LG Tracfone Hard Reset when locked out unlock pattern bypass password

Are you locked on your LG Tracfone Android phone and you don’t remember the lock screen password/PIN/Pattern/Knock Code? Don’t worry you’re not alone. In a few minutes, you’ll be able to use your phone once again.

Unfortunately, you cannot bypass the LG Tracfone lock screen without a reset. We need to hard reset the phone using volume down & power keys via Recovery mode. After the reset, you need to verify with the previously synced Google account to complete the device setup and to reach the home screen.

Follow the step by step process with screenshots –

How to reset LG Tracfone when locked out/Unlock LG Tracfone Pattern/Bypass LG Tracfone Password, lock screen PIN – lml212vl, l211bl, l322dl, l355dl, l423dl, l455dl, l414dl, l413dl, l722dl, l555dl

My LG Journey Tracfone is stuck on the lock screen. I don’t remember the screen lock Pattern.

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All LG Tracfone FRP Bypass Google unlock 2022 Android 8 9 10

The popular LG Tracfone phones are LG Journey l322dl, Stylo 4 lml713dl, Stylo 5 l722dl, Premier Pro LTE lml414dl, Premier Pro Plus l455dl, Rebel 4 lml212vl/lml211bl, Solo l423dl & K31 Rebel l355dl.

You can use the below method to bypass the Google account verification on any of the LG Tracfone models running on Android 8 Oreo, Android Pie 9, & Android 10.

The Google verification screen appears, when you hard reset the phone using the volume down + power buttons via the recovery mode.

Once the reset is done, you need to complete the device setup. You cannot finish the setup wizard until you verify with the lock screen PIN/Pattern/Password/Knock code or the previously synced Google account.

In this post, we are going to use the latest and easiest 2022 method to get past the FRP lock without using a computer –

I was locked out on my LG Journey due to the forgotten lock screen pattern. To bypass the LG Tracfone lock screen I had to reset the phone using the volume down + power buttons via the recovery mode.

The hard reset took a few minutes and then I reached the “Welcome” screen of the setup wizard.

Click the “Forward button” to move ahead.

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