LG Aristo Bootloader Unlock – MS210 MetroPCS & T Mobile

Among the GSM prepaid phones, MetroPCS/T Mobile smartphones are my favorite. The reason is ease of unlocking the bootloader. AT&T prepaid phones have securely locked bootloaders which make them less appealing.

LG Aristo can be rooted after unlocking bootloader and flashing a custom recovery.

To unlock the LG Aristo bootloader the prerequisites are –

  1. Turning on “USB Debugging” & “OEM Unlock” in Developer Options.
  2.  Installing LG Aristo USB & ADB Drivers on the computer.

Once the above steps are complete. Download & Install “Minimal ADB and Fastboot” from the download link below –



LG aristo ADB mode

Connect your LG Aristo to PC & Run “Minimal ADB & Fastboot”

LG Aristo ADB connection

Type adb devices as shown above and Hit Enter key on the keyboard.

LG Aristo adb unauthorized

You can see in the above screenshot, the phone model LGMS210 is detected but showing up as unauthorized.

We’ve to authorize the compter for USB Debugging to proceed further.

As soon as you type adb devices and hit Enter, a pop-up “Allow USB Debugging?” appears on phone screen.

aristo adb usb debugging PC authorization

Hit “OK”, to authorize your PC for USB Debugging,

lg aristo adb list of devices

lg aristo adb driver window

Again type adb devices in cmd command prompt window and hit Enter.

Now you can see the PC is authorized and we’re ready to unlock the bootloader. At this time the PC will try to install the ADB drivers. Wait till the installation gets completed.


lg aristo fastboot mode command

Now type adb reboot bootloader and Hit Enter

lg aristo bootloader mode

Look at your phone screen it must reboot in “Fastboot Mode” as shown in the screenshot above.



lg aristo bootloader unlock command

Now type the bootloader unlock command i.e fastboot oem unlock and hit Enter.

lg aristo bootloader unlocked

You’ve unlocked the bootloader of LG Aristo. Turn OFF your phone by removing the battery.

aristo your device software cannot be checked for corruption

Re-insert the battery and turn on the phone. You’ll see the warning message, as shown above, every time till the bootloader remains unlocked. This is normal. Press the power button once again to get past this screen.

Now that you’ve unlocked the Aristo bootloader you may like to install custom recovery i.e TWRP on your LG Aristo. Move on to the next Tutorial to install TWRP.

If facing any issues please let me know via the comment section below.

LG Aristo USB Debugging & OEM Unlock – How to Enable

USB debugging facilitates the connection between your LG Aristo Android phone and the computer. If you wish to unlock the bootloader of LG Aristo the first step would be turning ON USB Debugging.

However, if you’ll look for USB debugging in Settings you won’t find it there as it’s hidden inside the “Developer Options”. So first we’ve to unhide “Developer Options” and then we’ll turn on USB Debugging.

One more thing that we’ve to enable is OEM Unlock. If you’re wondering about “OEM unlock” it has nothing to do with GSM network unlock. It’s a confirmation that you wish to unlock the bootloader of your device and you’re responsible for any further consequences. OEM unlock is also found inside developer options.

Let’s proceed towards the tutorial –


How to Enable LG Aristo USB Debugging and OEM Unlock –

LG Aristo enable developer options

Open “Settings” by pulling down the notification bar as shown above, or from the app menu.

At the bottom of the “Settings” page, you’ll see “About Phone”, click on it to open.

Now scroll down and select “Software Info”.


lg aristo developer options

On “Software info” Page, click on “Build Number” 7 times to enable “developer options”


aristo developer options enabled

Go 2 steps back and you’ll see this time “Developer Options” is visible.  Click on it to open.


lg aristo usb debugging

When you’ll open “Developer Options” for the first time it’ll show a warning. Accept it to proceed further.

Now we’ll turn on USB Debugging. Make sure your phone is not connected to the PC. You’ve to disconnect it first if connected. Now Toggle “ON” USB Debugging” as shown above.

lg aristo oem unlock

The another thing to look for is “OEM Unlock”.  Toggle it “ON” as well by accepting the warning. Now you’re one step closer to unlocking the bootloader of LG Aristo.

Follow the next tutorial to Unlock the LG Aristo Bootloader.

If facing any issues, please let me know via the comment section below.