LG Aristo 3 data not working /APN Settings MetroPCS

Is Mobile Data not working on your LG Aristo 3/ Aristo 3 Plus? In most of the cases, this issue is attributed to incorrect APN Settings. However, there can be other reasons as well for Data Problems on your Aristo Device.

In this post, we are going to troubleshoot this internet problem with the help of the below troubleshooting steps –

LG Aristo 3 Data not working – How to Fix

1. Make sure that Mobile Data is on

Turn on Mobile Data via the Navigation Panel shortcut as shown above.

Alternatively, you can turn on the Mobile data via Settings < Network < Mobile Data.

Slide the toggle to turn on Mobile data.

If no success, move on to the next step.

2. Make sure you have an active data plan

If you were using Mobile data on your Aristo 3 and it has suddenly stopped working, then you need to make sure that you’ve not exhausted the data limit.

3. Check the Network Signal Strength

A weak Network Signal strength will affect your data connectivity. Your Aristo 3 should have at least 2 signal bars for stable internet connectivity.

4. Check if you’ve accidentally turned on the Airplane Mode

Mobile data will cease to work if Airplane Mode is turned on. Check if you’ve accidentally turned on the Airplane Mode.

Pull down the notification bar and tap “Airplane mode” if it’s on.

5. Make Sure that data limit is not set

There is a setting on LG Aristo 3 to Limit the Mobile Data Usage. It’s possible that you’ve crossed the set data limit and your internet stopped working.

Go to Settings < Network < Mobile Data and tap it to open.


Turn off “Limit mobile data usage” if it’s on.

6. If you still don’t get the 4G signal, make sure your Aristo 3 APN settings are correct


To check your Aristo 3 MetroPCS APN Settings –

Go to Settings < Network < Mobile Data and click it to open.


Tap the “3 dots” icon at the top-right corner and select “Mobile networks” as shown above.

Now tap “Access Point Names”.

The default MetroPCS APNs are present for Mobile data and MMS.

Let’s select the first APN i.e “MetroPCS”.


LG Aristo 3 MetroPCS APN Settings are –

Name: MetroPCS
APN: fast.metropcs.com
Proxy: Not set
Port: Not set
Username: Not set
Password: Not set
MMSC: http:// metropcs.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc
MMS proxy: Not set
MMS port: Not set
MCC: 310
MNC: 260
Authentication Type: Not set
APN Type: default,supl,mms,hipri,xcap
APN Protocol: IPv6
APN roaming protocol: IPv4/IPv6 or IPv4 for international roaming


Let’s tap it to check out the APN Settings for MMS connectivity.


The above screenshot shows the LG Aristo 3 APN Settings for MMS.


If the APN settings are correct yet you’re unable to connect to the internet, then reset the APN Settings by tapping the “3 dots” icon as shown above.

Now select “Restore default settings”. A message appears which says ” The APN settings have been reset.


Tap the “dot” in front of the MetroPCS APN to select it.

Check if the Data has started working.

You can add a new APN as well, using the “Add APN” option.

7. While roaming make sure that Data Roaming is on

MetroPCS uses the T-Mobile network. In those areas (Domestic & International) where the T-Mobile network is non-existent you’ve to rely on other networks, it has partnered with using Data Roaming.

Go to Settings > Network Tab > Mobile Data

Hit the “3 dots” icon and select “Mobile networks” as shown above.

Tap “Data Roaming” and hit “TURN ON” to enable it.

8. Reset Network Settings

Resetting the Network settings can fix most of the network-related issues. It doesn’t affect the internal storage data.

LG Aristo 3 Network Settings Reset

9. Perform a Soft Reset

A Soft Reset can fix most of the issues. It’s nothing but a normal restart.

Restart your Aristo 3 using the power button.

LG Aristo 3 Soft Reset

10. Check Data Connectivity in Safe Mode

Check if data is working when your LG Aristo 3 is in the Safe Mode. Learn how to enter safe mode using the below link –

LG Aristo 3 Safe Mode

11. Factory Reset your Phone

A Factory reset is an extreme step that would erase your Internal Storage Date.

Backup your data before performing a Factory Data Reset. It’s usually the last resort to fix most of the problems including the data connectivity issue.

LG Aristo 3 Factory Reset


12. Downgrade your LG Aristo 3 Firmware

If you’re facing the data connectivity issue after a recent System Update. You can try to downgrade the firmware by flashing a stock firmware via LGUP Flash Tool.

LG Aristo 3 Downgrade Firmware

13. Call MetroPCS Customer Care

The MetroPCS customer care number is  1 (888) 863-8768


Has the data started working on your Aristo 3? Share your outcome via the comment section below

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