LG Aristo USB Drivers & ADB Driver PC-Windows 10 & MAC

The newer version of LG USB driver is all-inclusive. It installs the adb drivers as well. So be it the Fastboot mode for unlocking the bootloader or download mode for flashing a stock firmware, if you have the LG USB drivers installed you just have to wait for few seconds, for the first time driver installation.


LG Aristo USB & ADB Driver

When I connected my LG Aristo to the PC for the first time the MTP USB  driver got installed on its own. So I was able to do a file transfer without any driver installation. But the ADB Interface driver installation failed, as shown in the above screenshot.

LG Aristo USB Driver (v4.2) for Windows PC –

So to connect your LG Aristo in ADB, Fastboot or Download Mode we need to install the latest LG USB Drivers. You can download Latest version of USB driver from the below download link.




The file is in zip format. Extract it and run the .exe file for installation as shown above.


LG Aristo Driver Installation for ADB & Fastboot Mode – 


Before connecting your LG Aristo in ADB mode make sure you’ve turned ON USB Debugging in Developer Options.

Now connect the phone to PC via USB data cable and put the phone in “Charging Mode”

Let the ADB driver install on its own.

Now that you’ve successfully installed the ADB driver, you may like to unlock the LG Aristo Bootloader.


LG Aristo ADB Driver Manual Installation – 

In case your PC has very old LG USB driver or ADB drivers are not getting installed even after installing the latest LG Driver, then install it manually as shown on next page.

LG Aristo KDZ Stock ROM/Firmware Update MS210 & M210 Tutorial

Usually, there are 4 reasons for going stock (Clean Unrooted State) –

  • To recover the phone from a bricked state (boot loop, stuck on firmware update screen etc)
  • Claiming Warranty
  • Selling the Phone
  • Firmware Update

With an unrooted phone no matter how bad you mess with it, a factory reset usually solves the problem.When the bootloader of a phone is locked there is nothing much to do. Thus it’s less prone to bricking.

But when the bootloader is unlocked, and the phone is rooted you’ve to do the things cautiously to avoid a brick. It’s always better to keep a backup of stock firmware to deal with such untoward incidents.

Below is an easy step by step guide to restore LG Aristo back to the factory state.

I’ve zipped the necessary files which include LG USB Drivers, LG aristo kdz file, LGUP software, and uppercut.

There is a DLL file available over the net for LGMS210 but it does not help LGUP in detecting the phone when connected in download mode. So uppercut is nothing but the replacement for the LG Aristo DLL file.  Please download the zip file from below download link and proceed with the tutorial –




How to Flash LG Aristo Stock Firmware –


LG Aristo USB Driver Download

Extract the downloaded “LG Aristo MS210 Stock ROM.zip” file on your computer.

It contains the LG Aristo KDZ firmware file, LGUP Store Version Software, LG USB Driver & Uppercut.

LG Aristo USB Driver Installation


Install the LG USB Drivers if you haven’t yet installed on your computer

LG Aristo LGUP software

aristo lgup installation

Now install the “LGUP for store” program by clicking on the LGUP_Store.msi file as shown above.



LG Aristo Download Mode Firmware Update

After installing LGUP connect LG Aristo to the PC via USB cable in Download Mode.

To boot in download mode –

Turn OFF the phone

Connect one end of the USB cable to phone

Press the Volume Up Key. Keep it pressed, and connect the other end of USB Cable to PC. The phone will boot into download mode.

Wait till the USB drivers are getting installed.

lg aristo uppercut dll file replacement

lgup detected lg aristo



Once the driver installation is successful, Run Uppercut.

It would load the LGUP software as shown above.

lgup lgms210 flashing

You can see the phone model is showing up as LGMS210 with firmware version ms2101g.

By default, the flashing “Process” is set to “REFURBISH” we’ve to change it to “UPGRADE”

lgup lg aristo back to stock