LG Aristo 3 Drivers – USB / ADB / Windows 10 – lmx220ma Aristo 3 Plus

Apart from file transfer, there are a few other modes of USB connection between LG Aristo 3 & Computer. For different USB modes, different drivers are needed.

To flash a stock firmware file in Download Mode, we need to install the LG AndroidNet USB Serial Port & LG AndroidNet USB Modem Driver.

Likewise, in ADB / Fastboot Mode we need to install the ADB Interface Driver. ADB / Fastboot mode is used to unlock the Aristo 3 bootloader. We can also use this mode, to move apps to SD card on Aristo 3.

In this, post we are going to Download & install the drivers for MTP / File Transfer mode, Download Mode & ADB Mode.

So without further ado, Let’s do the needful –

LG Aristo 3 & Aristo 3 Plus USB Driver Installation – Windows 7, 10 & Mac – lmx220ma lmx220mb

Download the install the latest LG Mobile Driver v4.4.2 on your computer. It’s compatible with Windows 7 as well as Windows 10. Below is the download link –

LG Aristo 3 Mobile Driver v4.4.2 – Windows 7 & 10


The LG Aristo 3 Driver for Mac can be downloaded as follows –

LG Aristo 3 Mobile Driver v5.4 – Mac





LG Aristo 3 Drivers Windows 10 & 7

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LG Aristo 3 Stock Firmware Oreo Pie ROM Download Update/Aristo 3 Plus

In this post, we’re going to restore a bricked LG Aristo 3 Plus / Aristo 3 / Aristo 2 Plus / Aristo 2  by flashing stock firmware (kdz) file using LGUP flashing tool. This tutorial can also be useful to Upgrade or Downgrade your Android system firmware.

First of all, we need to download the necessary files based on the phone model. LG Aristo 2 Plus belongs to T-mobile with model number X212TAL.

LG Aristo 3 Plus, Aristo 3 & Aristo 2 are MetroPCS phones. Their respective model numbers are X220mb, X220ma & X210ma.

Download the proper firmware file according to your phone model and proceed with the tutorial. Below are the download links


Stock Firmware / ROM Kdz file

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