a universal code that works on almost all GSM phones.

Dial the code *#06# to view your Phoenix 5 IMEI number.

2. Testing Code

lg phoenix 5 dialer codes

The 2nd secret code is also restricted to GSM phones.

Dial the code *#*#4636#*#* to open the “Testing” page.

There are 2 options on this page – Phone Information and Usage Statistics.

Let’s check them out one by one.

lg lmk300am secret codes

The phone information shows the network-related information. We can change the preferred network mode using this page.

By default, the preferred mode is set to LTE/WCDMA.

lg phoenix 5 codes

The next option on the “Testing Menu” page is  “Usage Statistics”.

lg phoenix 5 dial codes

It keeps a tab on app usage statistics including the start time and duration. Even the system apps are included.

We can sort the apps on the basis of Usage time, Launch count or App name.

3. LG Phoenix 5 Hidden Menu Code

lg phoenix 5 hidden menu code

The most useful Phoenix 5 secret code reveals the Hidden Menu.

The dialer code for the same is *#546368#*300#

There are 4 options on the Hidden Menu page – Device Test, ORT Test, SVC Menu & Field Test.

Let’s go through them one by one –

lg lmk300am hidden menu

Go to “Device Test” > “SAAT” as shown above.

lg phoenix 5 att secret codes

Now choose “Service Menu – Manual Test”.

lg phoenix 5 cricket dialer codes

There is a huge list of device tests. They come in handy while Phoenix 5 troubleshooting.

hidden menu lg phoenix 5

The next option on the Hidden Menu page is the ORT test. We can do Automatic or Manual Testing.

codes lg phoenix 5

The first one is the display on/off test.

hidden menu lg lmk300am

The next ORT test is the Display pattern test. We have set the test duration as 2 seconds.

lg phoenix 5 ort test

Hit “Test Stop” to end the test.

lg phoenix 5 svc menu

The 3rd option on the Hidden Menu page is “SVC Menu”.

lg phoenix 5 liquid damage indicator

Check out the SVC Menu test list in the above screenshot.

lg phoenix 5 field test

The last option on the hidden menu page is the Field Test.

lg phoenix 5 call test

Mostly it covers tests related to network and connectivity.

4. Calendar Info Code

lg phoenix 5 calendar info code

The 4th Phoenix 5 dialer code opens up the Calendar Info page.

The secret code to view Google Calendar Info is *#*#225#*#*


5. Google Play Services FCM Diagnostics Code

lg phoenix 5 fcm diagnostics

The next Phoenix 5 dial code brings up the FCM Diagnostics page.

To get access to this Menu, open your phone dialer and dial *#*#426#*#* as shown above.

lg lmk300am fcm diagnostics

There is also an Advanced view with more information.

6. LG Phoenix 5 Engineering Mode

lg phoenix 5 engineering mode

The last Phoenix 5 secret codes reveal the Engineer Mode.

The first tab on the Engineer Mode page is “Telephony”.

lg phoenix 5 engineer mode

Then comes the “Connectivity” & “Hardware Testing” tab.

lg lmk300am engineering mode

The next option in the Engineering mode is “Location”.


engineer mode on lg phoenix 5

The final 2 tabs in the Engineer mode are “Log and Debugging” & “Others”.



Do you know any more working LG Phoenix 5 secret codes? Please share them via the comment section below.

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  1. Hello there my name is Jimmy Andre i bought the LG phoenix 5 LM-K300Am in USA now i wanna use it in Haiti with Haitian network provider so i go to the device unlock nothing is work and i order a code to unlock it from Movical.Net they send me the unlock code they told me to dial 2945#*300# i tried it nothing is appear i just wanna your help i don’t know how to put the code. please help me

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