LG Aristo MS210 Google Account FRP Bypass 2017-2018 Sure Shot Method

We’ve to disable Google Play Services, Google Play Store & Setup Wizard.

Click on “Google Play Services” and Select “Disable”


Now “Force Stop” it.

Go back and do the same with  “Google Play Store”


Go one step back and look for “Setup Wizard”

“Disable” & “Force Stop” both the Setup Wizard’s one by one as shown above.

lg aristo google bypass apk

Slide in with finger at top left edge of screen to open “side bar”

Click on “Shortcut Master Lite” icon to open the app.

Click on the 3 dot icon and select “Search”

aristo frp bypass apk

In the search box type setup wizard and hit “SEARCH”

Now select the first “Setup Wizard” from the list and launch it as shown above.

It will take us to the Welcome screen of Setup Wizard.

Click on the “Forward icon” to move further

Skip the “Insert Sim Card” page

On “Internet Setup Page” make sure Wifi is OFF and click on “NEXT”

aristo google bypass 2017

Now the next step is the most crucial step.

As soon as you’ll click on “SKIP ANYWAY”, you have to repeatedly click on “NEXT” and “BACK ARROW” very quickly. Closely look the 2nd screenshot above. We’ve to repeatedly click “Next” and “Back”

This will give you error ‘Unfortunately, Setup Wizard has stopped” and take you back to Welcome screen.

aristo frp bypass trick

Now if you’ve done the previous step correctly, this time when you’ll click on the forward arrow you’ll directly land to Home Screen, otherwise on “Set Internet Connection” page.

aristo frp bypass method

If it hasn’t worked keep on trying. It’ll work for sure.

Just make sure as soon as you click on “SKIP ANYWAY” you’ve to repeatedly click on “NEXT” and “BACK” as shown above.

aristo frp factory reset

Now that we’ve completed the Setup Wizard, it’s better to do a factory data reset.

To do this, click on “Settings” icon

Go to “General” Tab and select “Backup & reset”

Scroll down and click on “Factory data reset”.


Once again you’ll land on setup wizard “Welcome” screen but this time you can complete the setup wizard without any hindrance.

If you’re facing any issues please let me know via the comment section below.



67 thoughts on “LG Aristo MS210 Google Account FRP Bypass 2017-2018 Sure Shot Method

  1. i hope u can answer me asap.. this might sound dumb nut what do i do after i get to settings, i hit the back button and it took me back to the previous page???

  2. i hope u can answer me asap.. this might sound dumb nut what do i do after i get to settings, i hit the back button and it took me back to the previous page???

  3. Sweet, Thank you so much for this tutorial, i would advise those using it; the instructions are specific and straight on, So, if you are failing, it may or may not be that you are not specifically following the instructions, took me a few times to figure that out, as, the “optout” part, i couldnt see it and even tried with different security versions, but in the end i ended up doing exactly and specifically as the DEV stated in the instructions and acquired a pass on the FRP bypass.
    Big hooah, thank you so much for sharing a crumb of your knowledge and wisdom, again, HOOAH!

  4. Thanks! I unlock quite a few phone’s a week. Reticently I bypassed a S4 Note, similar, I had to downgrade but then it was accessible via OTG method. This LG involved a little bit of patience and work around’s but your tutorial was very in-depth and simplistic to follow. I appreciate the time you took to make this and i hope to see more! Awesome job!

  5. EULA opt- out email link isn’t working for me. I don get the share button at bottom of page, just a hepatic feedback if I click and hold for a couple seconds. What do I do now?! Been tryin to unlock this phone for about 2 months…please help!!!

  6. ok so the last step the hitting next and back repeatedly has not worked for me and I have been trying over and over for like 30 minutes and I am fixing to throw this phone across the room. I did everything like you said to do and it will not go to that screen you said it for sure would. So a little help would be appreciated like ASAP please….not in a week or two

  7. I have downgraded to g version, but google play services disable button is still grayed out so i am stuck at this step. Any suggestions?

  8. when i cut off wifi to click next , the next button was grey so i couldnt continue. Any idea what needs to be done?

  9. It worked!!… If you land on terms and conditions screen and not the home screen ,just click on ACCEPT and then done….

    • Well i have to agree with you been sitin here i set to the passcode screen it just loops to the wifi screen rinse and repeat

  10. Completed entire process
    ( correctly I think )
    But when I disabled wi-fi there is only a very faint grey NEXT setting which does nothing when I touch it. And now I have an additional problem. “Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped” notification appears, I press “x Close app” and it reappears seconds later.

  11. 😅😆😅😆OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have tried and tried to get my phone back but to no avail. This is THE ONLY THING THAT WORKED!!!!! I have an LG Aristo and I thought it was garbage. You. Are. My. Hero. For sure!

  12. Email yahoo address offered to use (lgtributehd) to set up Gmail account is not recognized. Have I done something wrong. Please assist, I’ve been trying to get into this phone for 3 months. I’ve tried everything, and I was sure your advice would do it until I got to the YAHOO step.
    Thank you.

  13. For me it reaches till “Google play services” but here those two buttons are disabled. Unable to disable and force stop the service 🙁
    Any idea, how to over come this?

  14. This worked. Only in the final steps, before using the android back button, I used the same screen back button + next at the same time. The difference is the phone did nod give haptic feedback, an then boom! accepted EULA and that’s it.

  15. hello I did everything was good, arriving in to have the menu it displays this message
    close app ”
    I would like to know what I should do

  16. I Salute You!
    Of all the so-called help that i have been wading thru to fix my phone for the last few days. I am talking ie. broken ENGLISH, video so giggly and out of focus, that you’d think your watching a 60’s porno. THEN I found your EXCELLENT step by step instructions and with almost no drama at all then…..BINGO! My phone is reset and I’m off to the races!

    You Sir are an ACE in my book.
    Thanks x infinity

  17. I am right. It wont work with September 2017 Security Patch Fix at all. Only April 2017 Security Patch FIX version work. Please inform people about it before they waste their time because it waste my time. Thanks.

  18. Will log out by clicking twice work for September 2017 Security patch fix ? I am sure that your instruction was for April 2017 Security Patch fix. Please verify ?

  19. .”Look for “optout@lge.com” You will find it near the bottom of the page.”
    Good afternoon. this line is my only problem. No matter what I do, I cant click on the optout@lge. Any idea what else I can do

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