LG Aristo 3 Dark Mode – How to Turn On / Aristo 3 Plus lmx220ma

I’m not a big fan of Dark Mode. However, if you stay mostly indoors or in a dark environment then LG Aristo 3 Dark may be more suitable for you than the normal mode. You may also like it if you wish to increase the battery life on your Aristo 3.

The Dark Mode is more like a Dark theme with a Black background. These are 2 ways to enable the Dark Mode on Aristo 3 & Aristo 3 Plus. Let’s check them out with the help of the below screenshots –

How to enable Dark Mode on LG Aristo 3 & Aristo 3 Plus

You can either turn on High Contrast Screen or enable the Maximum battery saver mode on Aristo 3 to get the feel of Dark Mode.

LG Aristo 3 Dark Mode 1st Method – High Contrast Screen


LG Aristo 3 Dark Mode

Pull down the notification bar on your Aristo 3 and open Settings by hitting the “Settings Icon” as shown above.

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LG Aristo 3 & 4 Plus Download mode, Recovery mode & Safe mode

Apart from the regular mode, there are 4 different modes in LG Aristo 3, Aristo 3 Plus & Aristo 4 Plus. They are Download Mode, Recovery Mode, Safe Mode & Fastboot Mode. Each Mode serves a different purpose. There is a separate partition for the Download, Recovery & Fastboot Mode.

Fastboot mode is used for Bootloader Unlocking. Download, Recovery & Safe Mode are quite useful in troubleshooting. Let’s check out how to enter these modes and make the most of them when needed.

Let’s begin with the Download Mode –

1. How to put LG Aristo 3 & 4 in Download Mode – lmx220ma, Aristo 3 Plus lmx220mb, Aristo 4 plus lmx320ma

You can use the Download Mode on LG Aristo 3 /4 to upgrade or downgrade (or unbrick) your phone’s firmware using kdz file via LGUP flash tool.

LG Aristo 3 Download Mode

To boot your Aristo 3 into Download Mode –

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