LG Aristo 3 & 4 lock screen bypass – forgot pin, pattern, password

The majority of Android users use their phones with screen lock. The lock can be in the form of a PIN, Pattern, Password, Fingerprint, or Face lock.

If your fingerprint or face unlock fails to unlock your Aristo device, that’s fine. As it’s a secondary lock we can use the primary lock to unlock the screen.

However, if you forget the primary lock i.e. PIN, Pattern, or Password, then it becomes an issue.

In this post, we are going to find out ways to bypass the lock screen of Aristo 3 (Plus) and 4 Plus. We will also try to get past the LG Aristo 3 / 4 lock screen without reset.


How to bypass LG Aristo 3 Pattern Lock without reset

In the earlier versions of Android, after several failed attempts we used to get the “Forgot Password” option to recover our phone via Google account.

Let’s try to do the same on LG Aristo 3 / 4.


bypass lg aristo lock screen without reset

On my LG Aristo 4,  I’ve repeatedly tried to unlock the screen by drawing pattern lock.

Unfortunately, even after so many failed attempts, I didn’t get any option to recover my account.

Only the wait time kept increasing after every few failed attempts.

lg aristo 3 lock screen bypass

After 100 attempts the wait time increased to 3840 minutes. I didn’t get any forgot pattern option to recover my phone.

So, the only option left is to reset the phone using hard keys. We are going to lose the data stored in the internal storage after reset.

Let’s power off the phone to perform a hard reset.


lg aristo 3 pattern lock bypass

It’s not letting me even power off the phone. It says “Unlock the phone to power off”.We have to look for another way out to reset the phone.

Let’s divide the lock screen bypass process into 4 parts for the ease of understanding –

LG Aristo 3 / 4 Lock Screen Bypass

STEP 1: Restart the phone and boot into recovery mode using volume down & power button

how to unlock lg aristo 3 screen lock

Let’s restart our Aristo 3 / 4.

Long-Press the power button and select ” Power off and restart”.



how to unlock lg aristo 3 forgot password

During the restart when the phone turns off and the screen turns black, hold the volume down and power button.


lg aristo 3 forgot password

As soon as the phone vibrates or when the LG logo appears on the screen, release the power button, and hold it again. Keep holding until you are on the factory data reset screen as shown above.

Do not release the volume down button during the whole process.

The above factory reset screen is also known as the Recovery Mode.

In the recovery mode, the touchscreen doesn’t work. We have to move up and down with the volume rocker and select an option with the power button.

Move down from “No(Exit)” to “Yes” with the volume down button and select this option with the power button.

STEP 2: Hard Reset your LG Aristo 3 / 4 using Recovery Mode


lg aristo 3 forgot pattern

Again move down from “No(Exit)” to “Yes” and confirm selection with the Power button.

This step has initiated the Factory Reset process. The phone is being erased.

lg aristo 3 plus forgot password

Wait for the phone to boot again.

After the reset, we are on the Welcome screen of the setup wizard.

Use the forward arrow to proceed further.

lg aristo 4 lock screen bypass

Connect to the internet using wifi or mobile data.

lg aristo 4 bypass google account

At this stage we are asked to enter the pattern lock or the last synced Google account.

If you don’t remember the Google account details, move ahead to bypass this google verification screen using the latest hack.

STEP 3: Bypass the LG Aristo 3 / 4 Google Verification Screen via Latest Hack

lg aristo 4 screen lock bypass

First of all, power off your LG Aristo 3 / 4.

lg aristo 4 forgot password

Now, arrange some other phone to set up a SIM card lock.

I’m using LG Aristo 2 for this purpose.

If using and LG android smartphone, go to

Settings > General > Lock screen & security > Setup SIM card lock.



lg aristo 4 frp bypass

Toggle on the “Lock SIM card” Switch.

It asks for the current SIM PIN.

The default MetroPCS SIM Card PIN is 1234

I’ve entered the default PIN. It says “SIM card lock enabled”.

Now that we have locked the SIM Card we have to insert this locked SIM into LG Aristo 3 / 4.


lg aristo 4 frp bypass 2020

Use the SIM ejector tool to remove the LG Aristo 4 SIM tray.

On Aristo 3 (Plus) the SIM tray is located under the battery door.


how to bypass google verification on lg aristo 4

Place the SIM card as per the above illustration.

lg aristo 4 plus frp bypass

Now turn on your LG Aristo 3 / 4.

As soon as the phone is turned on, you’ll be asked to enter the SIM card PIN code.

I’ve entered the PIN code 1234

Now there’s a notification on the screen –

“Android Setup – Not signed in”.

To unlock the screen, swipe down starting from this notification towards the bottom of the screen.

You can follow the arrow marked in the last screenshot above. 

If done correctly you’ll see the notification panel on the top with various shortcuts.


lg aristo 4 plus google bypass

We are interested in Bluetooth –

Long-Press Bluetooth to launch it.

When on the Bluetooth page, turn on Bluetooth using the toggle switch.

Now that we have turned on Bluetooth, we have to send an image file from another device to our Aristo 3 / 4.


lg aristo 3 plus frp bypass

Once again I’m going to use Aristo 2 to send and image file to Aristo 3 / 4.

I’m sharing a screenshot file as shown above.

lg aristo 3 plus google bypass

The file is being sent via Bluetooth to LG Aristo 4.

lg aristo 3 bypass lock screen

Accept the Bluetooth file on your Aristo 3 / 4.

When the file has been received, hit the “3 dots icon” on the top right corner and tap “Received files”.

lg aristo 3 frp bypass 2019

Tap the image file to open it. We have to use the Photos app to open this file.

lg aristo 3 frp bypass 2020

Give necessary permissions to the Photos app by hitting ” ALLOW”.

Tap the “Share icon” to share this image file.

Use “Email” as the sharing medium.

lg aristo 3 frp bypass tool

Accept the email app permission requests by tapping “ALLOW”.

Now, select the email provider as ” Microsoft Exchange”.

lg aristo 3 pin bypass

Add any email id in the EMAIL ADDRESS field.

Now the  “MANUAL SETUP” option is highlighted.  Select it to open the “Server settings” page.

Scroll down to the bottom of the server settings page and “Add” a Client certificate as shown above.

lg aristo 3 password bypass

It says to proceed further, we have to change the screen lock to a secure one. Hit “CHANGE” to add a screen lock.

We can add Pattern, PIN, or Password as the screen lock.

Just add an easy to remember screen lock.

lg aristo 3 bypass google account

I’ve added a PIN lock 1234 as shown above.

I got a confirmation message “Screen lock has been changed”.

Now use the back button to keep going back until you’re on the Welcome page of setup wizard.

Keep going back using the back button.

lg aristo 3 pattern lock bypass

Now we are on the Welcome screen.

Use the forward arrow to move ahead.

This again takes us to the Google verification screen. To get past this screen we are going to use the screen lock PIN we just added a few steps ago i.e. 1234

how to bypass google verification on lg aristo 3

We are now on the Google Sign-in page.

This time we can either skip the Google Sign-in or add just any Google account (not necessarily the last synced Google account).

Follow the on-screen prompts to keep moving further.

how to bypass google account on lg aristo 3

Accept Google services terms and conditions.


how to bypass screen lock on lg aristo 3

On the legal documents page, tick the checkboxes and hit NEXT.

lg lm-x320ma frp bypass

Finally, select “Home”, with or without the app drawer to land on the LG Aristo 3 / 4 home screen.

We have successfully bypassed the lock screen on LG Aristo 3 / 4.

If stuck at any point, feel free to leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “LG Aristo 3 & 4 lock screen bypass – forgot pin, pattern, password

  1. Couple questions about bypass procedure. 1) The sim card that we lock and use, should it be the sim card we will keep in the bypassed phone or just any sim card to complete the steps? 2) The sim card pin given is the default sim pin for metro pcs phones but my Aristo phone is powered through T-Mobile,will the sim pin still work on the phone? 3) If this sim card is not the one we want to leave in the Aristo phone can it be removed from that phone afterwards and placed back into the previous phone it was in and still work for that phone? 4) Once the sim card we do want to use in the Aristo phone is inserted, will it work as it should inside the phone? Please give your answers ASAP, and thanks for the help.

    • we need just any locked SIM. Our only intention is to get that “Not signed in” notification. T-Mobile default SIM PIN is the same as Metro.

      A locked SIM works perfectly fine for calls, texts, etc. Only after every restart, it’ll ask for SIM PIN. After FRP bypass you can remove the SIM lock in the same way you locked it.

  2. Someone had stolen my dad’s phone. Fortunately, I was able to track it and the police recovered it. The person who stole it put a pin on it and wouldn’t give it to us. I was able to use these steps to restore his phone. Thank you so much.

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