LG Aristo 3 Wireless Charging / make Aristo 3 Plus Qi enabled

Wireless Charging becomes a deal-breaker once you get used to it. It not truly wireless the charging pad remains connected to an AC adapter. However, you’re saved from connecting the charging cable to the phone’s charging port. Just place your phone on the pad & it starts charging.

This becomes more useful if your phone lacks fast charging and every now and then you need to connect your phone to a charger. Moreover, with the Micro USB port, every time we have to make sure to connect the cable in the right direction. This gets quite frustrating in the dark.

In this post, we are going to find out whether the LG Aristo 3 / 3 Plus support Qi wireless charging or not. We will also look for ways to enable wireless charging on Aristo 3 (Plus).

Does the LG Aristo 3 have Wireless Charging?

LG Aristo 3 Wireless Charging

LG Aristo is an entry-level series in the MetroPCS / T-Mobile Android smartphones lineup. If even the latest LG Stylo 6 lacks Wireless Charging, we cannot keep our expectations high from a budget phone.

However, the good news is, it’s quite easy to make LG Aristo 3 Qi-compatible using a 3rd party wireless charger.


LG Aristo 3 Wireless Charging

First of all, we need a wireless charger receiver as shown in the above image.

lg aristo 3 plus wireless charging

The above qi receiver is for Android smartphones with Type-A Micro USB Port.

does lg aristo 3 have wireless charging

Check out the port type. It’s narrow on the upper side.

does lg aristo 3 support wireless charging

We’ve to insert this qi receiver into the LG Aristo 3 micro USB charging port.

does lg aristo 3 plus have wireless charging

The qi receiver is inserted into the charging port. The flap goes to the back.

lg aristo 3 qi enabled

We can hold the flap in place using a thin phone case. However, this will affect the charging speed. The Nillkin Receiver flap comes with a sticker to paste it on the back of the phone.

Now, we are ready to place our LG Aristo 3 on a wireless charging pad.

lg aristo 3 qi compatible

The above image shows the charging pad. This a cheap charging pad. I bought this just for testing. You should get a better wireless charger for practical use.

is lg aristo 3 qi enabled

We have to connect the charging pad to an AC adapter / Wall charger. The charging pad can have a Micro USB or USB Type-C port.

is lg aristo 3 qi compatible

You can check out the charging pad specs.

does lg aristo 3 have qi charging

Once it’s powered via the AC adapter, an orange indicator light shows up.

We can now place our Aristo 3 (Plus) on this charging pad.

lg lm-x220ma wireless charging

The charging pad light changes from orange to blue while charging.

lg lmx220ma wireless charging

The back of the phone while charging wirelessly.

wireless charging lg aristo 3

The LG Aristo 3 Home Screen. You can see the phone is charging.

I used a very cheap wireless charger just to experiment. It offers very slow charging speed and makes a hissing noise while charging.

If you’re serious about wireless charging on your Aristo 3, I would suggest better equipment for practical use.

I’ve shortlisted the best wireless charger receiver and charging pad for LG Aristo 3. You can check them out  –

Bestselling Wireless Chargers for LG Aristo 3 & Aristo 3 Plus

Nillkin Wireless Charger Receiver – 

wireless charger for lg aristo 3

The wireless charger receiver by Nillkin is highly rated & best selling qi receiver. It offers a very thin back flap with a sticker to attach at the back of the phone. The connector is gold plated and scratch-resistant.

It comes for around $14.99 at Amazon.

Qi Receiver by YKing 

qi receiver for lg aristo 3

Another popular Qi receiver comes in Gold color as shown above. It offers a Steel Connector. It also claims to charge through a thin case.

You can get this Qi receiver by YKing fro around $12.99

Yootech Wireless Charging Pad – No 1 Bestseller

lg aristo 3 wireless charger

Yootech pad is the best selling qi wireless charging pad on amazon. It’s an Amazon’s Choice product. Its rating speaks for itself.

It sells for around $11.95

Yootech Wireless Charging Stand

wireless charging stand for lg aristo 3 plus

Yootech also offers a charging pad in the form of a phone stand. This way you don’t look for the right spot on pad. Just place your Aristo 3 on the charging stand to charge it wirelessly.

It priced a little bit higher. It’ll cost you $13.99

Anker PowerWaveWireless Charging Pad

lg aristo 3 wireless charger pad

After Yootech, the second best seller in the wireless charger category is the Anker charging pad. Anker is a popular Cellphone accessories brand.

Anker Powerwave charger offers wireless charging with cases up to 5mm thickness. It comes with a 4ft Micro USB Cable and it’s price starts from around $9.49


Tozo Aluminum Unibody Wireless Charger 

qi charger for lg aristo 3 plus

The next wireless charger on our list is a premium looking ultra-thin charging pad with Aluminum Unibody Design. This is the Tozo wireless charger. It’s also an Amazon’s Choice product.

It comes for around $11.99


Letscom Ultra-Slim Wireless Charger

lg aristo 3 qi wireless charger

The last charger on our list is the Letscom wireless charger. This the cheapest yet highly rated wireless charger. It’s super slim with a thickness of just 0.3 inches.

You can have the Letscom charger for $8.99 from Amazon.

How was your Wireless Charging experience with LG Aristo 3 (Plus)? Please share it in the comment section below.


LG Aristo 3 Screen Mirroring to Roku / Aristo 3 Plus Cast to TV

We can mirror an Android Smartphone to the big TV screen via wired & wireless Screen Mirroring.

The wired connection can be established using MHL, HDMI, or Slimport Adapter.

The wireless display sharing can be done in 2 ways. We can mirror the Android phone screen to the TV via Screen Mirroring or Screen Casting.

As the name suggests, mirroring creates a mirror image of the phone screen on the TV.

However, Casting lets you do something else on the phone, once you cast a video or image to the TV screen. You can even turn off the phone screen and keep playing the video on the TV screen.

Let’s find out the ways to Mirror an LG Aristo 3 Screen to TV  –

LG Aristo 3 MHL / HDMI Compatibility

Wired screen mirroring can be done using an MHL adapter. It’s one end goes to the phone’s micro USB port and another end to the TV’s HDMI port.

However, the phone should be compatible with MHL / HDMI / Slimport to achieve this. A wired connection offers a more stable connection with less lag, especially during gaming. The best part is that it works without an internet connection.

I failed to find an MHL / HDMI cable that can mirror the Aristo 3 Screen to the TV using a wired connection. Unfortunately, Aristo 3 not compatible with MHL.

In the next step, we are going to try wireless screen mirroring –


LG Aristo 3 Screen Mirroring to Chromecast / Does LG Aristo 3 have Screen Mirroring?


For Screen Mirroring to work, the Phone should be Miracast enabled. We usually get a “Cast” option in Settings which helps us to enable wireless display mirroring.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the “Cast” option anywhere on the LG Aristo 3.

So, our only option left is to use Chromecast to enable Screen Mirroring on Aristo 3 & Aristo 3 Plus. Chromecast uses the Google Home app for screen mirroring. Let’s see how to do that –

Connect the Chromecast device to your TV’s HDMI port.

The TV screen says to get the Google Home app for Chromecast setup.

Let’s download the Google Home App via Play Store on our Aristo 3 / Aristo 3 Plus.

“Open” Google home after installation is done.

Tap “Get Started” to begin the setup.

We have to choose a Google account to proceed further. Add an account if needed.

The Location services should be on on your LG Aristo 3. You can pull down the notification bar and turn on “Location”.

Now, it’s searching for nearby Chromecast devices.

A Chromecast device with id 5115 is found.

Hit “Yes” to connect to this Chromecast device.

Now, it says “Connected”.

The Chromecast TV screen shows the “S3N4” code.

The same code is displayed on the phone screen. We are setting up the right Chromecast device. Tap “Yes” to proceed further.

Now, choose your device location. Mine is “Office”.

In this step, we have to choose the Wifi network we are going to use with Chromecast.

Select the wifi network and click next.

The Chromecast is connecting to the selected wifi network.

The next screen also shows “Connecting to Home Wifi”.



We are almost done. Just finish the setup on the Google Home app and start mirroring.

Follow the on-screen prompts to move ahead.


The Chromecast is visible as “Office TV”. Select it for more options.

We can adjust the TV volume from this screen.

I’m reducing the volume to 73%

The volume is reduced as indicated in the above image.

Hit “Cast my screen” to start “Screen Mirroring”.

The phone is visible on the big Screen.

This is the Aristo 3 Home Screen being displayed on the TV.

This is the LG Aristo 3 “About phone” page.

Let’s try to mirror a Youtube video on the TV screen. I’m looking for LG Aristo 3 Review.

A still from the Youtube Video. The frame rate is quite good.

Another still from the same video.

Now let’s try Offline Video Playback. I’m running a video filed stored in the phone memory.

We have to control the video playback via phone.

This is still from the Nat Geo Documentary.



To end mirroring, open the Google Home app and tap “Stop mirroring”.


LG Aristo 3 Screen Mirroring to Roku / Aristo 3 Plus Cast to TV

If you don’t have Chromecast but your still wish to mirror the LG Aristo 3 Screen, you can do so by downloading a Screen Casting app from the Play Store.

Two such apps that I’ve shortlisted are Cast to TV – XCast & Web Video Caster. Let’s try them out.

You can use Roku, Fire TV Stick, etc. for Screen Casting. As a first step, we have to connect the phone and Miracast device to the same Wifi network.

I’ve connected my Aristo 3 to “Home Wifi”.

In the next step, I’ll connect my Fire TV Stick to the same Wifi network.


This is the setting page of Firestick. We’ve to select “Network” to setup Wifi.

My Firestick is now connected to the same “Home Wifi” network.

LG Aristo 3 Cast to TV – 

Download the “Cast to TV – XCast” app from the play store and launch it.

It’ll start searching for a Miracst device in the vicinity.

My Firestick is detected as “Philips’s Fire TV Stick”. Tap on it to connect the device.

Give access to the app by hitting “ALLOW”.

Tap the “3 bar” icon on the “top-right” to get more options.

The option in the list is “Video”. Tap it to cast a video stored in your device storage.


I’m trying to cast a Video “Strange Animals of Asia”.

It buffers for a second and we get the video control options on the phone screen.


The TV screen buffers for a second and starts playing the video.

The video has started playing. It shows a watermark “Cast from XCast”.

Another still from the video on the TV screen.

The next option in the list is “Photo”.

This is the LG Aristo 3 Home Screen Screenshot. It is displayed on the TV screen.

Another screenshot on the big screen.

We can also play an audio file on the TV.

Life is Good MP3 is playing on the TV screen.

The last option is “Web”. It allows us to stream web videos on the TV screen via Aristo 3.

The popular streaming apps are visible on the screen.

Let’s stream a youtube video on LG Aristo 3 Review.

When on the video page, we have to tap the “Red Play Button”.

It shows the available video resolutions. Select a resolution and start watching the video on the big screen.

The Youtube video is playing fine on the TV.

LG Aristo 3 Web Video Caster – 

A similar app for Screen Casting is “Web Video Caster”.

Let’s check this out as well.

Tap the “Cast” icon and tick the devices you wish to scan.

Tap the device to establish a connection. My device is “Philips’s Fire TV Stick”.

Tap the “3 bar” icon on the top-left to explore the options.

The first option is the Browser.

Type anything in the browser search bar.

I’ve searched for Aristo 3 Review.

On the Video Page tap the “Play Button” on the top.

Select the video resolution and wait for the video to show up on the TV screen.

You’ll get the video control options on the phone screen.

Still from the Youtube video page.

The full title is now showing up. It was fine while casting with the “Cast to TV” app.

The next option is “Phone Files”.

Let’s play an offline video. “The Best Documentary Ever on Earth”.

The video playback is decent with a good frame rate.

We can pause or fast forward the video via phone screen.

We can also Cast Image and Audio Files via Web Video caster.

Image Slideshow option is also available.

A screenshot image file is displayed on the TV screen.

The last option is the Audio.

We can control the audio volume via phone or TV.

Were you successful in mirroring your Aristo 3 / Aristo 3 Plus screen to TV? Please share your experience using the below comment section.