LG Aristo Hidden Menu & Other Secret / Dialer Codes


LG Aristo Hidden Menu Dialer Code

Dial 277634#*# in phone dialer to open Hidden Menu.

The screenshot shows 277634#* as the dialer code. Make sure you add #  in the end, to make it 277634#*#

The Hidden menu has an extensive list of hardware and software testing parameters.

It is meant to be used by an LG service engineer that is the reason why it’s kept hidden.

You should use it with extreme caution only in case of troubleshooting.

You can see all the screenshots related to the hidden menu below –


  1. Version Info 

Aristo Hidden Menu Version Info

2. Log Service

3. BT – Bluetooth testing

Aristo hidden Menu Bluetooth test


4. Wifi Test 

Aristo Hidden Menu Wifi Test

5. GPS Testing 

Aristo Hidden Menu GPS Test


7. RAT_Selection

Aristo Hidden Menu Network Modes

7. Engineering Mode 

8. Battery Status 

Aristo Hidden Menu Battery Status

9. Fast Dormancy

10. ANT Setting

11. Receive Diversity

12. APN Unlock

Aristo Hidden Menu APN Unlock

13. ADD Volte Test APN

Aristo Hidden Menu Volte Test

14. LGODM Logging 

15. QMICMSet

16. IMS Setting

17. LTE Data Test

Aristo Hidden Menu LTE Data Test

18. CPC On/Off

19. AMR WB On/Off

20. Benchmark Enable

Aristo Hidden Menu Enable Benchmark

21. Port Check Test

Aristo Hidden Menu Port Check Test

22. Charging Mode On/Off

Aristo Hidden Menu Charging Mode ON OFF


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  1. Tisztelt fórumtársak!
    Vásároltam egy LG M210 Aristo telefont.
    Magyar vagyok és Magyarországon akarom használni. Nem T-Mobile.
    Fel tudtam oldani a TMBKiller.com.
    A telefonon csak 2G hálózat működik. Hogy lehet 4G hálózaton használni?
    Bootloader+TWRP+Supersu meg van oldva.
    Hogy tudok firmwaret flashalni. Az LG K8 M200N Kdz, file szeretném használni, mert az Európai, de sehogy sem sikerül frissíteni.
    Valaki tudna segíteni? Mit csináljak

  2. Is it possible that I can buy a instruction book I lot mind can’t figure out how to set up the phone without Help.

  3. I have an lg LmL212VL and for some reason when I type a dialer code and press green button it actually tries to place a call to whatever dialer code instead of doing what its supposed to do according to code

    • You don’t have to press the green call button. Just enter the dialer code and it should take you to the respective menu. For example, *#06# would show your phone IMEI.

      Don’t follow the screenshots read the description you need to add an # in the end and I cannot show that in a screenshot as it directly opens the Menu as soon as I enter the last letter of dialer code.

  4. My phone isn’t allowing me to have any sound, i can hear calls but they can not hear me. It’s like this with my Facebook messenger

  5. Ok my LG aristo won’t let me get on any WiFi it says”CONNECTION NOT ALLOWED” my Bluetooth says the same thing. It was working fine when I got the phone and just a week ago how do I fix this please help.

  6. How to you get the archived messages. I have accidentally sent things to archive and I don’t know where they go or how to retrieve them. Any help. I can not find anything on the internet.

  7. I just recently purchased a prepayed plan from Metro PC & chose the LG Aristo phone. I am not very ‘tech
    ‘ savvy & am having a difficult time finding anything on line about how to ‘un install’ apps or delete them. Not the ones already on the phone, I mean apps that I downloaded. I’ve tried everything I can think of (which may not be much lol) Would someone please help me with this?? Thanks AG

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