LG Phoenix 5 FRP bypass 2020 google account verification lmk300am

The first LG Phoenix device came out in 2011 with Android 2.2 Froyo. Fast forward to 2020 and we have the latest LG Phoenix 5 with Android 10 out of the box. The phoenix series offers entry-level budget android smartphones. It currently retails for just $49 at Walmart & Target.

What are our options if locked out on Phoenix 5 due to a forgotten lock screen pin, pattern, or password? The only way to recover the phone is by doing a hard reset via recovery mode. However, during this kind of reset, Google’s factory reset protection comes into effect.

In this post, we are going to learn how to bypass Google verification on LG Phoenix 5 using the latest 2020 hack –

lg phoenix 5 frp bypass 2020

After resetting my Phoenix 5 via recovery mode, I’m on the First Page of the setup wizard i.e. the Welcome Screen.

Let’s proceed using the forward button.

This brings us to the “New second screen” page.

Set the new second screen with or without a notch and hit “Next”.

lg phoenix 5 google bypass

To proceed further, we need to connect to the internet.

lg lm-k300am frp bypass

My phoenix 5 is connected to the Home Wifi network.

Now it’s checking for updates. We need to wait for a while.

lg phoenix 5 bypass google account

To skip the “Copy apps & data” page, I’ve selected the “Don’t copy” option.

This brings me to the pattern lock screen. I don’t remember the pattern lock so I need to choose the 2nd option “USE MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT INSTEAD”.

how to bypass google verification on lg phoenix 5

We have landed on the LG Phoenix 5 Google verification page. It’s asking to sign in with the last synced Google account on this device.

Let’s use the latest 2020 hack to bypass this FRP (Factory reset protection) screen on LG Phoenix 5 –



How to Bypass Google Verification on LG Phoenix 5 without computer lmk300am

lg phoenix 5 frp lock

We are on Google’s “Verify your account” page.

Hit the blank field “Email or phone” to bring out the keyboard.

Now, tap the “keyboard icon” on the bottom-right corner of the keyboard.

frp bypass lg phoenix 5

When the “Default keyboard” window opens, hit “Settings” to reach the “Manage keyboards” page.

Select the first keyboard “Gboard” on the manage keyboards page.

how to bypass google lock on lg phoenix 5 without computer

We are now on the “Settings” page of Gboard.

Hit the “3 dots icon” and select “Help & feedback”.

lg phoenix 5 att frp bypass

When on the “Support” page hit the blank field “Describe your issue”.

Type delete and choose the first search result “Delete or disable apps on Android”.

lg phoenix 5 cricket frp bypass

On the next page, look for “Tap to go to Application Settings” and hit this option.

We are now on the “App info” page of the Settings app.

Scroll down on this page and select “Google”.

lg phoenix 5 password reset

This takes us to Google’s app info page.

Hit “Open” to launch the Google app.

Tap “NO THANKS” to access the Google search bar without signing in.


lg phoenix 5 pin bypass

Now, type settings in the search bar.

Among the search results, look for the “Settings app with an icon” and click on it.

lg phoenix 5 google lock bypass

This brings us to the Settings app.

Select “Fingerprints” and hit “Next” as shown above.

lg phoenix 5 frp bypass 2021

We have reached the “Select screen lock” page.

Let’s replace the old screen lock with a new one. 

Add any easy to remember pattern, PIN, or password.

I’m setting up 1234 as the screen PIN.

bypass frp lg phoenix 5

Confirm the PIN and hit OK.

A confirmation text flashes at the bottom “Screen lock has been changed”.

This new PIN has replaced the old screen lock. We are going to use this PIN to bypass the google verification page.

Use the back button & go back to the “Welcome” page of the setup wizard.

lg phoenix 5 frp bypass no pc

Keep going back using the back button.

google bypass lg phoenix 5

We have reached the “Welcome” page.

Tap the forward button to proceed further.

Set the New Second Screen and click next.

how to bypass google account on lg phoenix 5

Hit “Don’t copy” on the “Copy apps and data” page.

google bypass lg phoenix 5

We are once again on the screen lock verification page.

Enter screen PIN we created a few steps ago i.e. 1234 and hit OK.

lg phoenix 5 google unlock

The screen PIN is correct.

This gives us the “Skip” option on the Google sign-in page.

You can either skip Google account setup or sign-in with any Google account. The last-synced account is no more needed.



lg phoenix 5 frp bypass no pc

Next is the Google Services page.

Hit “Accept” to proceed further.


lg phoenix 5 frp unlock 2021

If you land on the “Review additional apps” page, hit “OK” to move ahead.

frp bypass lg phoenix 5 without computer 2021

The last page of the setup wizard is the “Legal documents” page.

We need to tick the “I agree” checkbox.

Finally, hit “Done” to land on the LG Phoenix 5 home screen.

We have successfully bypassed the Google verification screen on LG Phoenix 5.


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