Factory Reset LG Aristo 5 – How to soft, hard & master reset lmk300

The order of troubleshooting on your Aristo 5 should be Soft reset > Safe mode > Factory reset via settings > Hard Reset via the recovery mode.

For network-related issues, you should first try to reset the network settings, before doing a factory data reset.

If your Aristo 5 is stuck on firmware update or boot screen, a factory reset won’t be able to restore your phone. In such a case, we need to flash a stock firmware via Download mode.

In this post, we are going to learn how to soft reset, factory reset & hard reset (via recovery mode when locked out) on LG Aristo 5 –

LG Aristo 5 Soft Reset

lg aristo 5 soft reset


During a soft reset, we turn off and turn on the phone. This can fix most of the common issues such as app crashes, overheating, lagging, charging problems, no sound, black screen, etc.

To restart your Aristo 5, long-press the power button and tap “Power off and restart”.

Force Restart

lg aristo 5 force restart

If your Aristo 5 is frozen, the power button may not respond.

In such a case, we need to force restart the phone using the volume down & power buttons.

Press & hold the power and volume down keys for 10 seconds or until the phone restarts.

Check if the issue is gone. If not, use the safe mode before resetting your phone.

Safe Mode

lg aristo 5 safe mode

Before doing a reset, we should make sure a downloaded app is not causing trouble.

We can identify the culprit app by using the Aristo 5 Safe Mode.

Learn how to use LG Aristo 5 Safe Mode as per the below link –

LG Aristo 5 Safe Mode


How to Factory Reset LG Aristo 5 via Settings

If soft reset & safe mode failed to fix your Aristo 5, you can perform a factory reset via the settings app.

NOTE: Make sure to backup your internal storage data before doing a reset. The SD card files will remain safe. 

lg aristo 5 factory reset

To factory reset your Aristo 5, Open the Settings app and hit the 2nd last option i.e. “System”.


how to factory reset lg aristo 5

Now open “Restart & reset” & then “Factory data reset”.

factory reset lg aristo 5

Tap “Reset phone” and finally “Delete all” to begin factory data reset.


lg lmk300 factory reset

We need to wait for a while. This will bring you to the “Welcome” screen.

Follow the on-screen prompts & finish the setup wizard.

How to Hard/Master Reset a locked LG Aristo 5 without Password

The most common reason for a hard reset is getting stuck on the lock screen.

When locked out due to a forgotten password, Pattern, or PIN, the only option left is to reset the phone via recovery mode.

You cannot bypass your LG Aristo 5 lock screen without a reset.

hwo to hard reset lg aristo 5 without password

I forgot the lock screen password on my Aristo 5.


lg aristo 5 master reset

To get past the lock screen we are going to reset the phone via Recovery Mode. For this, we need to turn off the phone.

It’s not letting me power off or restart the phone without unlocking the screen.

force restart lg aristo5

So the only way out is to either wait for the battery to drain completely or to force restart the phone.

Let’s try to force restart our Aristo 5 to boot into recovery mode –

Press & hold the volume down & power keys until the phone restarts.

how to unlock lg aristo 5 forgot password

During the restart, when LG Aristo 5 appears on the screen, release the power button, and hold it again. Do not release the volume down button.

lg aristo 5 reset password

Now, keep holding both the keys until your Aristo 5 is in Recovery mode.

The “Factory data reset” page with a white background is known as the recovery mode.

In this mode, we need to use the volume rocker and power button.

Go down from “No(Exit)” to “Yes” by pressing the volume down key. Now, press the power button to select “Yes”.

how to reset lg aristo 5 when locked out

Repeat the above steps.

Again move down from No to Yes and hit the Power key to initiate the factory data reset.

how to unlock lg aristo 5 without password

The phone is getting erased. We need to wait for a few minutes.

When on the “Welcome” page, tap the forward arrow.

how to master reset lg aristo5

Set the new second screen with or without a notch & hit “Next”.

In the next step, we need to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or Mobile data.

how to factory reset a locked lg aristo 5

Hit “Don’t copy” when on the “Copy apps & data” page.

master reset lg aristo 5

This brings use to the password lock screen. As we don’t know the password, we are going to use the alternate option “USE MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT INSTEAD”.

Now, we are on Google’s “Verify your account” page. It’s asking for the last-synced google account on this particular device. If you remember the details, sign-in to your Google account and finish the setup wizard.

If you don’t remember the Google account credentials, follow the below hack to get past the LG Aristo 5 google verification page –

How to bypass Google Verification on LG Aristo 5 lmk300


lg aristo 5 factory reset without reset

Tap the “Email or phone” blank space to bring out the keyboard.

Hit the “keyboard icon” at the bottom-right corner of the keyboard.

how to do a hard reset on lg k51

A “Default keyboard” pop-up appears from the bottom.

Hit “Settings” to reach the “Manage keyboards” page as shown above.

Select the first keyboard on this page i.e. “Gboard”.

lg lmk300mm hard reset

Now, we are on the Gboard settings page.

Click the “3 dots” icon and select “Help & feedback”.

lg lmk300tm hard reset

We are now on the Support page.

Tap the “Describe your issue” blank field and type delete

Select the first search result “Delete or disable apps on Android”.

lg aristo 5 metropcs hard reset

Now, look for “Tap to go to Application Settings” and hit this option.

This brings us to the “App info” page. Scroll down and tap “Google”.

lg aristo 5 t-mobile hard reset

On Google’s App info page &  select “Open” as shown above.

This will take us to the Google app. Hit “NO THANKS” to get access to the search bar.


lg lmk300 reset without password

Type settings in the Google search bar.

Select the “Settings app with icon” under “FROM YOUR APPS”.

lg aristo 5 factory reset without password

We are now on the Settings app.

Select “Fingerprints” and hit “Next”.


reset lg aristo 5

This time we are on the Select screen lock page.

We get to add a new screen lock. This new lock will replace the old screen PIN, Pattern, or Password.

I’m adding an easy to remember screen PIN 1234

lg aristo 5 password reset

Let’s confirm the PIN and hit “OK”.

A confirmation text shows up at the bottom “Screen lock has been changed”.

We are all good. Now, we need to go back to the “Welcome” page using the back button.

lg aristo 5 pin reset

Keep pressing the back button until you’re on the Welcome screen.

lg aristo 5 pattern reset

When on the Welcome page, use the forward button to move ahead.

Hit “Next” on the “New Second Screen” page.

lg aristo 5 factory data reset

Tap “Don’t copy” on the next page.

Now, we are on the “Verify PIN” screen.

We are going to use the screen PIN we added a few steps ago i.e. 1234


lg aristo 5 factory reset t-mobile

With the correct screen PIN, we get the “Skip” option on the Google sign-in page.

If you wish, you can also add a Google account. The last-synced account is no more required.

I’m skipping the Google account setup.

lg aristo 5 hard reset t-mobile

Let’s accept Google services terms and conditions.

lg aristo 5 hard reset metropcs

Hit “OK” on the “Review additional apps” page.

lg aristo 5 factory reset metropcs

This brings us to the last page of the setup wizard.

Tick the “I agree” checkbox on the “Legal documents” page and click “Done” to finish the setup wizard and reach the Aristo 5 Home screen.

We have successfully performed a hard reset on locked LG Aristo 5.


If stuck at any stage, feel free to leave a comment below.

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