LG Aristo 5 Screen Mirroring / Cast to TV / Miracast Support

LG Aristo 5 is the latest and last aristo series device for MetroPCS/T-Mobile. As LG is winding up its cellphone business, there won’t be any Aristo 6  in the future.

The Aristo series has always offered entry-level budget smartphones & Aristo 5 is no exception. It comes with the cheapest Mediatek Helio P22 processor. For a smooth Screen mirroring experience, the processor should be powerful enough.

Let’s see if we can do Screen Mirroring & Screen Casting on LG Aristo 5 –

Does LG Aristo 5 have Screen Mirroring?

For screen mirroring, the Android smartphone should be Miracast enabled.

Let’s search for the Cast / Screen Sharing / Smart View option on LG Aristo 5 –

To search for the Cast option, we need to open the Settings app.

Let’s use the “Search Settings” option to find the Screen Casting settings.



Unfortunately, there’s no “Cast” option on the LG Aristo 5.

I searched for Screen Sharing & Smart View as well on the phone, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

Let’s find out other ways to mirror our Aristo 5 to the TV –

How to mirror LG Aristo 5 to TV

Without the Screencasting option on Aristo 5, we are left with only one option for Screen Mirroring.

We can use Chromecast to mirror LG Aristo 5 to TV. Chromecast uses the Google Home app for Screen Mirroring, There is no need to enable Screen Sharing on the phone.

As Chromecast works over a Wifi network, let’s connect our Aristo 5 to the internet via Wifi.

For this, we need to open the Settings app.

Now, go to “Network & Internet” and turn on Wifi.


My Aristo 5 is connected to the “HomeWifi-4G” network.

I’ve connected my Chromecast device to the TV.

It says we need to download the Google Home app to set up Chromecast.

Let’s open the Play Store and download the Google Home app.

Open Google Home and tap “Get started” to begin the setup.

Now, we need to choose a Google account to proceed further.


In the next step, we need to give access to the Device Location.

Give access to the Device location and turn on Bluetooth when prompted.



Now, it’s looking for a Chromecast device.


A Chromecast with device id Chromecast5976 is found. Tap “Yes” to set up Chromecast.

A code S3N4 is shown on the Aristo 5 screen. We need to match it with the code on the TV screen.

The same code is visible on the TV screen. We have connected to the right Chromecast device.

Let’s choose a device location and hit “Next”. I’ve chosen “Basement” as the device location.

Now, we need to select the Wifi network we’re going to use with the Chromecast.

I’ve selected the HomeWifi-4G network for Chromecast.


Chromecast is now connecting to the chosen Wifi network.

Now, it’s connected.

We are almost done.

You can see the Chromecast device we just added under “Other Cast devices”. Its name is “Basement TV”.

Tap “Basement TV” and then “Cast my Screen” to proceed further.


Finally, tap “Cast Screen” > “Start now” to begin Screen Mirroring.

The phone screen is mirrored to the TV screen.

We can control the TV volume via the Google Home app.

I’ve reduced the TV volume to 48 percent.

The LG Aristo 5 home screen is mirrored to the big TV screen.

Now, let’s open the Gallery app and mirror a video to the TV.

A still from the video being played on the TV screen.

The video playback is fine. I noticed some occasional frame rate drop. This is expected as Aristo 5 uses an underpowered processor.

One more still from a Mars video.

Now, let’s try to mirror a Youtube video to the TV screen.

Open the Google folder and tap “Youtube as shown above.

We can use the “Cast icon” at the top-right corner for Screen Casting.

Select “Basement TV” to begin Casting as shown above.

Now, choose a video and hit “Play” to view it on the TV screen.



I’m streaming the LG K40 secret codes video on the TV screen.

During screencasting, we can use the phone for other tasks. The video will continue playing on the TV screen.

To end Screencasting, open the Google Home app and select “Stop Mirroring” as shown above.

Now, what to do if your want to mirror your Aristo 5 screen to the TV but you don’t have Chromecast? In such a case, we can Cast our Aristo 5 to Roku, Firestick, etc, via a “Cast to TV” app from Play Store.

Let’s see how to do this –

LG Aristo 5 Screen Mirroring without Chromecast / Mirror to Roku TV, Firestick, etc.

I’m casting my LG Aristo 5 to Amazon’s FireTV Stick.

As a first step, we need to connect both the Firestick & Aristo 5 to the same Wifi network.

I’ve connected my Firestick to the “HomeWifi-4G” network. Let’s connect our phone to the same Wifi network.


To connect to Wifi we need to open the Settings app and select “Network & Internet”.

My Aristo 5 is also connected to the same Wifi network “HomeWifi-4G”.


Now, we are ready to download the Screencasting app.

Let’s open the Play Store app and search for the “Cast to TV” app.

After the installation is done, launch the app.

It’s searching for nearby devices.

My Firestick is found as “Philips’s Fire TV Stick”. Let’s connect to begin screencasting.

Tap the “3 bar” icon at the top-right corner for more options.

We can cast Videos, Photos, and Audio files stored on the device. It allows us to cast online web content as well.

First of all, let’s try to cast an offline video stored on the device.

I’m trying to cast an mp4 video “Most unbelievable fish captures” as shown above.

It buffers for a second and starts playing on the TV screen.

Depending upon the internet connection speed, the video buffers for a second & mirrors the phone screen.

The screencasting has begun. The video is playing fine on the TV screen. You can see the watermark “Cast from XCast”.

Another still from the video being cast on the TV screen.

We get the video controls on the app screen.

Now, let’s cast an audio file, “Life is Good.mp3” as shown above.


The audio file is being cast on the TV screen.

After playing the offline media files, let’s try to cast online web content.

The web option lists some popular streaming apps.

Let’s try to cast a youtube video on the TV screen.


When on the video page, we need to hit the “red play button” to select the desired video resolution.

I’ve chosen 720p as the video streaming resolution.

The youtube video is being cast using the “Cast to TV-XCast” app.

The youtube video is playing fine on the TV screen. The playback is quite smooth.


How was your screen mirroring experience on LG Aristo 5? Please share your experience in the comment section below.

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