Moto G Power 2022 FRP Bypass July 2023 New Method Android 12

With the latest security update on Moto G Power 2022, the old FRP bypass method no longer works. All the old Google bypass tricks are fixed in this new software update.

Now, we need a new method to bypass the Google account verification on Motorola G Power 2022 Android 12.

The FRP lock is activated after a hard reset via Android Recovery on Moto G Power. After the reset, you cannot reach the home screen until you verify with the screen lock credentials or the previously synced Google account.

In this post, we are going to use the latest July 2023 hack to bypass the Google verification on Moto G Power Android 12 without a computer as follows –

I forgot the Motorola G Power lock screen password. To bypass the lock screen I had to reset the device using Android Recovery.

The reset is done. Now, we are on the “Hi There” screen, the first page of the setup wizard.

Let’s click “START” to begin the setup.


In the next step, we are going to connect our device to the internet.

Hit “Accept and continue” to move ahead.

After a few minutes, we reach the “Copy apps & data” screen. Click “Don’t copy” to proceed further.

Now, we are on the “Verify Password” page.

To move ahead, we either need the lock screen Password/PIN/Pattern or the previously synced Google account.

I forgot these details. Let’s use the latest July 2023 trick to bypass the Google FRP lock on Moto G Power 2022 Android 12 as follows –

How to bypass Google account verification/FRP lock on Motorola G Power 2022 XT2165 Android 12 without a PC July 2023

To bypass the Google account, move back to the “START” page.

Hit “Vision Settings” located in the bottom-right corner.

Then choose the last option – “Talkback”.

Enable Talkback with the “Use Talkback” button.

Draw an opposite L on the screen. Swipe right then up.

We get a permission request on the screen. Double-tap “While using this app”.

Another request appears – Double-click “Use voice commands” and say the term Assistant.

The voice command launches the Google Assistant app.

Double-click the keyboard icon in the bottom-right corner to launch the search box.

Now, we are going to turn off Talkback.


Press and hold both the volume keys for 3 seconds to enable the Talkback shortcut.

Again hold the volume keys until Talkback is turned off.


Next, we are going to launch the youtube app.

Type open youtube and pick the search result with the youtube icon to reach the app screen.

On Youtube, hit the “profile picture icon” in the top-right corner.

Now, click on “Settings” > “About”.

Hit “Youtube terms of service” to launch the Google Chrome browser.

Set up Google Chrome to get access to the search bar.


Type addrom bypass in the search box as shown above.

Click the first search result – “BYPASS GOOGLE ACCOUNT 2023”.

Now, look for “Screen Smartlock” and click on it.

This time we are on the “Protect your phone” screen.

Let’s try to set up an easy-to-remember pattern. Click “Pattern” as shown above.

Let’s add an easy-to-remember pattern L.

Nothing happens. We are again on the same screen.

Try to add the same pattern again.


The app crashed.

Hit “Close app” and go back to the previous screen.

Again click on “Screen Smartlock”.

Try to add the same pattern lock.

You need to keep trying until you get the “Smart Lock On-body detection” screen as shown above. It allows you to keep the device unlocked while it’s on you.

Click on “YES I’M IN” to proceed further.

We are all set. Tap “GOT IT”.


We successfully changed the lock screen password with the new pattern L.

Now, let’s use this pattern lock to bypass the Google account verification.

Hit the back key multiple times to reach the “START” screen.

We are again on the first page.

Hit “START” to move ahead.

Tap “Don’t copy” on the “Copy apps & data” screen.

We are now on the “Verify Pattern” page.

Draw the pattern L we set earlier as shown above.

We successfully bypassed the Google account verification.

Hit the “Skip” option to bypass the Google account sign-in.

The next page is “Google Services”.

Accept the Google services terms and conditions.

Again verify with the same pattern L.

Now, skip the fingerprint setup. We can add it later.

Follow the on-screen prompts and keep moving ahead.

Finally hit “Done” to land on the Moto G power home screen.

We successfully landed on the Motorola G Power home screen thus bypassing the Google account verification.

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