LG Aristo TWRP/Custom Recovery MetroPCS MS210 & T Mobile

The stock recovery of LG Aristo only helps in doing a Factory Reset. It does nothing else. When we replace it with a custom recovery i.e TWRP we get to do a hell lot more. Thanks to messi2050@ androidforums for making this twrp file for LG Aristo.

The 3 major uses of TWRP are –

  • Rooting – In case of LG Aristo, we can root the device by flashing Superuser or Magisk via TWRP.
  • Flashing a Custom ROM – There is no custom ROM for LG Aristo as of now but we may get it in the near future.
  • Creating a Nandroid backup – The most useful feature of TWRP is Nandroid backup. It is a complete backup of the system including apps, text, contacts, email etc. In short, it restores the phone back to the exact same state as before. If you mess with your phone it’ll come in handy.

The bootloader of your LG Aristo must be unlocked before flashing TWRP.  If you’ve unlocked the bootloader lets proceed with the process –

How to Install TWRP in LG Aristo MetroPCS MS210 & T Mobile M210 –

If you’ve unlocked the Aristo bootloader, then “Minimal ADB and Fastboot” must be installed on your computer.

Run it and type adb devices as shown above.

Now we’ve to reboot the phone in Fasboot mode. To do this type adb reboot bootloader and hit Enter

Next step is to download the twrp image file. We’ve to place the downloaded file in “Minimal ADB and Fastboot” folder.

You can download the file from the below link.



Extract the downloaded zip file. It contains “recovery.img” file. Copy this file

Now click on C drive of your computer as shown above.

Look for “Program Files” and click on it as shown above.

LG Aristo Minimal ADB

In program files folder, locate “Minimal ADB and Fastboot” and double click to open it.

LG Aristo twrp recovery.img

“Right Click” and paste the “recovery.img” file in this folder.

lg aristo fastboot flash recovery command

Now we’re ready to flash the recovery image

Type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img as shown above, and Hit Enter

There are few more steps left for successful TWRP installation. Move on to Next Page –

15 thoughts on “LG Aristo TWRP/Custom Recovery MetroPCS MS210 & T Mobile

  1. Wow~ You saved me.
    I was installed twrp successfully but, first time log into custom recovery was fine.
    But when I try to log in again there is NO twrp, tried reinstall twrp many times and same result.
    After read your post, and installed ‘no-verity-opt-encrypt-5.1.zip’ and no more disappear
    and installed supersu, now successfuly rooted.
    Thank you very much. 🙂

  2. Hey, I’ve gotten to the step where you have to hold down the volume key and select yes. However when I select yes, it shows the metro logo and goes right into the factory reset process again. TWRP hasn’t showed up at all yet. Every step so far has been followed correctly.

  3. I unlocked the bootloader and uploaded the recovery.img successfully but after removing battery phone is not entering TWRP mode .I followed the procedure but it always goes to factory reset not TWRP mode.
    Any idea please share .You can kindly contact me WhatsApp +2209965540

  4. I’ve made it to the third screen shot at the TWRP screen requesting a password for which I should click on “cancel”. However, the touchscreen is unresponsive. All I can do is use the power button to turn the display on/off. I can’t even power off unless I take out the battery. If I reboot normally the touch screen works fine. Is this because I am attempting this on the LG Aristo 2 LM-X210MA?

  5. I got an error message saying cannot determine image filename for ‘recovery.img’ what did I do wrong? Can anybody help?

  6. ive done all steps until 2nd page when i go to hold and restart it sometimes brings me to that white page asking to factory reset . it wont takae me to next part after idk what to do

  7. Hi. Thanks for the tuto. How or when can I send the no-verity.zip file to the internal memory without erase it with the process in the previous page?? My micro sd port is broken so I’m forced to use the internal memory

    • Use adb sideload command for this…

      this way you dont need to store the ZIP file anywhere in the phone.

      use command: adb sideload [c:\path_to_zip_file]\zipfile.zip

      in TWRP, select the Advanced Tab, then the Sideload function

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