LG Aristo Root SuperSU MetroPCS MS210 / T Mobile M210

LG Aristo SuperSU Root –

LG Aristo SuperSU Root

By now you must have downloaded the “UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.82.zip” file and transferred to your Internal Memory/microSD card.

Click on “Install” and select the “sdcard1” folder as shown above.

If you’ve downloaded the file to internal storage you’ll find it in “sdcard” folder, the folder just above “sdcard1”

Click on the downloaded zip file i.e UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.82.zip

If you’ve already flashed Magisk, do not attempt to install SuperSU.


Aristo MS210 Root SuperSU

Swipe the bar towards the right to flash SuperSU.

Click on “Reboot System” to restart the phone.

Open the SuperSU app.

Aristo Supersu settings

You can see SuperSU has got the old user interface with not many options. It cannot match Magisk in functionality. However, if you only need root access, it’ll fulfill your need very well.

If you’re facing any issues let me know via the comment section below.

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19 thoughts on “LG Aristo Root SuperSU MetroPCS MS210 / T Mobile M210

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the tutorial. I missed a few things during the tutorial and was not really clear at the end. But it works now.

    Unless I missed something at the beginning you really need to put huge bold words saying how huge of a need for an SD card there is. Got about halfway through and had to halt until I got one.

  2. Everything is work fine until this point now I’m trying to put the SupurSU root on the the phone now thru TWRP…..when I reboot only the TWRP screen loads up something and goes off then phone boots normally…… I cannot get the TWRP program back up after I reboot In recovery???? Help??? I still need to put SuperSu on my phone to finish this????

  3. After successfully rooting my lg ms210,when i either want to power on the phone of switch it off it will first show up this write up.”your device software can not be checked for corruption.
    Lock the boot loader.
    Your device will boot up automatically after a whille.” Please what can i do to the phone so that the write up will not be coming up again.

    • Am having same issue after installing the Magdisk. every time phone is rebooted it reboots into the PRESS THE POWER KEY TO CONTINUE screen. When I press the power key, it boots back into TWRP **EVERY** time!
      Please help, I’ve come so far and now feel that I have killed (bricked) my phone…

  4. I’ve followed all the steps to hide it but Pokemo Go still isn’t allowing me to use the mock location. Is there a certain gps app I should be using? Or has Niantic figured out how to block Magisk?

  5. thanks. I got it rooted with your method. But how do I unlock the network pls. I have tried all the method I know but its not working

  6. Thank you so much! I have been waiting for so long for an easy and simple tutorial to root my LG Aristo. Works great – I flashed with Magisk and everything seems great so far. Cheers!

  7. Thank You worked so far! 1-26-2018 Lowell, Mass I’m on T-Mobile & my Aristo is all updated. Unlocked Bootloader, Installed TWRP, Installed The NO OPT thing than SuperSu. My Aristo is booting back up now updating since I flashed SuperSu butit flashed sucessfully so Im thinkig I’m good 2 go! Thanks to whoever put this guide together!

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