Moto G Play move apps to SD Card – as internal storage xt2093

Moto G Play 2021 comes with 32 GB internal memory. Out of this around half the storage space is used by system storage. The actual usable space is just around 16 GB.

Moto G Play has an external memory card slot. You can increase the storage space with a micro SD card, but the apps & games still occupy the internal memory. Eventually, the limited storage space gets filled up and your phone becomes slow.

The solution to this problem is adoptable storage. This feature allows us to format the SD card as internal storage. After partitioning the SD card, you can move the apps to the SD card and make it the default storage space for apps & games.

Let’s see how to move apps to the SD card on Moto G Play 2021 as follows –

How to move apps to SD card on Moto G Play 2021 XT-2093

First of all, we are going to install the micro SD card on our Moto G Play device. Use a SIM ejector tool and place the memory card in its respective slot.

Before moving ahead make sure to – 

  • Back up the complete internal storage data.
  • Use a high-speed memory card.
  • After formatting the SD card as internal storage, you need to keep the SD card inserted all the time to avoid app crash issues. 


We need to open the Settings app to access the Storage settings.

Swipe up the screen and hit the “Settings icon” on your Moto G Play as shown above.



In the Settings app, click on “Storage”.

You can see the installed SD card over here.

I’m using a Samsung Micro SD memory card. Tap on the SD card.



Now, hit the “3 dots” icon at the top-right corner and choose “Storage settings”.


Now, click on “Format as internal”.

A confirmation pop-up appears on the screen – “Format this SD card?”.

Make sure you’ve taken a backup of the SD card data as well as the internal storage data. 

Hit “Format SD card” to approve the request.




The formatting takes a few minutes depending upon the storage capacity and speed of the SD card.




The SD card is now formatted as internal storage.

You can see the DEVICE STORAGE space is increased from 32 GB to 47.82GB.

Now, tap on the SD card and hit the “3 dots” icon on the top.



Tap “Migrate data” to move the internal storage data to the SD card.

Hit “Move content” to transfer files, media & apps to the SD card.

We have moved the apps to the SD card on Moto G Play successfully.

Now, the SD card is the new default storage space for apps & games.

Any time you feel to use the memory card once again as external storage, you can migrate the SD card data to the internal storage and format it as portable storage.

Let’s see how to do this –

To revert the changes format the SD card as external storage


Open the Settings app as shown above.


Now, go to “Storage” and click on “Internal shared Storage”.



Hit the “3 dots” icon and tap “Migrate data”.




Hit “Move content” to migrate the SD card data to the internal storage.

Now, open the SD card folder.




Tap the “3 dots” icon and choose “Format as portable”.




Hit “Format” to remove the internal storage partition from the SD card.




Now, the SD card is formatted as external storage.

You can check in the Settings app.

Hit the “Settings icon” as shown above.



You can see in “Storage” – the whole SD card space is available as external storage.

How practical do you think is the adoptable storage feature on Moto G Play. Is it stable enough for regular day-to-day usage? Please share your experience via the comment section below.





2 thoughts on “Moto G Play move apps to SD Card – as internal storage xt2093

  1. I just tried with both mine and my sons phones and it just destroyed the cards. First it let me format as internal, then said the card is not inserted. I haven’t seen a fix.

  2. Does moto g play 2021 truly have the option of internal storage to format memory cards? So much conflicting info on the web! Would like to know for certain before buying a pricey memory card.

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