LG Aristo 3 & 4 Android 10 Update – Android Version Pie 9.0 ROM

LG Aristo 3 was released in early 2019 and Aristo 3 Plus came in mid-2019. Both were launched with Android Oreo 8.1. They were upgraded to Android Pie by the end of 2019, in the month of November to be precise.

LG Aristo 4 Plus was launched in September 2019 with Android Pie 9.0 out of the box.

Historically, it’s observed that LG budget phones receive at least one major update in their life cycle. LG K30 MetroPCS received 2 major updates. It was launched with Android Nougat and last month it was updated to Android Pie. Going by this logic, Aristo 3 should also get Android 10.

Let’s check out the LG Aristo 3 (Plus) / Aristo 4 latest Software version and the possibility of getting an Android 10 update.

Will LG Aristo 3 & 4 get Android 10 Update?

LG Aristo 4 Android 10 Update

The latest LG Aristo device i.e Aristo 5 is released with Android 10 out of the box.

Now looking at the LG MetroPCS / T-Mobile Software Update history, LG Stylo 5 which was released near about the same time as Aristo 4 is upgraded to Android 10 a few days ago.  It’s latest Android 10 Software version is Q720MS20a.

It’s highly likely that Aristo 4 will be upgraded to Android 10 in the coming months.

Hopefully, LG Aristo 3 Plus should also get its second major update after Android Pie.

LG Aristo 3 / 4 Android Version

LG Aristo 3 Android 10 Update

Let’s find out how to check the Android version on LG Aristo 3 / 4.

Open “Settings” and select the “General” tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap “About Phone”.


LG Aristo 3 Android Version

Click “Software info” to find out the current Software and Android version.

My LG Aristo 4 Plus T-Mobile is running on Android 9 with the Software Version X320TA10k. This is the April 2020 Security Update.

Let’s find out if we are running the latest software or not via the Update Center –

LG Aristo 3 / 4 Latest Software

LG Aristo 3 Android Pie 9

To update your LG Aristo 3 / 4 software, go to Settings > General > Update center as shown above.

LG Aristo 3 Android 9

Now, tap “System Update” to download the new firmware.

If a new OTA update is available you can download and install it from here.

It says “Your system is up to date”.

Let’s still ” Check for update”.

will LG Aristo 4 get Android 10

April 1, 2020 security update is the latest software for LG Aristo 4 T-Mobile with Software version X320TA10k as of August 06, 2020.

Let’s find out the latest available software for MetroPCS LG Aristo 3, 3 Plus & 4 Plus.

lg lm-x220ma android 10 update

As of today, the latest software for LG Aristo 3 MetroPCS is X220MA20d. This is an Android 9 security update.

lg lm-x220mb android 10 update

The LG Aristo 3 Plus latest update is based on Android 9 with software version X220MB20c.


lg lm-x320ma android 10 update

LG Aristo 4 Plus MetroPCS is still on Android 9 as of August 6, 2020.

The latest software for lm-x320ma Aristo 4 MetroPCS is X320MA10c.

LG Aristo 3 & 4 Automatic System Updates

lg aristo 4 automatic system updates

To keep on receiving regular updates automatically, keep the “Automatic system updates” setting enabled in the Developer Options.

Learn how to turn on Developer Options on LG Aristo 3 / 4 –

LG Aristo 4 Developer Options – How to turn on

Now go to the Developer Options page and make sure that “Automatic System Updates” is turned on.


LG Aristo 3 / 4 Firmware Update by flashing Stock ROM

lg aristo 4 firmware download and software update

Apart from the OTA system update, there is one more way out to upgrade your Aristo 3 / 4 firmware.

You can manually, upgrade or downgrade the firmware using a kdz stock firmware file.

We have to boot the phone into download mode and use LGUP flash tool to update firmware –

LG Aristo 4 Firmware Download & Update.


Let’s hope that our phone will receive an Android 10 update in the next few months.

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