LG Rebel 4 hard reset/How to factory reset lml212vl lml211bl Tracfone

The need to hard reset arises when you’re locked out and you don’t remember the correct screen lock PIN/Pattern/Password.

If you’re stuck on the LG Rebel 4 lock screen, you need to hard factory reset your phone using the volume down & power keys via the recovery mode. You also need to verify with the previously synced Google account during the device setup.

Follow the below troubleshooting guide to reach your Rebel 4 home screen in a few minutes –

How to factory reset LG Rebel 4 without Password/PIN/Pattern – Tracfone, Straight Talk, Walmart Family Mobile lml212bl lml211vl

You can see I’m stuck on my LG Journey lock screen. I don’t remember the screen lock password.

To get past this screen, we need to hard reset our phone via Recovery Mode.

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LG Rebel 4 Secure Startup Bypass – Forgot PIN, Password lml212vl

During the screen lock setup, we get the secure startup option for added security. As the name suggests, the secure startup activates on every reboot. You’ll not receive any calls, messages, or notifications until you enter the correct secure startup PIN/Pattern/Password after every restart.

If you’re stuck on the secure startup screen on your Rebel 4, you need to hard reset the phone via recovery mode.

Let’s find out how to bypass the Rebel 4 secure startup screen to reach the home screen –

How to bypass Secure Startup on LG Rebel 4 Tracfone lml212vl lml211bl

You can see I’m locked out on my LG Rebel 4. I don’t remember the correct Secure startup pattern.

30 attempts are remaining.

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