LG Aristo MS210 Download Mode, Recovery Mode & Safe Mode Guide

LG Aristo Safe mode –

Overheating, Battery drain, App crashes &  Lag are common problems faced by most of the Android users. Many a time these issues are due to to a poorly coded 3rd party app.

Safe Mode helps us to get rid of that app which is causing trouble.


LG aristo Safe Mode

To enter Safe Mode –

Press the Power button when the phone is ON.

Long press the “Power off” icon as shown above

A “Safe Mode” pop-up will appear. Select “TURN ON” to boot in Safe Mode

Aristo MS210 Safe Mode

Now click on the “App menu”. You’ll notice that none of the 3rd party apps are showing up in App menu.

In Safe Mode only pre-installed apps are available.

Now we’ll click on “Settings”< “Apps” as shown above.

Aristo Safe mode troubleshooting

You can see in Apps list “Magzter” is a downloaded app.

I’ll uninstall it and reboot the phone in normal mode to check if the issue is resolved.

This way we’ve to remove apps one by one and we’ll stop once we identify the culprit.

Aristo turn off safe mode

To turn OFF safe mode, Pull down the notification bar and click on “Tap to turn off Safe Mode”

Alternatively, if you’ll do a normal “Power off and restart” with power button the phone will boot normally.


If you’re facing any issues please let me know via the comment section below.


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  1. my volume down button doesnt work at all is there another way i can enter recovery mode? also when i try to enter download mode it wont go into that also any suggestions.

  2. My MetroPCS phone is stuck on c Cm Lanucher and won’t let me get to my home many or Anything experienced my messages that’s all why is that

  3. Is it possible to clear the cache partition from recovery mode ? If so… How? The only option I see is to factory rest..

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