Does LG aristo 4 have NFC, MHL, Screen Mirroring, Wireless Charging?

LG Aristo series offers bare basic features & falls in the entry-level budget range. The latest entrant, Aristo 4 Plus is no exception. It’s no match to LG K40 yet it offers an improvement over LG Aristo 3 Plus.

Let’s find out the features present in LG Aristo 4 Plus. We are also going to put it against K40 & Stylo 5.  So, Let’s proceed with the questionnaire –

1. Does the LG Aristo 4 Plus have NFC?

NFC is missing from LG Aristo 4 Plus. I searched for it in settings, but couldn’t find it.

NFC is missing from LG K30 but it’s available in K40.


Even a 3rd party app says NFC is unsupported.

2. Does LG Aristo 4 Plus have Wireless Charging?

Like other budget smartphones, Wireless / Qi charging is missing from Aristo 4 Plus. The good thing is that we can enable it quite easily with a 3rd party wireless charger.

We need a Wireless Charger Receiver and charging pad to make Aristo 4 Qi-enabled.

3. Does the LG Aristo 4 Plus have Screen Mirroring?

There is no Cast option / Miracast in Aristo 4 Plus which is needed for Screen Mirroring. However, you can still mirror your Aristo 4 screen to a TV via Chromecast. Chromecast uses Google Home App for Screen Mirroring.

To mirror your Aristo 4 screen on Fire TV, ROKU, Samsung Smart TV, etc. you’ve to download a 3rd Party “Cast to TV” app from Play Store. Using this app you can Cast your phone’s media content on the TV screen.

4. Does LG Aristo 4 have Fingerprint Sensor?

Like Aristo 3 Plus, Aristo 4 Plus is equipped with a Fingerprint sensor.

Go to Settings < General < Lock screen & security

Select “Fingerprints” as shown above.

Tap “NEXT” to add your fingerprint.

To add a Fingerprint we have to place the finger on the sensor and follow the instructions on the screen.

You can see the fingerprint has been successfully added.

You can add more Fingerprints if needed.

Apart from the screen lock, this fingerprint can be used to lock content in QuickMemo App.

5. Does LG Aristo 4 have an Expandable Memory / SD Card Slot?



Following the tradition, Aristo 4 Plus the 4th phone in the series offers Expandable memory. The bad thing is that it still comes with a 16GB internal storage similar to the first LG Aristo Device.

As Aristo 4 has a non-removable battery, the Memory Card slot is located outside, on the left.

Use the SIM ejector tool to remove the SIM Card slot. Place the Micro SD Card and SIM card in their respective slots as per the above screenshots.


You can access the SD card by Going to Settings < General < Storage < SD Card.

6. Does LG Aristo 4 have Flashlight?

The Rear Camera LED Flash doubles as the Flashlight on LG Aristo 4 Plus.

You can use turn on Flashlight with a single-click using the Navigation Panel shortcut.

Pull down the notification bar and tap “Flashlight” to turn it on.

As long as the flashlight remains on, a “Flashlight is on” notification shows up. You can tap on it to turn off the flashlight.

7. Does the LG Aristo 4 Plus have a SIM Card Slot?

At one time MetroPCS used to offer Non-SIM CDMA phones. Now being a T-Mobile MVNO, all the MetroPCS phones are GSM with a SIM Card Slot.

On LG Aristo 4 Plus MetroPCS / T-Mobile, you can eject the SIM Tray and insert your respective SIM Card in its slot as shown above.


Another slot is for Memory Card. Follow the screenshot for the proper installation of Micro SD & SIM Card.


8. Does LG Aristo 4 have Face Unlock?

Similar to Aristo 3 Plus, Aristo 4 Plus is also equipped with Face Unlock feature.

Open Settings < General < Lock Screen & security as visible in the above screenshot.


Select “Face Recognition” and hit “NEXT”.

Face Unlock is a secondary screen lock. Make sure you already have a PIN, Pattern or Password as the primary screen lock.

Hold you phone to eye level in a reasonably bright environment.

Now tap “START” and follow the on-screen instructions to add your Face.


9. Does  LG Aristo 4 have IR Blaster?

IR Blaster or Infrared is a useful tool for controlling your home appliances. With this feature, your phone works as the remote control for TV, AC, Fan, etc.

Unfortunately, IR Blaster is missing from Aristo 4 Plus.

10. Does LG Aristo 4 Plus have Notification Light?

In LG K40 & Stylo 5, the notification light is named as Blink LED. So, I searched for LED in “Search Settings” on Aristo 4 Plus. You can see, No results were found for this search.

Even in the K Series, Notification Light is offered for the first time in LG K40. K20 & K30 lacked this feature.

11. Does LG Aristo 4 have Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi calling is a boon in low network coverage areas.

To turn on Wi-Fi calling on Aristo 4 Plus, Go to Settings < Network tab < Call

Tap “Wi-Fi Calling” to turn it on.

We can keep the Cellular Network or Wi-Fi as the preferred network for calls.



12. Does LG Aristo 4 have Video Calling?

LG Aristo 4 Plus has a Video Calling dialer in the phone dialer itself. The device on the other end must be video call compatible to establish a video call.

Let’s check out the rest of the LG Aristo 4 Plus features with the help of the below table –

Does LG Aristo 4 Plus have?Answer
NFC / Android Pay / Android Beam
Screen Mirroring / Smart View / Miracast Support ✔, via Chromecast
Wireless Charging / Qi Charging
Expandable Memory / An SD Card Slot
Fingerprint Scanner
MHL / HDMI Support
Face Recognition / Face Unlock
IR Blaster / Infrared Remote Control
A Sim Card Slot
Quick Charge / Fast Charging Support
Notification Light
Wi-Fi Calling
Removable Battery
Gorilla Glass
A Gyroscope / VR Compatibility
USB OTG Support
A Headphone Jack (3.5mm)
Video Calling
USB Type C
Android 10 Update
Hotspot / Wi-FI Tethering
Talk to Text Support
An Unlockable Bootloader
Lineage OS / Custom ROM 
TWRP / Custom Recovery 


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