LG Aristo Root SuperSU MetroPCS MS210 / T Mobile M210

Rooting has many benefits. It gives administrative level permissions which are not accessible to a normal Android user. Moreover, with Magisk you can get the features of a custom ROM on a normal stock ROM.  LG Aristo can be rooted in one click without PC if the bootloader is already unlocked & a custom recovery (twrp) is installed.

So the prerequisites for Rooting LG Aristo are –

  1. Unlocking the Bootloader
  2. Flashing a Custom Recovery (TWRP)

Once you’ve installed TWRP we’re ready for the rooting process.


How to Root LG Aristo by Magisk or SuperSU – 


There are 2 ways to root the LG Aristo, either by flashing Magisk or SuperSU. I would suggest Magisk as it provides a lot more functionality as compared to SuperSU. It also has the potential to hide root from an app. Moreover, it has got a modules repository built in.

Once you’ve decided, Download the respective file and transfer it to a micro sd card or phone’s internal memory.

Magisk v14.0.zip


SuperSU v2.82.zip


Install the SD card in your LG Aristo.

LG Aristo Root TWRP

Now Boot the phone in recovery mode. To do this –

Power OFF the phone

Press the volume down and power key. When LG logo appears on screen, release the power key for a moment and hold it back again until you see the white Factory data reset screen. In the whole process don’t release the volume down key.

Now in recovery mode, move down with volume key to “Yes” and confirm the action with Power Key

Again move down to “Yes” and confirm with Power Key as shown above.

This will take you to the TWRP screen.


Aristo MS210 Root Twrp

In TWRP we’ve to mount the MicroSD card. Make sure you’ve inserted the SD card in the phone before Mounting.

To do this, click on “MOUNT” and “check” MicroSD as shown above.

Now we’re ready to flash the root file via TWRP.

If you wish to root with SuperSU, follow this link – LG Aristo SuperSu Root

Else continue with the below tutorial –


LG Aristo Magisk Root – 

LG Aristo Magisk Twrp

Now we’re ready to install Magisk.

Click on “Install” and select “sdcard1”. This is the MicroSD/External Memory folder.

As you’ve transferred the Magisk-v14.0.zip file to MicroSD it’ll show up in “sdcard1” folder

If you’ve downloaded the file in internal storage you’ll find it in “sdcard” folder, the folder just above “sdcard1”

Click on the Magisk-v14.0.zip file to install it.

Aristo Magisk Root Twrp

Swipe the bar towards the right to start the process.

Once the process is complete, click on “Reboot System” to restart the phone.

LG Aristo Magisk Manager

The Magisk manager is successfully installed. Give access to Magisk Manager by clicking on “ALLOW”.

Click the icon at the top left corner to explore Magisk.


Aristo Magisk Modules

The first option is “Superuser”. When we’ll grant root access to an app it’ll show up here.

Click on “Downloads” to view the available modules for download

LG Aristo Magisk Modules Download

You can download and install modules from here.

The installed modules will show up in “Modules” section.

Aristo Magisk Hide

The next option is “Magisk Hide”. It is very useful for apps which do not support a rooted device such as android pay app, banking apps, Pokemon go etc. Magisk hides the root from such apps.

Next useful option is “Settings”. Click to open it.

Aristo Magisk Settings

We can “Hide Magisk Manager” or run it in “Magisk Core Only Mode” if some app has detected root even after adding to “Magisk Hide”.

“Systemless hosts” option should be turned ON to use an ad blocking app such as Adaway.


Aristo Magisk Superuser

“Superuser Access” has 4 modes as shown above. I’ve given access to both Apps & ADB.

You can grant root access to an app automatically or you’ll be prompted to take action when root access is needed.

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  1. thanks. I got it rooted with your method. But how do I unlock the network pls. I have tried all the method I know but its not working

  2. Thank you so much! I have been waiting for so long for an easy and simple tutorial to root my LG Aristo. Works great – I flashed with Magisk and everything seems great so far. Cheers!

  3. Thank You worked so far! 1-26-2018 Lowell, Mass I’m on T-Mobile & my Aristo is all updated. Unlocked Bootloader, Installed TWRP, Installed The NO OPT thing than SuperSu. My Aristo is booting back up now updating since I flashed SuperSu butit flashed sucessfully so Im thinkig I’m good 2 go! Thanks to whoever put this guide together!

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