LG Aristo MS210 Hard / Factory / Master Reset Tutorial


If you’ve forgotten the screen lock password the only option left would be resetting it via hardware buttons in recovery mode.

LG Aristo Factory Reset Recovery Mode

To enter recovery mode –

Turn OFF the phone

Press Volume Down and Power button. As soon as LG logo appears on screen, release the power button and hold it back again until you see the white “Factory data reset” screen. In the entire process, we’ve to keep holding the volume down button.

We’re now in recovery mode. In this mode, the touchscreen doesn’t work.

Move down with volume button to “Yes” as shown above and confirm this action with Power button

Again press the volume down button to “Yes” and confirm with the power button to initiate the factory reset process.

The rest of the process is same as done before. You’ll be taken to “Welcome” screen of the setup wizard. Just complete the setup to land to the home screen.

LG Aristo Factory Reset via TWRP Custom Recovery –

If TWRP is installed the previous methods won’t work.


The “factory reset” via Settings or Recovery Mode will get stuck at TWRP screen.

LG Aristo Factory Reset Twrp

When your LG Aristo boots to TWRP, select “Wipe” to perform a factory reset.

Slide the bar towards the right to confirm the action.

Aristo TWRP Hard Reset

On completion of the process, you’ll see “Factory Reset Complete” on top of the screen as shown above

Click on “Reboot System”

As the bootloader is unlocked you’ll see a warning on the screen. It’s normal, press the power key to proceed.

This will take you to Welcome screen of the setup wizard. The rest of the process as same as done before. Just complete the setup wizard and you’re done.

If facing any issue let me know via the comment section below.


4 thoughts on “LG Aristo MS210 Hard / Factory / Master Reset Tutorial

    • Turn off your phone. Press the volume down and power button. As soon as the phone vibrates, release the power key and hold it again. In the whole process don’t release the volume down key. You must now be at the factory data reset screen.

  1. My son has this model he set it up and shortly afterwards factory reset it and doesn’t remember the email or password he used when he first set it up. is there a way to bypass the email and password to add another email account on it so that it can be used?

  2. I was unable to browse with 3G/4G on my phone anytime am browsing it only brings 2G network and it is very slow.
    Have tried to change it though the settings but it’s only browsing with 2G network. please send me the settings so that i can be able to browse faster.

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