Moto G Pure move apps to SD card & use as internal storage xt2163

Moto G Pure has a mere 32 GB internal storage space. A good amount of memory is consumed by the system and pre-installed apps. The actual available storage space is just around 21 GB.

The good thing is we can expand the internal memory with an SD card. It supports micro SD cards up to 1 TB. However, the apps & games are still going to occupy the internal memory. Eventually, the storage space will get filled and the phone will slow down.

To cater to this issue, we can move apps to the SD card and use the micro SD card as internal storage. This feature is known as adoptable storage and it needs to be enabled on Motorola G Pure.

Let’s see how to do this –

WARNING: Before moving further –  

  • Take a complete backup of your internal storage space. I’m not responsible for any data loss.
  • Use a high-speed micro SD card to partition as internal storage.
  • After partitioning the SD card you need to keep it inserted all the time or else you may face app crash issues.

How to move apps to SD card on Moto G Pure XT2163


Use a SIM ejector tool and remove the Moto G Pure SIM Tray as shown above.

Place the Micro SD memory card in the respective slot and push back the SIM tray.

Now, we need to open the Settings app.

Swipe up the screen and click on the “Settings icon” as shown above.



Now, Go to “Storage”.

You can see a 16GB Samsung Memory card is installed on phone.

Click on the SD card.



Now, tap the “3 dots icon” at the top-right corner and select “Storage Settings”.



There are 2 options on this page – “Format” and “Format as internal”.

Choose the 2nd option to format the micro SD card as internal storage.

In this process, you’ll lose all the data stored on the SD card including apps, files, and media. Make sure you’ve taken a backup of the SD card as well as the internal storage before moving further. 

Click “Format SD card” to begin the process.



The SD card is being formatted, do not remove it in between.



The SD card is now formatted as internal storage. You can see the total device storage space is now 32+16 = 48 GB.

Now, we are going to move the internal storage data including apps to the SD card.

Click on the SD card and then tap the “3 dots icon” on the top.




Choose “Migrate data” and then click on “Move content” as shown above.



It says – Your SD card is ready to use, and your content was moved to the SD card.

We have successfully moved apps to the SD card on Motorola G Pure.

At any point, if you do not like the adoptable storage feature, you can reformat the SD card as internal storage.

For that, you need to open the Settings app –

To revert the settings Format the SD card as external storage


In Settings, Go to “Storage” > “Internal Shared Storage”.



Now, click on the “3 dots icon” and select “Migrate data”.



This process will move the SD card data back to the internal storage.

Hit “Move content” to migrate micro SD data to the internal memory.

Now, we are going to format the micro SD as external storage.

On the Storage page, click on the SD card as shown above.



Now, hit the “3 dots icon” and select “Format as portable”.


Click “Format” to use the memory card as portable/external storage.


The SD card is successfully formatted as portable storage.

Open the Settings app to check the same.

In Settings, click on “Storage”.

You can see the whole 16GB SD card space is available as external storage.

How practical do you think is the adoptable storage feature? Is it stable enough for regular usage? Please share your experience in the comment section below.




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