LG Fortune 3 Home Button & Back Button / How to close apps

LG Fortune 3 is a budget offering from Cricket running on Android 10 software. On most of the current day LG Android 10 smartphones, the navigation bar with the home touch buttons is missing. The default mode of navigation is using gestures just like an iPhone.

The gesture is not a bad thing but it should work in a flawless manner. The Gesture mode on Fortune 3 is quite annoying. The back button on the top-right corner feels inconvenient.

The good thing is we can easily restore our old navigation bar with the Home, Back and Recent apps button. Let’s see how to get back the home touch buttons in a few steps –

LG Fortune 3 Back, Home & Recent Apps buttons – How to enable

lg fortune 3 back button

First of all, we need to open the Settings app.

Pull down the status bar to unveil the notification panel. Hit the “settings icon” as marked in the above screenshot.

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