LG Rebel 4 hard reset/How to factory reset lml212vl lml211bl Tracfone

The need to hard reset arises when you’re locked out and you don’t remember the correct screen lock PIN/Pattern/Password.

If you’re stuck on the LG Rebel 4 lock screen, you need to hard factory reset your phone using the volume down & power keys via the recovery mode. You also need to verify with the previously synced Google account during the device setup.

Follow the below troubleshooting guide to reach your Rebel 4 home screen in a few minutes –

How to factory reset LG Rebel 4 without Password/PIN/Pattern – Tracfone, Straight Talk, Walmart Family Mobile lml212bl lml211vl

You can see I’m stuck on my LG Journey lock screen. I don’t remember the screen lock password.

To get past this screen, we need to hard reset our phone via Recovery Mode.

To enter recovery mode, we need to power off our Rebel 4.

Long-press the power button on the back and tap “POWER OFF” as shown above.


Now, to put your LG Rebel 4 into recovery mode –

  • Power off the phone
  • Press the volume down + power button to turn on your phone.


  • As soon as the LG logo appears, release the power button for a moment and hold it again. Do not release the volume down key.
  • Now, keep holding both the buttons to enter Recovery Mode.



  • We are now in the LG Rebel 4 recovery mode.

In this mode, the touch doesn’t work. We are going to use the volume rocker and power keys.

Use the volume button to move down from “No(Exit)” to “Yes”.

Now, click the power button once to select “Yes”.

Again move down with the volume down button from “No” to “Yes”. Now, hit the power key to reset your device.

The factory reset takes some time.


After a few minutes, I’ve landed on the “Welcome” screen as shown above.

Let’s click the forward button to proceed.


In the next step, we are going to connect our Rebel 4 LTE to a Wifi network.

My phone is now connected to the “HomeWifi-4G” network. Tap “NEXT” to move ahead.

Now, the phone is checking for updates. This process takes a while.


The next screen is “Copy apps & data”. Choose “Set up as new” to proceed further.

Now, we have reached the screen lock password verification screen. As I don’t remember the password, so I picked the alternate option – “USE MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT INSTEAD”.


This time we are on Google’s  “Verify your account” screen. It’s asking to sign in with the previously synced Google account on this device.

Enter your Google account credentials and follow the on-screen prompts to reach the LG Rebel 4 home screen.

However, if you don’t remember your last synced Google account then follow the below hack to get past the FRP lock –

How to bypass Google Account Verification – FRP lock on LG Rebel 4 LTE without a computer – Tracfone Straight Talk lml212vl lml211bl


To bypass the Google lock, we need to go 2 steps back from the “Verify your account” screen to the “Set Internet Connection” page.


We have reached the “Set Internet Connection” screen.

Now, we need to tap the “Wifi button” and the “NEXT button” simultaneously as marked in the above screenshot. Quickly tap both the keys together to reach the “Date & Time” screen.

In a few tries, you’ll succeed.

After reaching the “Date & Time” screen, click “NEXT”.

Again hit “NEXT” on the “Name” page.

It brings me to the “Protect your phone” screen.

We are going to use this page to add a new screen lock PIN, Pattern, or Password.

This new screen lock will replace the old lock screen password.

I’ve picked the PIN option.

Choose “No, thanks” on the Secure start-up screen and hit “NEXT”.

Now, set up an easy-to-remember screen PIN such as 1234.


Re-enter the PIN and hit “OK”.

We have successfully changed the screen lock.


After changing the screen lock, it brings me to the “Google services” page.

Accept the terms and conditions to move ahead.


To proceed further, we need to enable the internet connection.

Turn on Wifi and click “NEXT”.

Now, select “Set up as new” when you reach the “Copy apps & data” screen.


It brings me to the screen lock verification screen. We have successfully replaced the old password with this new PIN lock.

Verify with the PIN 1234 that we added a few steps ago.

The PIN verification is successful.  Use the “Skip” option to bypass Google account sign-in. We can do it later.


Hit “NEXT” on the “Date & Time” screen.


Accept the Google services terms and conditions in the next step.


Finally, we have reached the last page of the setup wizard.

Tick all the “I agree” checkboxes and click “DONE” to complete the device setup.

We have successfully landed on the LG Rebel 4 LTE home screen by doing a hard reset without the password.

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