LG Rebel 4 lock screen bypass /locked out/ forgot pin,password,pattern

Are you locked out on your LG Rebel 4 due to a forgotten PIN, Pattern, or Password? Do worry you’ve come to the right place. In a few minutes, you’ll be able to use your phone once again.

To bypass the LG Rebel 4 lock screen, we need to reset our phone via Recovery Mode. It’s not possible to bypass the screen lock without reset.

Let’s see how to do this –

How to bypass Screen lock on LG Rebel 4 Tracfone lml212vl lml211bl

I’m stuck on the LG Rebel 4 lock screen. I don’t remember the screen lock password.

To get past this screen, we need to put our phone into recovery mode. We need to power off our phone to get access to the Recovery mode.

Long-Press the power button on the back of your phone.

Now, tap Power off to shut down the phone.

To put your Rebel 4 into recovery mode – 

  • Turn off your Rebel 4

  • Press the volume down and power button to turn on the phone.

  • When the LG logo appears on the phone (or when the phone vibrates), release the power button and hold it again (Do not release the volume down button).
  • Keep holding both the keys until you reach the “Factory data reset” screen.

  • This Factory Data reset Mode is also known as the Recovery Mode

In the recovery mode, we need to use the volume rocker and power button.

Tap the volume down key to move down from “No(Exit)” to “Yes”.  Now, hit the power button to select “Yes”.

Once again move down from “No(Exit)” to “Yes” and click the power button.

The factory data reset will take a few minutes time.

Now, we have landed on the Welcome Page.

Hit the “Forward button” to move ahead.

In the next step, we need to connect to the internet via Wifi or Mobile data.

Connect to the internet and hit “NEXT”.

Now it’s checking for updates, we need to wait for a while.


Tap “Set up as new” on the “Copy apps & data” page.

This brings us to the Screen lock verification page. I don’t remember the lock screen password so I’m going to use the 2nd option i.e. “USE MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT INSTEAD”.


We are on the Google Verification page. It’s asking to sign-in with the previously synced Google account on this device.

Sign-in to your last-synced Google account and finish the setup wizard.

In case, you don’t remember the Google account credentials, follow the below hack to bypass the Google lock on LG Rebel 4 –

How to bypass Google lock/verification on LG Rebel 4 Tracfone lml212bl lml211vl

Let’s divide the Google bypass process into 4 parts for better understanding –

STEP 1: Use another phone to lock a SIM card and insert this SIM in Rebel 4

I’m locking a MetroPCS SIM using LG K40.

If using an LG phone, Go to Settings > General Tab > Lock Screen & Security.


Scroll down on this page and select “Set up SIM card lock”.

Now, tap “Lock SIM Card” as shown above.

It’s asking for the current PIN. The default MetroPCS SIM PIN is 1234

Enter 1234 and hit OK. The SIM Card lock is enabled.

Now, remove this SIM and insert it into Rebel 4 as shown below.

Remove the Rebel 4 battery door and insert the locked SIM in its respective slot.

Now, restart the phone using the power button on the back.

STEP 2: Receive an image file via Bluetooth

After the restart, it’s asking for the PIN code.

Enter the SIM PIN i.e. 1234 and tap the “tick icon”.

There is a notification on the screen “Not signed in”

We need to swipe down the screen starting from “Not signed in” to the bottom of the screen. Follow the arrow in the above screenshot. 

A few quick access icons have appeared on the top of the screen. Long-press the Bluetooth icon to launch the Bluetooth page.


Turn on Bluetooth as shown above.

We need to send an image file to Rebel 4 via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth device name is LML212VL

Once again I’m using LG K40 to send a photo via Bluetooth.

Open the Gallery app and open a picture.

Use the “Share icon” to send this file.

Choose the sharing medium as Bluetooth.

Turn on Bluetooth when prompted.

The available Bluetooth device is visible as LML212VL. This the model number of Rebel 4.

Select the Bluetooth device LML212VL to send this image file.

The file is being sent.

Tap “ACCEPT” to receive this file on your Rebel 4.

Now, hit the “3 dots” icon and select “Received files” as shown below.


The Screenshot.png file is received. Let’s open this file.


STEP 3: Get access to the Screen Lock setup page to add a new PIN, pattern, or Password

The default app is set as Gallery.

We need to change it to “Photos”. Open the file via the Photos app as shown above.

Hit “ALLOW” to give necessary access to the Photos app.

Now the Bluetooth image file is open.

Hit the “Share icon” to send this picture.

We need to use the sharing medium as “Email”.

Allow access to the Email app by tapping “ALLOW”.

In the next step, we need to select the Email Provider.

Choose “Other” to proceed further.

We are now on the “Other Email” page.

Type any email address just to highlight the “MANUAL SETUP” option. Select “MANUAL SETUP” to move ahead.

Select the Account Type as “Microsoft Exchange” and click “NEXT”.

On the Server Settings page, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select “Add”.

We need to Add a Client Certificate.

To use credential storage, we need to change to a secure screen lock first – Hit “CHANGE” to accept this request.

This brings us to the “Protect your phone” page. We are going to using this page to add a new screen lock.

Let’s add an easy-to-remember PIN, Pattern, or Password.

This new lock will replace the old screen lock.

I’m adding a Screen PIN.


On the Secure Start-up page, select “No, thanks” and hit “NEXT”.

I’m setting up a new PIN 1234

Confirm the PIN and hit “OK”

The Screen lock has been changed. We have successfully replaced the old screen lock with this new PIN.

Now, let’s use this PIN to bypass the Google lock.

We need to go back to the “Welcome screen”.


STEP 4: Go back to the Welcome screen and bypass Google Verification

Tap the back button and keep going back until you reach the Welcome page.

Tap the “Forward button” to move ahead.

Click “NEXT” on the “Set Internet Connection” page.

Select “Set up as new” on the “Copy apps & data” page.

Once again we are on the Screen lock verification page.

Let’s verify with the PIN we added a few steps ago.

Enter 1234 as the screen PIN and tap “OK” or “Done”.

We have successfully verified the screen lock PIN.

This gives us the “Skip” option on the Google sign-in page. You can also a Google account. The previously synced account is not required anymore.


Now, just follow the on-screen prompts to keep moving ahead.

The last page of the setup wizard is the “Legal documents” page.

Tick the “I agree” checkbox and hit “MORE”.


Tick more checkboxes and click “DONE” to finish the setup wizard.

We have reached the LG Rebel 4 home screen thus bypassing the lock screen.

If stuck at any stage, feel free to leave a comment below.


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  1. Hi,
    I am trying to get into my LG Rebel 4 so I can get my pictures off but forgot my PIN. In your tutorial you say yes to factory reset… does that mean everything gets erased or am I misunderstanding? I just want to be sure that nothing will be erased.
    I also tried to turn wifi on but to do anything requires the PIN. Lastly, do you know anything about unlock codes??

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