LG Fortune 3 Home Button & Back Button / How to close apps

LG Fortune 3 is a budget offering from Cricket running on Android 10 software. On most of the current day LG Android 10 smartphones, the navigation bar with the home touch buttons is missing. The default mode of navigation is using gestures just like an iPhone.

The gesture is not a bad thing but it should work in a flawless manner. The Gesture mode on Fortune 3 is quite annoying. The back button on the top-right corner feels inconvenient.

The good thing is we can easily restore our old navigation bar with the Home, Back and Recent apps button. Let’s see how to get back the home touch buttons in a few steps –

LG Fortune 3 Back, Home & Recent Apps buttons – How to enable

lg fortune 3 back button

First of all, we need to open the Settings app.

Pull down the status bar to unveil the notification panel. Hit the “settings icon” as marked in the above screenshot.

lg fortune 3 no back button

We are now on the Settings app.

Go to Display > Navigation bar as shown above.

lg fortune 3 home button

The navigation style is set as “Gestures”. We need to change it to “Buttons only”.

We have successfully restored the home and back button on LG Fortune 3.

LG Fortune 3 Home Touch Buttons

lg fortune 3 home touch buttons

The last option on the Navigation bar page is “Button combination”.

Using this option we can rearrange the position of the home touch button as per our liking. It also allows us to add 2 additional buttons on the navigation bar.

lg fortune 3 navigation bar

We can have up to 5 home touch buttons. The 2 extra buttons are “Screenshot” and “Notification”.

Drag and place the shortcut button at a convenient location. Please refer to the above screenshot.

lg fortune 3 screenshot button

We now have 5 home touch buttons in the navigation bar.

how to screenshot on lg fortune 3

I captured the current screen using the screenshot button (at the extreme right).

lg fortune 3 recent apps button

I’ve pulled down the notification panel using the notification button. This can be useful if the touchscreen is not working properly.

lg fortune 3 view running apps

We can also drag and rearrange the icons in the navigation bar. I’ve shifted the back button from left to right.

This way it feels more convenient. As I operate the phone with the right hand, the back button on the right is more closer to the thumb.

LG Fortune 3 How to Close apps

lg fortune 3 how to close apps

We have successfully restored the home, back, and recent apps buttons as explained before.

Now we can use the square icon to view the running apps.

The Settings app is the last app we used.

how to close apps on lg fortune 3

To close this app we need to throw the app tile in the upward direction.

I’ve thrown the settings app tile and now the app is closed.

This time the only running app is the messaging app.

lg fortune 3 gestures

Are you using the Gestures mode? We can still access the recent apps.

Swipe up the screen from the bottom to the middle and hold it until you see the recent app tile.

close apps lg fortune 3 lmk300am4

Now, just throw an app tile in the upward direction to close the respective app.

To close all the running apps at once, hit “Clear all” as shown in the above screenshot.


Which style of navigation do you prefer on LG Fortune 3? With or without the navigation bar. Share your views in the comment section below.

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