LG Aristo 5 FRP Bypass 2021 2022 Google Account lock lmk300

LG Aristo 5 was launched with Android 10 in mid-2020 and it’s still not updated to Android 11. K51 was launched at around the same time and it’s now running on Android 11.

LG Aristo series belongs to MetroPCS/T-Mobile. Aristo 5 is a budget android smartphone with an entry-level processor and bare basic features.

If you’re stuck on the Google account verification on Aristo 5 then follow the below troubleshooting guide to land on the Aristo 5 home screen.

The Factory Reset Protection (FRP) restricts you to complete the device setup after a hard reset unless you verify with the lock screen Pattern/PIN/Password or the previously synced Google account.

Using the below method we are going to bypass the Aristo 5 Google lock in a few minutes without using a computer, SIM Card, Bluetooth device, or Android app  –

I forgot the LG Aristo 5 lock screen password. I had to reset the device using the volume down & power button.

The factory data reset took a few minutes and then I reached the “Welcome” screen of the setup wizard.

Let’s click the forward button to complete the device setup.

Hit “Next” on the “New Second Screen”.

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LG Aristo 5 Move apps to SD Card & use it as internal Storage

In the MetroPCS smartphones lineup, the Aristo series offers entry-level smartphones with bare basic features. Aristo 5 is the latest iteration in this series. It comes with a mere 16GB internal memory. Out of this, half the storage space is used up by the system memory. We get less than 8GB as the usable storage space.

The good thing is we can expand the Aristo 5 storage space with a Micro SD memory card. However, the apps and games still occupy the internal storage space. We can partition the SD card as internal storage and make it the default storage space for apps and games. This feature is known as adoptable storage.  Let’s see how to do this –

How to move apps to SD card on LG Aristo 5

NOTE: Before moving ahead make sure to

  • Backup your internal storage data
  • Use a high-speed Micro SD card at least Class 10
  • The Camera app may not work. You can download a Camera app from the Play Store
  • Keep the SD card inserted to avoid app close errors.

Use a SIM ejector tool to remove the SIM tray as shown above.




Place the Micro SD memory card in its respective slot and push the SIM tray.

Now, open the Settings app on your LG Aristo 5.

Go to System > About Phone.

Now, we need to open the Software Info page.

The 2nd last option on this page is “Build Number”.  We need to tap it multiple times to enable “Developer Options”.

Tap the build number 7 times to turn on Developer Mode.


Now, use the back button to go 2 steps back.

There is a new option above “About Phone” – “Developer Options”.

Open “Developer Options” and accept the warning by tapping “OK”.

Look for “USB Debugging” on the developer options page and turn it on.

Now, we are ready to connect our Aristo 5 to the computer.

The notification shows “USB debugging connected”.

Wait for the ADB Interface driver to install. Check the installation status in the Device Manager.

Now, we need to download and install the “Minimal ADB and fastboot tool”.

Download the tool from the below link and install it on your PC –


Install and launch this software.

This tool opens the command prompt window.

To ensure that the ADB connection is established, we need to write the ADB command adb devices

Type this command and hit enter on your PC keyboard.

The connected device is visible as “LMK300 unauthorized”. This is the model number of LG Aristo 5.

Our PC is unauthorized for USB Debugging.  Please check your phone screen.

Accept the “Allow USB debugging” request as shown above.

Once again type the adb command adb devices

Now, we are ready for USB Debugging.

Write the command line adb shell sm list-disks and click enter.

The output shows the disk name as – disk:179,28

Make note of the disk name we need to use it later. It can be different in your case, disk:179,64 or something else.


The next command line is adb shell sm list-volumes all 

Type this command and click enter.

To enable adoptable storage, write the command adb shell sm set-force-adopable true

Now, comes the crucial step – 

In this step, we are going to partition the SD card as internal storage. You can either use the whole SD card as internal storage or reserve some space as external storage space. The partitioning takes some time depending upon the speed of your SD card.

To partition 60% of the SD card as internal storage the command line would be –

adb shell sm partition disk:179,128 mixed 60

To use the full SD card space as internal storage the command line would change to –

adb shell sm partition disk:179,128 private


NOTE: Use the correct disk name. In my case it was disk:179,128 it varies according to the SD card used.



We need to copy the output of the next command line –

adb shell sm list-volumes

Type the above command and hit enter.

Now, we need to copy the UUID code as marked in the above screenshot. It’ll be different in your case.

We are going to use it in the next command line.


I’ve copied the UUID code from the previous step. The command line using the copied code is –

adb shell pm move-primary-storage 35b49de6-83c9-461a-8ed4-d514000ea199

This step will move the internal storage data to the SD card.


The output of the command line is “Sucess“.

A notification on the phone reads “Content transfer is done”.

Now, open the Settings app and Go to Storage.

In Storage, you can notice there are 2 SD cards. One part belongs to the Internal and the other one to External Storage.

Now, every game and app will use the SD card space.

To revert the changes format the SD card as Portable/External Storage

To revert the changes we can partition the SD card as external storage.

Tap “SD Card” as shown above.

Hit the “3 dots icon” and select “Format as portable”.

Now, tap “Format’ to erase the SD card data.

Now, the whole SD card space is available as external storage.


If stuck at any stage, feel free to leave a comment below.