LG Phoenix 5 home button & back button / how to close apps

LG Phoenix 5 the successor to phoenix 4 brings in a lot of changes, mostly good but some bad.

Phoenix 5 offers Android 10 (vs Nougat 7.1.2), a bigger full vision display (5.7″ vs 5.0″), dual rear cameras (13MP + 5MP vs 8MP), increased battery capacity (3000 vs 2500) for just $49.

Phoenix 4 offered PandaKing glass screen protection. There is no kind of screen protection on the successor.

On Phoenix 5, the default mode of navigation is using gestures. LG has done away with the Home, Back & Overview buttons on Android 10. This is quite annoying.

The good part is we can get back our beloved navigation bar with the Home touch buttons. Let’s see how to do that –

How to get back the Home & Back Button on LG Phoenix 5

lg phoenix 5 back button

Pull down the status bar on your Phoenix 5 and hit the settings icon.



lg phoenix 5 home button

We are now in the Settings app.

Go to Display > Navigation bar.

lg phoenix 5 no back button

The default navigation style is set to “Gestures”.

Change it to “Buttons only”.

We have got back the navigation bar with the home, back, and recent apps buttons.

LG Phoenix 5 Navigation Bar Settings

lg phoenix 5 navigation bar

We can rearrange the home touch button position and add 2 more buttons.

There can be 5 home touch buttons in total. The additional button shortcuts are “Notification” & “Screenshot”.

lg phoenix 5 home touch buttons

Drag the screenshot button in the upward direction and place it at your preferred location.

Do that same with the notification button. Please refer to the above screenshots.

no back button lg phoenix 5

You can capture any screen with the screenshot button shortcut on the bottom-right corner.

lg lm-k300am back and home button

The notification home touch button is used to pull up or pull down the notification panel.

lg phoenix 5 no home button

Drag and hold a home touch button in the horizontal direction to rearrange its position.

I’ve moved the back button from extreme left to extreme right. When using your phone with the right hand, the back button on the right is more closer to the thumb.

The below screen recording shows the same thing –

LG Phoenix 5 how to close apps

how to close apps on lg phoenix 5

After getting back the navigation bar as explained above, we can use the recent apps button shortcut to close an app.

Tap the square button on the bottom-right to view the running apps.

We need to throw an app tile in the upward direction to close this respective app.

lg phoenix 5 how to close apps

I’ve closed the play store app by throwing it app tile as shown above.

You can use the “Clear all” option to close all the running apps at once.

LG Phoenix 5 – How to close apps when in Gestures Mode

close apps lg phoenix 5

When in the Gestures mode, we don’t have the square button.

We need to swipe up the screen and hold it to view the recent apps. Swipe up and hold in the center of the screen as shown above.

lg phoenix 5 recent apps

We need to apply the same method to close a running app.

Throw and app tile in the upward direction to close the respective app.

Which navigation style do you prefer on the LG Phoenix 5? With or without the home, back & recent apps buttons.

Share your views in the comment section below.

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  1. I prefer buttons. But that’s just what I’m used to. This is the first phone that didn’t have buttons so I was frustrated trying to view running apps. I had to google it to find out how. Then I just added the buttons.

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