LG Journey forgot password – screen lock bypass -pin, pattern

While setting up a screen lock PIN, pattern, or password, you should always note it down somewhere. We tend to forget it, especially if setting a new one that was never used before.

On LG Journey, if you’re locked out due to the forgotten pin, pattern, or password, you need to hard reset the phone using the volume down and power buttons.

First of all, let’s try to restore our phone without doing a reset. Let’s see if we can get past the lock screen without losing the internal storage data –

How to bypass Screen lock on LG Journey lte l322dl Tracfone, Straight Talk, Family Mobile, Simple Mobile, Total Wireless

You can see I’m stuck on the Pattern lock screen. I don’t remember the correct Pattern.

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LG Journey lte FRP Bypass Google Account l322dl Tracfone 2020 2021

When you’re locked out on your LG Journey and you hard reset the phone using the volume down & power button, Google’s FRP (Factory Reset Protection) comes into effect.  We need to verify with the previously synced Google account to get past this screen.

In this post, we are going to use the latest 2021 hack to bypass the Google lock/verification on LG Journey without a computer.  In a few minutes, you’ll be able to use your phone once again.

After doing a hard reset via the recovery mode, I reached the Welcome screen of the setup wizard.

Let’s move ahead using the forward button.

Now, connect to the internet via Wifi or Mobile data and hit “NEXT”.

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